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When Should You Choose Unscented Flowers?

Along with the delicate nature and visual beauty, the floral scent of flowers is one reason why we are in this “sweet” business. However, we absolutely appreciate arrangements of non-fragrant flowers every once in awhile. There are several reasons why you also might be looking for flowers without a strong smell.

  • The recipient might suffer from allergies and have a reaction with strong scented flowers. Some people are highly sensitive and can get headaches from the fragrance that some flowers produce.
  • In some circumstances, it is not permitted to send scented flowers to certain places, such as a nursing home or hospital. This is to ensure that other patients, residents or staff are not bothered by the scent, should they be sensitive to certain flowers.
  • For occasions that require you to wear or hold flowers for long periods of time (ie. prom, graduation, weddings), choosing an unscented flower will make the day more tolerable. Even the prettiest fragrances can get overwhelming after long periods of time.

Always be sure to check with the recipient and the building’s restrictions before sending highly scented flowers.
Or, to be on the safe side, choose an arrangement of unscented flowers if you’re not sure.

Luckily, flowers do not lose even the smallest amount of beauty if they do not produce a fragrance!

We have plenty of beautiful flowers to choose from at Brant Florist… the following are flowers without fragrance.

Asiatic Lilies

Asiatic lilies are a wonderful way to send your recipient a bouquet of colour, while being mindful about the scent.

This particular type of lily does not give off a strong fragrance, and they still bloom in all different types of colours. You can get this popular flower all year round, and it is a safe arrangement to send to any establishment.

Asiatic lilies | Unscented flowers |Brant Florist

“Sunny Days Ahead” Asiatic Lilies Bouquet

Asiatic Lilies | Unscented flowers | Brant Florist

Asiatic Lilies – your colour choice, gift wrapped









This is a simple yet classic flower that has a very modest fragrance. This red amaryllis is simply beautiful, and does not come with an overwhelming scent.

Amaryllis flower | Unscented flower | Brant Floirst

Merry Amaryllis in red


Another flower that comes in an array of colours, the ranunculus is also a non-scented option. These smaller blossoms are often used in bridal bouquets as well as corsages and boutonnieres.

The humble fragrance of the ranunculus flower makes them tolerable to wear or carry around for long periods of time, such as with the corsage and bridal bouquets.

Ranunculus flower | Unscented flower | Brant Florist

Ranunculus flower

Ranunculus Bouquet | Unscented flowers | Brant Florist

Ranunculus Bridal Bouquet







Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies are beautiful and elegant flowers. You can feel great about sending these flowers to any establishment or recipient. They are classic and sophisticated. Let their blooms do the talking, instead of their scent!

Calla Lillies | Unscented flowers | Brant Florist

Beautiful White Calla Lillies

Other unscented flowers include gerbra daisies, tulips, iris, gladioli and some exotic flowers like birds of paradise.

We also make custom arrangements!

If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the website, give us a call at 905-634-2658 or send us an email for assistance. We can design a custom arrangement with or without scented flowers depending on your preference!

Ask us directly if you’re unsure about whether to send a scented flower or an unscented flower. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect flower for whatever occasion!

We look forward to designing the perfect flower arrangement for you or your recipient.

The Lovely Lily

There are all different kinds of lilies in the world with a variety of shapes and colours. The one thing that all lilies have in common is the stamen. When the flower blooms these are the powdery brown/rust coloured little bits that will make a mess and even stain your fingers and linens so always be sure to take them off ASAP- as soon as the lily opens up. This way they will not be powdery and therefore not stain. If they are powdery its best to place a paper towel underneath or around the vase when taking them off so they don’t drop any powder on your tablecloth. Also, using a Kleenex, napkin or even gloves will prevent the stamen from discolouring your fingers.

Fiery Lily and Rose In Vase - BF6397

Fiery Lily and Rose In Vase – BF6397

The best way to tell if the lily is old or not, is to look at the stamen. If it is powdery and all the blooms are open…it’s old. This is what you are looking for…When there is only one bloom that is open slightly and the rest of the buds are still closed. This way once the first bloom is on its way out the next one will be opening up and so on.

Lily Sunshine witgh Vase - BF6110

Lily Sunshine with Vase – BF6110

I call it “the gift that keeps on giving” 🙂

Scent With Love

There is a great misconception when it comes to lilies. All lilies do not have a scent!!! The smaller lilies with lots of different colours are Asiatic Lilies. They do not have a scent. Only the larger lilies are scented-The Casa Blanca, Oriental/Stargazer varieties.

Sunny Days Ahead Asiatic Lily Bouquet - BF7490

Sunny Days Ahead Asiatic Lily Bouquet – BF7490

Casa Blanca Lily is a large white lily with petals that curl back slightly when it is in full bloom and also the stem, right before the bloom, sometimes has a slight bend. The Oriental/Stargazer variety of lily has varying shades of pink on the petals from darker, hot pink to a lighter, softer pink.

FTD Pink Stargazer Lily Bouquet - BF5840

FTD Pink Stargazer Lily Bouquet – BF5840


These lilies do have a scent which some people love, while some find the scent to be overwhelming. Because of the strong aroma the Casa Blanca & Oriental/Stargazer Lilies should not be sent to hospitals or to anyone who has allergies or sensitivities to fragrance. If you do, however, love the smell of flowers/lilies then this is the flower for you! It will spread its beautiful aroma throughout any room while displaying its stunning blooms

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

With its striking, large deep green leaves and the contrasting white blooms, this plant will accent any home or office beautifully. The flowers are sometimes called flags and usually appear once or twice a year.

Simply Elegant Spathiphyllum - Large

Simply Elegant Spathiphyllum – Large (BF6030)

One bonus of owning a Peace Lily is that it cleans the air. All plants take in carbon dioxide and give up oxygen. Exactly the opposite of humans and animals which helps keep the atmosphere balanced.

And it is very easy to take care of, for all you non green thumbs out there. It does not like direct sunlight, though filtered light through a sheer curtain is fine. A west or east window is usually also acceptable. But this plant also tolerates low light with a fair degree of success. More light encourages blooming. Fertilize sparingly.

We recommend that when you receive your Peace Lily……….let it go somewhat dry between watering. When the leaves droop a bit, give it a drink as soon as possible and it will come back. (warning; do not let plant really wilt or it will not come back with the next watering.) Like most house plants, this one does not like over watering or under watering.

Try to remember how many days after watering the plant looked a bit droopy, then water one day before that. It should be approximately 1 week. This will keep your plant happy & healthy with a perfect watering schedule. Water more often in hot and dry locations.

Much of the water you add to a plant simply evaporates. The plant only use part of that water. Plant leaves (and humans) are made up of mostly water.

The Peace Lily, even though called a lily, is not in the lily family and therefore is only mildly toxic to humans and dogs- which is good news for you pet owners!

The Peace Lily is perfect for all occasions from birthdays to funerals, sympathies, offices or new home owners. It is a low maintenance plant with high class elegance.