Let the Outdoor In – Beautiful Floral Decor Idea

With the spring already here, you are thinking about how to redecorate your household in order for it to reflect the blooming surroundings. The best way how to add a spring flair to your interior is to go for some flowers that will get your house brimming with colours.

Choose a pink boost

If you have a living room inspired by Scandinavian design, you can spice up your surroundings by adding some pinky hues. Pastel colours are the trend of the year. Even Pantone chose rose quartz and serenity as the hues of the year of 2016. So, go for some light pink tulips to refresh your environment. A white vase will match the interior design and the light hues of pink will suit your Scandinavian minimalism perfectly.

Create the abundance of colours

Those of you who are fond of having living rooms brimming with vibrant colours will love having a lot of colourful flowers, too. If you like Mediterranean-inspired indoors, you can have a living room resembling a Spanish one with some sun-yellow walls, red sofas and a rustic container with red roses, peonies and loosestrife in yellow and orange.

Nothing brings such an abundance of colours as these do, so let positive vibes spread all over the place.

Matchy bottles are a must

If you like having everything matchy, think about getting some bottles you can paint in hues of the flowers they will contain. These are best placed near white windows to be easily spotted.

Get busy

There are a lot of us who are not satisfied with the existing choice of flower containers, but there is still something we can do! Why not make some by ourselves? You can invite some friends over and have an unforgettable experience creating your own little pieces of art.

The choices are endless and you can easily get motivated online. An easy thing to do is to get your mason jars and a piece of wood to create the containers you have always dreamed of. You can use them as planters too. But you will need to have some adequate tools, so check out some quality tools online that you will definitely need. You do not really want to make those jars loose and you certainly would not like them to fall down and break apart in a matter of hours, so choose quality items and tools in order to fix them.

Chalkboard is all the rage

You have seen a lot of mugs with chalkboard, but this is not the only thing where it has been recently used. If you like the effect you can create some similar pots and place some blooming lilacs to have a contrasting effect. The black colour of chalkboard will be perfect for your yellowish surroundings. You can even name your flowers and write down their names. Get creative!

Create monochromatic magic

If you do not like an abundance of colour you can still enjoy the spring lights in your home. Choose a lot of small terra cotta containers where you will plant yellow tulips, daffodils and freesias and have a sunny corner at your place.

Choose a contrasting vibrant bouquet

Get a white glass where you will place your bouquet with blue and orange hues and let the positive vibes get into your room. If you have some monochromatic items in your living room, this will be excellent for introducing a bit of vibrant colours. However, if you have a lot of colours already, be careful about where to place the flowers as you do not want them to merge with the surroundings and become invisible.

There is no better way to spring refresh your household than introducing a bit of floral décor. Choose flower arrangements and matching containers that will spice up the environment and let the colours spread all over the place while you enjoy the positive vibes.