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The Perfect Wedding Floral Arrangement

Imagining a wedding without flowers is almost impossible since they are the most basic decorating item of the wedding hall. Many people have tried to substitute flowers with other items such as balloons, but they have always failed in their objective. The essence that a flower can bring to your wedding is impossible to bring through any other gift. Flowers for delivery through online stores make sure that your wedding looks a mind-blowing one with the flowers of your choice. You can choose many flowers that are hard to get in the local stores from them.

The joy of getting something that is hard to get in the market makes you feel excited over the proceedings of your wedding. Arranging unique flowers is possible through these online stores but finding an appropriate decorator for them is not an easy task. Every decorator has a different image in its mind and mostly it is created by looking at what others do. This habit of your decorator might make your wedding decorations the same one. No bride and bridegroom would prefer that, and thus they make sure to go for unique decorators. There are many means of finding one such as you can get them locally or online.

Purple bridesmaids

Opt For Online Stores:

Online stores that sell flowers have with them decorators that know how to decorate appropriately with the flowers you have chosen. Buying good flowers but not decorating them would make your decorations look bad. While arranging flowers the size of the stems and the shape of the vase matters a lot. Once you miss out the appropriate size you would lose a beautiful arrangement opportunity. Flower bouquets delivery thus must be made keeping in mind the arrangements that you have made in the other parts of the hall.

Engage A Decorator:

Another thing that people often fail to understand is excessive demand. Since it is a wedding season, it is very natural to have excessive demand in the market for flowers and flower decorators. The most probable outcome of excessive demand is the lack in the supply that can leave you with no flowers also. In such a case all your plans for a perfect wedding would be spoiled. Thus make sure that you book your flowers in advance so that there is no lack of delivery option. Along with booking flowers, make sure to book a decorator also in advance because it might happen that your flowers have reached, and there is no man to decorate it.

Do the arrangements all according to the furnishing of the wedding hall. Mostly people go for white flowers as wedding halls have white walls. This myth of theirs regarding white flowers are best for white walls is a worthless one. You can decorate white walls with flowers of other colours also. One example is golden colour flowers. These look just marvellous in white walls and thus you must not miss out these while purchasing your flowers. The last advice is always to look for options rather than choosing flowers and decorators at a single look. With the ongoing wedding seasons there, are many in the market to give you the product of your choice. Thus, you must not fail to look at the other options also that might give you best flowers and decorations.

Blue wedding bouquet

Author’s Profile:  Celine wilson, the author of this post is a dedicated florist for wedding flowers. Apart from her profession she also likes to provide tips and techniques for the perfect arrangement of flowers before the initialization of event.

Why Do People Think Flower Gifts Are A Good Idea?

Flowers have been ideal gifts for each and every occasion. They represent simplicity, taste, elegance, and other qualities unlike other material gifts.

Top flowers for delivery:

A Bunch of fresh Tulips:
Almost everywhere, the tulips recognize as a sign of welcoming  Spring. A bright Tulip bouquet with hand-arranged assorted tulips, presented in a reusable, charming white colored pitcher, enhances the structural beauty of this much awaited season calling for celebrations.

Christmas Blooms:
This exceptional bouquet as a gift is heart touching. The gift is a colorful flower vase containing Christmas wishes balloon, something beyond imagination unlike the gifts they usually receive on Christmas. Make your beloved people enjoy with air-filled balloons and the pleasing collection of beautiful Christmas Blooms.

Sunrise Sunset Bouquet:
Take a short break from the mundane world and think of brighter days. To spread love and best wishes to a special one, do so with golden, warm flowers. These flowers will reach in a contemporary glass vase, orange in color. It adds to the beauty of the positive, sun-bright pretty bouquet which energizes on any occasion.

Spread Smiles and Bouquet:
Deck up halls with the velvety red roses along with the winter greens arranged in a gorgeous red colored bamboo cube. The red carnations and maroon miniature carnations have been accented with the tips of fir, holly, flats of cedar, white pine as well as other impressive, assorted greens.

All White Pure Arrangement:
Simply a luxurious arrangement is what this bouquet displays! A fantabulous white blend of lilies, roses, snapdragons and carnations are hand-arranged delicately in a similar silver elegant vase by expert florists. They suggest sending such a sophisticated gift on Christmas, Hanukkah or such other exclusive winter celebration.

Enchanted Cottage Bouquet:
This floral arrangement is enchanting like its name coming across hidden cottages in a countryside! The eye catching white roses teamed with handsome purple stock blends with the sweet lavender wax flowers and the greenery pita Nigeria to create an elegant garden look. Such a creative bouquet has been finished with a matching satin ribbon.

Spring Rhapsody:
With your floral rhapsody in yellows chants your get well sooner or have a nice day wishes. We are talking about the sunny bouquet. It is made of the favorite spring blooms like the bright yellow lilies, tulips, and accents of the sweet smelling Freesia flowers. It has been presented by expert florists in a top notch Couture Vase.

You Are The Best Bouquet: 
No matter how they have helped you move on, get through in a critical phrase or to make the one you love smile, or to tell someone that they’ll forever be the star in for you, present the You are the Best bouquet. This floral, festive, arrangement flaunts vibrant yellows in roses and in sunflowers complimented by touching blue delphinium. And the best among all, is it is set in the keepsake vase which will interpret your feelings appropriately.

A dozen of Pastel Roses:
A dozen of beautiful Pastel Roses can beautify any decor, uplift moods, catch attention and so on. The selection includes a dozen Pastel, Long Stem, fresh Roses (about 22 – 24 inches) which is accented with Baby’s Breath as well as with greenery. Colors might vary unlike that in the image. Might include combinations of pinkish white, creamy salmon, or lavender yellows and other such short hues of roses. Not to forget the rich quality message card available with it. Moreover floral preservatives with flower care information is also sent. These beauties will be undoubtedly elegant, wrapped in decorative sleeves and shall be hand packed in an equally appealing gift box.

Go for beautiful flowers delivery and make your close ones happier.

The Serviceman and the Gerbera

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and years ago, in the 1980s, I was manning the counter at the shop and going about the daily business of things. The door opened and a distraught-looking young man, no more than twenty or thereabouts, came rushing in. He wore the uniform of the Navy and appeared to have only recently come ashore, still carrying his sea bag. His uniform was disheveled and his cap was askew, probably from carrying the heavy-looking bag through the streets, and he was breathing somewhat heavily. He’d obviously been running.

I asked how I could help him and he blurted a disconnected story about a girl, his three month absence from her, rumours of her finding another, and something about a dirty rat. He wanted flowers that would solve his love issues, obviously, and assumed I’d have a magic arrangement potion to cure everything as soon as it was presented.

I chuckled. It didn’t seem like so long ago that I’d been the desperate young man hoping to woo the best girl despite my obvious inadequacies and her being so far out of my league. I told the young man to set down his bag and have a chair so we could talk. “The best flowers are those that not only delight through their look, but appeal because they came from the heart,” I intoned. Most florists have something similar that they say to calm the desperate and get them to take a breather before deciding on an arrangement.

The ensuing conversation taught me a lot about not only this young man, whom I’d never met before, but also the power of the flower arrangement. The story was simple and not exactly original: he’d left on only marginal terms with the girl, after a slight spat, and been gone for about three months. In the mean time, he’d written several letters with no response. Once he put ashore, he heard an immediate rumour that she was seeing another guy. Now he was here with me hoping I could fix it for him.

He told me about his favourite girl, what she was like, how he saw her, and all the dreamy things young people say about one another when love has taken its hold. As we talked, I arranged some gerbera in a simple, straight-forward arrangement that had nothing splashy about it and bespoke pure simplicity of emotion. I presented it to him and he noticed it for the first time.

Fiesta Gerbera

Fiesta Gerbera

“No roses?” he asked, dubiously.

“No. Roses are too much for this. You need more subtlety. Gerbera are the way to go.”

He accepted my advice and left with the flowers. The next day, the same young man, this time in street attire, and a beautiful girl with a lovely smile walked into the shop. It turns out, the girl he had been after was indeed seeing another, but her twin sister, upon answering the door and being mistaken for the other, had accepted the flowers and then things had sort of, well, done what they do between young folks. A few years later, I heard about their wedding and knew that things had worked out in that way they always seem to do.

Until next time,

Ken Bolt

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Flower Arrangements

Summer Daydream Bouquet

Summer Daydream Bouquet

Today I wanted to teach you how to arrange your own flowers!

I think there’s nothing more beautiful than flowers in bloom arranged artfully in a delicate, crystal vase. And today I’m going to teach you some tricks to achieving the kinds of flower arrangements often featured on TV or in magazines.

Firstly, “THERE ARE NO RULES!” … but there are steps you can take in order to create your own beautiful flower arrangements you can be proud of.

Tip #1: Use Your Instincts

There’s an artist in every one of us. Some are just dormant and sleeping, waiting for you to come wake it up. What better time than now? And the great thing about flower arrangements is that it takes so little from you to make them look beautiful. After all, flowers are things of beauty on their own.

Instead, trust your instincts. Let your eyes be your guide. Just pay attention and you will instantly know which flower arrangements are more pleasing to the eyes.

Tip #2: Cluster Small Flowers in Groups

It’s far from the rule of thumb, but you can never go wrong if you do this. Have you noticed how small flowers tend to disappear when placed in large flower arrangements? With all these large and more assertive blooms around them, the small flowers get overwhelmed. Moreover, they are also harder to grab and re-position.

By grouping smaller flowers together, it would be easier for you handle them and give your flower arrangements a more distinctive impression. You can do this by putting them close to each other or bundling them together with the use of a ribbon, rubber bands, floral wire, or floral tape.

Tip #3: On Single Blooms

Sunny Siesta

Sunny Siesta

Another common arrangement that people often resort to is a lone rose in a bud vase. While single bloom types of flower arrangements are always elegant, experiment with this method and add your own style. You can, for instance, make several single bloom flower arrangements positioned in several parts of the house – from small blooms inside wine glasses or tea cups to large blooms in bowls. That way, the lone rose in a bud vase can look even more distinctive in a room full of different flower arrangements.

Tip #4: Use the Right Container

If you must follow one rule, this is it: use containers that match the type of flower arrangements. The good news is that most flower arrangements are unique. So match them up with unique containers as well.

You do not have to arrange your flowers in a typical vase. If you feel your blooms look prettier in a different container, then do so. You can even use bottles, smaller vases, tea cups, wine glasses – the works. And the overall effect would be a refreshing look to your flower arrangements.

See … you can do it 🙂

Until next time,

Ken Bolt

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