Halloween Flower Arrangements

Halloween is Almost Here 

October is the spookiest month of the year! And Halloween is just around the corner. People everywhere have started to decorate their homes for the holiday. With all kinds of spooky decorations and colours.

During this time of year you’ll notice more colours such as orange, yellow, black, red, white and purple. And a lot of flowers come in those colours, adding a little something extra to any home or Halloween party.

Spooky Sweet in Cube Vase 

This very spooky arrangement is perfect for a halloween party or to just add some extra decoration to you home. The arrangement includes: orange roses, asiatic lilies, carnations, green button spray chrysanthemums, mums and oak leaves. Plus a spooky black spider on top! 

Spooky Sweet in Cube Vase

Pretty Pumpkin Fall Bouquet 

What says Halloween or fall more than a pumpkin? This arrangement is beautifully done in a festive pumpkin and includes: roses, sunflowers, spray chrysanthemums, daisy spray chrysanthemums, solidago, huckleberry and oak leaves. If you’re interested in ordering one for yourself or as a gift you can order online or come in a visit us.

Pretty Pumpkin Fall Bouquet

Burst of Autumn Vase 

There are so many bouquets to choose from at Brant Florist. Our fall flower section has lots of wonderful for gifts to choose from. This arrangement is perfect in keeping with the fall and halloween theme. It includes: Asiatic lilies, spray chrysanthemums, oak leaves, roses and other flowers (in shades of orange and yellow) and arranged in a clear glass vase. Make sure you order soon!

Burst of Autumn Vase

Order Your Flowers 

If you didn’t see something that you liked here you can visit our website and explore our entire fall flower collection. And you have the option to design your very own arrangement. If you’d rather visit us in person at our downtown Burlington we would love to see you. Come by and let us help create something great or browse our store and see what you can discover.

Sunflowers for Fall

When we think of fall we often think of the sunflower. This flower is a tall annual perennial with some species growing to a height of 120 inches or more. They all have a wide flower head with bright yellow ray petals and yellow to maroon disc on the inside.

Bright and Cheery 

This bright a cheery flower blooms in mid summer and lasts right into the fall. Making it a great fall flower for any room or garden. Sunflowers are know to attracted many different types of insects, especially bees and monarch butterflies. This beautiful flower comes in 70 different species ranging from very tall to dwarfed.

Since there are so many we can’t talk about each one so we just chose 4, the American Giant Sunflower, Copper Queen Sunflower, Junior Sunflower and the Solar Power Sunflower.

American Giant Sunflower

The very classic looking sunflower since it reaches a height of 16 feet tall. This flower is supported by a strong and sturdy stalk and has large leaves that are topped with 10 inch golden yellow flowers. 

Copper Queen Sunflower 

The Halianthus or better known as the Copper Queen Sunflower grows 6-8 feet tall and has beautiful golden yellow petals with a hint of copper. This flower looks stunning in any garden and as all sunflower do, it does best in well well-drained soils. 

Junior Sunflower 

The smallest on our list today, the Junior Sunflower is just that, junior. Reaching a height of only 4 inches this plant is pollen free. Don’t let it’s height fool you, this is a flower with a long flowering period. 

Solar Power Sunflower 

Hilanthus annuus or as we call it the Solar Power Sunflower. This flower has a uniform height of 6-8 inches and flowers in about 60-75 days. This is a mighty plant and does well in rain and wind, petals that go from a deep maroon and have orange tips. 

What Flowers Will You Order?

Here at Brant Florist we have so many flowers and flower arrangements to choose from. Whether thats sunflowers or other flowers that you love. There’s something for everyone!

Fall Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements

Happy Thanksgiving

Fall is in the air, which means it’s Thanksgiving is this weekend. And that means we’re all decorating our homes for the occasion. With all the beautiful fall colours that are making their appearance, we couldn’t think of a better time to offer some great discounts for you. There are more to choose from on our website but see our 3 favourites below! 

All For You Bouquet 

This is a beautiful bouquet that comes in a glass bowl and includes yellow roses, yellow lilies, yellow alstroemeria, red spray roses, red carnations and purple larkspur. 

All For You Bouquet

Golden Days Basket

A festive bouquet that is perfect for your Thanksgiving decor. The bouquet includes asiatic lilies, red roses, fall chrysanthemums, solidaster, fall leaves and salal, arranged in a lovely wicker basket. You can order online now or come by our Brant Street location today. 

Golden Days Basket

Bright Autumn Centre Piece 

Finally we bring you the perfect centre piece for your Thanksgiving table. It captures the beautiful fall colours that we see during the season. The centre piece includes, two candles surrounded by a stunning arrangement of orange Asiatic Lilies, gerbera daisies, and roses with golden Peruvian Lilies, fall cushion poms and assorted greens. 

Bright Autumn Centre Piece

Order your Thanksgiving Fall Flowers

We always want to make sure that ordering our flowers and having them delivered to you is as easy as possible. There are so many to choose from that we’re sure you’ll find something you love. However, if you want to design your own arrangement, you can. We have florists ready to help make sure that you get what you are dreaming of. Make your Thanksgiving extra special and order now. 

Chrysanthemums Are Perfect For Fall

Fall Flowers 

Fall is in the air and that means that you’ll be seeing a lot more fall flowers everywhere such as Chrysanthemums. They offer rich colours and there are so many varieties. Its a great flower to consider to not only have in your garden but also to add a fall theme to the inside of your home. 

There Are Many Types of Chrysanthemums 

There are over 140 different cultivars of the Chrysanthemum and they come in different sizes and colours. Its truly a wonderful fall flower, since it comes in rich fall colours such as, yellows, reds, bronze and some are even bi-coloured. Perfect for any garden or placed in a vase in your home.

Brant Florist 

Here at Brant Florist we sometimes feature mums in our bouquets. Below you can see the arrangement “Yellow Mums and Orange Roses in Cube Vase. It’s available to order and you’ll be able to choose other options as well by searching mums or go to the Fall Flower section of our website. You’re bound to find some mums and they can also look great in your garden as well. 



Chrysanthemums look stunning in your fall garden, but when should they be planted? When we plant the flower in the fall it can survive the winter, however it’s chances of survival less. So it’s recommended to plant them in the Spring. This way you’ll have a better chance to provide the proper care (pinching and mulching). Once planted they will usually last about 3 consecutive years.

Order Flowers!

You can order your flowers directly from our website and have them delivered or you can come in see us. Our address is 461 Brant Street, we are located in the lovely downtown core. Come and see us, we hope to see you soon!