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Pros & Cons Of 7 Top-Most Wedding Flowers

Have you seen any wedding occasion without flowers? Of course not, because wedding without flowers is not possible. I mean, it looks totally apathetic. And at peak season flowers rate are too much high. Thus, bride and groom both start focusing on wedding flowers since the day the wedding date is fixed. However, flower selection can take too much time, effort and money. Thus, to make a budget and sticking to it, is necessary.

There are so many articles on favourite flowers but very few consider topic like pros and cos of wedding flowers. This article is a small way to let you know about flowers usefulness as well as their drawbacks from which you can figure out which one is the best for you and order from Vouchershops – an easy way to get fresh flowers with multiple discounts and offers. Saturate yourself by knowing your favourite flowers pros and cons.  

  1. Calla Lilies:  Generally, these flowers are known for their elegance and different colors like yellow, white and orange. Calla lilies are the best for weddings because their trumpet like appearance looks as if they are heralding the whole union. They can be used alone to create enchanting bridal party bouquets or centerpieces but they also work well while arranging with other flowers.

Pros : you won’t require any other flower to make a calla lily bouquet stand out as this can be the perfect stand alone flower.

Cons : these flowers are completely unforgiving if handled wrongly.

  1. Daisies: Daisies are always an excellent choice because they add simplicity to the bouquet and are available in multiple colors. They simply represent innocence and purity. They can be used for centerpieces as well as bouquets.

Pros : daisies are affordable and versatile. Plus, they can be used for both formal and informal events.

Cons : they work well with wires from inside the stem but don’t hold up well when wire wrapped.

  1. Hyacinths: These flowers are small in size and fragrant flowers. They are available in several colors such as purple, blue, white, yellow and pink. Their scent can be used to calm the nerves. Their small flowers can also be used to create flower tiaras and short stems can be used to make them perfect for low arrangements. They can be used as a cake flower or centerpiece too. Moreover, they can make a great hand tied bouquets.

Pros : they work well with all spring blooms such as hydrangeas.

Cons : they are spring flowers so to find them off-season may be budget breaking and difficult.

  1. Lily of the valley: These flowers live in the heart of flower lovers due to their natural perfume and delicate appearance. However, they are rarely used as a stand alone flower.

Pros : the addition of these small flowers to a bouquet creates a huge impact with their woody appeal and fresh fragrance.

Cons : flimsy stems can make them awkward to work with.

  1. Orchid: This is a tropical flower which brings an exotic yet elegant look to your bouquets. They are available in numerous range of colours and with so many varieties to select from. Orchids can be mixed with soft flowers like lilies and roses which can add interest to a bouquet or flower arrangements.

Pros : orchids add sophistication and elegance to any flower arrangement.

Cons : these flower category is temperamental, so they follow the temperature and handle instructions when making your own orchid arrangements is awe-inspiring.

At last, wedding is a big day in any bride or groom’s life and no one wants to ruin their special day by choosing unattractive flower combination. The best option is, to consult the best local florist and ask him to help you. Happy Wedding !

Three Simple Ways to Appreciate Your Boss for Boss’ Week

October 17th is the beginning of Boss’ Week! Time to show your employer or supervisor some appreciation. You could show your gratitude for the support and advice they’ve given you, or simply your thanks for their continued confidence in you.


There’s no better way to convey your appreciation for your boss than a gift of flowers. This year we’ve got a large selection of beautiful flowers ready for Boss’ Week. We’ve also got three sure ways you could thank and impress your boss.


Smile Often – A smile goes a long way! Smiling while you interact with your boss can show interest, engagement, commitment and appreciation all on its own. You’re conveying that you like their presence and their conversation. You can easily turn a depressing discussion about a negative subject into something completely different through a simple smile. In addition, they say that when you smile the world smiles with you. If you smile at your boss they’re likely to smile back. Improving their mood in this way will make you seem an overall more pleasant person to have around.


Dine Together – One of the most commonplace gifts North Americans get for their bosses is treating them to a nice meal. It’s a great way to share a personal moment with your boss and get to know them better. If you treat them to a specific cuisine that they like it’s even better, as you’ll demonstrate that you’ve paid attention to them as a person, not just as a boss.

Add to this time together a flower centerpiece to carry on your sentiment of appreciation.

This idea has become so popular that in some companies the employees have turned Boss’ Day into a different celebration, such as Toast Day. For this occasion everybody brings something they can toast, including bread, bagels, etc. They share it with their boss and coworkers, forming a simple potluck.


Create a More Personal Bond – As we mentioned for the food, getting your boss something that has personal interest to them indicates that you’ve paid attention to and value them as a human being, not just as your supervisor.

Do they have a hobby? Consider a book they’d enjoy. If their hobby is gardening or floral care, you’re in luck, as a bouquet of beautiful flowers would be just the thing to brighten their day. Are they part of a local cause or group? Perhaps you could make a donation or get involved. Do they have a family, perhaps young children? They might just appreciate something cute and cuddly like a teddy bear.


This year, give your boss something they won’t soon forget. It might be something to enhance their personal pursuits, a lovely meal or even just your winning smile. Whatever you decide, don’t forget the beautiful flowers to complete the gesture. You can see Brant Florist’s full lineup of Boss’ Week flowers here.

welcome home baby

Use Fresh Flowers to Celebrate a Brand New Baby

If you or someone you know is expecting a brand new baby into this world, you may be feeling overwhelmed. If you are looking for a gift for new parents, consider fresh flowers to welcome home the new bundle of joy. There is nothing like fresh flowers to celebrate life’s important moments.

flower themed baby shower ideasDecorating for a Baby Shower

Baby showers are all about new beginnings, and the welcoming to new life. Fresh flowers are the perfect way to celebrate in all that is new and joyful!

If you’re hosting a baby shower for an expecting Mom this year, you’re probably scouring Pinterest for baby shower inspiration. Search no more – we’ve put together a flower-centric baby shower Pinterest board for you to throw the perfect flower-themed baby shower. A theme that’s simple, elegant, and sure to win over any Mom-to-be at her shower.

Whether the mom-to-be knows the gender of their baby or not, you can pick the perfect colour scheme with seasonal fresh flowers. Select from our range of blues, pinks, or gender neutral selections, Or turn to the our other elegant flowers in yellows, oranges, greens and white.

Gender neutral baby shower flowers | Brant Florist

Whichever colour you choose as your main theme, these flowers will act as a great accent in the centrepieces, in decorating the food or dessert table and for a beautiful backdrop with which to take pictures.

Useful tip: don’t forget to place a small, fresh bouquet matching your colour scheme on the counter of the bathrooms your guests will be using!

It's a girl baby shower flowers | Brant Florist For a “It’s A Girl” themed shower, try soft pink roses, white lilies, alstroemeria and mums for an elegant pink touch around the room.

For “It’s A Boy” themed shower, have a look at adding lavender roses, blue iris and lavender daisies in a blue glass vase.Flowers for a new baby boy in a boat | Brant Florist

When hosting a baby shower, it’s in good taste to send the guest of honour home with a gift. Have a flower arrangement made up ahead of time that will perfectly match your colour and theme and send it home with Mom-to-be as a keepsake and reminder of the shower. Include a card with a personal message so she can remember the beautiful baby shower you had for her. 
Sending a Gift to the New Parents

It's a boy baby shower flowers | Brant FloristOnce the new bundle of joy is home, sending a flower arrangement to the house is the perfect way to say “Congratulations” to the parents, and “Welcome to the World” to the baby! You can add a sentiment card to let them know you’re thinking of them… It’s a classy gesture that never goes out of style!

Don’t forget the helium balloon with a welcome message for the new baby, whether it’s a girl or a boy!

Order online, call us at 877-545-5535 or send us an email to place an order to properly welcome home the new baby in your life!



Cheers to the New Year!

Make your party lively and memorable with elegant floral arrangements from Brant Florist! We have a variety of memorable, glass centerpieces, that will shine at your table. You can even custom design your own new years flowers, if you got your creative flare on.

Toast of the Town by Teleflora

Toast of the Town by Teleflora, BF6100

Ring in the New Year with this whimsical winter bouquet! The perfect accompaniment to champagne and midnight kisses, this white floral arrangement is presented in an antique-style vase and adorned with a fun masquerade mask.

Winter Glow by Teleflora

Winter Glow by Teleflora, BF6101

As enchanting as falling snowflakes, this dramatic yet graceful arrangement is a beautiful choice for an elegant evening celebration, winter ball centerpiece or to send silver anniversary wishes during the winter months.

Garden Of Dreams Bouquet by Teleflora

Garden Of Dreams Bouquet by Teleflora, BF6587

Dream a little dream! Artfully arranged in our vintage Mercury Glass hurricane, this lush bouquet delights with fragrant white lilies, lavender roses and blue delphinium. It’s the gift of her dreams!

Whether you’ll be watching the ball drop at New York Times Square or hosting a glamorous party with fireworks at midnight, you’d want to have amazing decor that everyone will talk about!

Order now for a prompt delivery by Dec 31st!

Happy New Year from your Brant Florist Team