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Summer and Flowers Go Together Like Sky and Stars

Summer is the best part of the year. Although it comes in different months in the two hemispheres, it always brings joy to the people and nice emotions.
It is true that it can get really hot in the summer, but what can compare with the great days, spent on the beach or by the pool, splashing in the water and sunbathing with friends and family. The trees are green and blossoming, many fruits start to appear and the flowers look better than ever.
Everyone has seen and traveled along fields full of any kinds of flowers, looking to the sun and showing perfect colors. Few things can beat this picture.
The most important thing to keep the summer flowers fresh and alive longer is to supply them with enough water and they will bring joy to your eyes every day.
Summer and Flowers Go Together Like Sky and Stars
Some interesting facts will be revealed about several of the most popular flowers of the summer in the paragraphs below, as the first plant to start with will be the chrysanthemum. It has spread across the world as it was brought from the northeastern parts of the European continent and some areas in Asia. Do not be confused if you see the word xants. It is an abbreviation, used for this flower from the florists, due to the fact that its full name is very long and very hard to be spelled. China was the first country to cultivate this flower. In the present days it has very wide range of use in several industries. First of all its regular form makes is great for ornaments and decorations. It has its place in the culinary as well, as in its home country China the yellow and white flowers are boiled to make very sweet drink. Chinese people often put it in soups as the flower gives special aroma to the dish, especially the snake soup.
Summer and Flowers Go Together Like Sky and Stars2
Another nice and famous summer flower is the gladiolus. It is one of the princesses of the floral world, not only for its shape and royal look. It usually blooms in August and if you have nothing else which will help you guess what time of the year it is, the gladiolus flowers will do that. Part of the family of the Iris, these plants are symbol of the strength and high moral as well as sincerity and generosity. The name of the flower originates from the Latin language and it can be simply translated as sword. In the old Roman times the gladioli nosegay made the gladiators very overwhelmed when they have received a bunch of this flower.
The gladiolus may be seen blooming in several colors, each of them very nice and special, perfect ornament for your garden. Coral, cream, yellow and pink are just some of them.
Summer and Flowers Go Together Like Sky and Stars3
Jasmine is another one of the summer flowers, which is probably the most loved in the world. It is unlikely to meet a person who have not heard about it or have not used some cosmetic products, that was not including the jasmine. The tea made of the flower is also very good and much used in some eastern countries like China. The jasmine syrup is very well known flavor in the culinary industry.
The sunflower is the most remarkable of the summer flowers. It is the biggest symbol of the light and every single flower shines like the sun itself. In the last decades it has become very popular as decoration flower, which it was not before, as it was only raw material for the oil production. The size of the flower can grow up to one meter of diameter.

Great Ways To Keep Your Garden Flourishing

When you’re short of time it can be hard to keep on top of the daily gardening tasks and sometimes even the smallest of things can be left by the wayside. However, sometimes is it these small garden maintenance tasks that have the biggest of impacts on the health of your garden, making it either lush and green or wilting and faded. Watering and feeding your lawn, flowerbeds and pots is just one of those jobs that shouldn’t be forgotten and can have a huge impact on the success of your garden bloom.


Photo of Wooden Wheelbarrow Garden Planters
Over the long summer months grass can become dehydrated and bare and without proper lawn maintenance it can become a real eyesore in any garden. So if you want to keep your lawn looking its best and water isn’t an issue then watering your soil once a week should keep it looking great. For the best effect, grass should not be allowed to turn brown and soil should be thoroughly drenched. If there is a water shortage then a little TLC after the summer will go a long way to ensure that it comes back rejuvenated and full of life.
Fertilizer should be used during the spring months to help the lawn to gain strength and colour. For best results, lawn feeding should be completed in cooler conditions and when the soil is a little moist to ensure it really gets to work. Re-application can be completed over the summer months to help a fading or over-used lawn.


Photo of Garden Flowers
If you want your flowers to bloom during the spring and summer months it is important that they are watered and fed regularly to avoid an early doom. During dry spells, flowerbeds should be watered well at least once a week, ensuring that the soil is thoroughly drenched so water can reach the roots. Plants close to the walls should receive extra care to ensure that they can access the water that they need, while slow release fertilisers can also be used to give your flowers the nutrients that they so desperately need. Remember that deadheading your flowers can help to encourage re-blooming and can help other flowers on the plant to stay in bloom.

Hanging Baskets & Containers

Photo of Mother and Daughter Watering Garden Flowers
Hanging baskets and container plants need careful attention if they are to survive and should be tended to on a daily basis during the hottest summer days. As there is limited soil for the plants to draw water and nutrients from it should be kept moist and not allowed to dry out. Daily watering may be necessary during hot days, while a nutrient-rich fertilizer can help to keep them in bloom. During the winter months, baskets and pots should be moved into sheltered spots or into a greenhouse where available, with extra insulation provided for those that are staying out. Weeds should also be monitored regularly to stop them from starving your flowers from the nutrients in the soil, with manual weed control a simple and effective method.
So if you have an urban city pad with chic potted and container plants then be prepared to take five minutes to water them every day when it’s sunny. Lawns and flowerbeds need less regular watering and feeding though they can be time consuming to plant, weed and mow. If you’re going away during the summer then try to get a friend or neighbour to pop round and water your garden maintenance while you’re away. But if there isn’t anyone you can ask then there are plenty of gardening professionals who run summer services who can help you out for as long as you need.

Creating Spring Bouquets

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and it being April, thoughts of spring are on everyone’s minds. We think about floral arrangements that epitomize spring, thus including a lot of the flowers we normally associate with this season of renewal. Daisies, carnations, lilies, blushing roses, and colour splashes of lavender, yellow, green, and more green are on our minds.

I enjoy the late spring for one reason: the variety of flowers available for arranging is enormous. While there are always a lot of choices to go with at any time of year, the late spring seems to have everything all at once.


The cheery, rainbow of colours and the blooms from round to star shaped are endless. Bouquets range from round to tall to cascading to wide and flat. Some flowers want to be heaped in, others to be stacked, and still others to be criss-crossed for best effect. Combining them is endlessly fun to create new menageries of display.

Don’t even get me started on gift baskets.

Until next time,

Ken Bolt

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Spring Weddings

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and Spring time seems to bring on the wedding bells. This time of year is about renewal, but it’s also, traditionally, one of the most popular wedding seasons. The months of April, May and June are the most-chosen wedding dates if the year, with each being bigger than the last, and the “June Bride” idea creating the pinnacle.

Often, the newlyweds-to-be focus heavily on the bridal bouquet and the table arrangements. This leaves out the other arrangements that are likely to populate the wedding as well, including the groom’s boutonniere and bridesmaid’s corsages. Quite often, as a florist, we base these other arrangements on the bridal bouquet. Recently, though, things were reversed.

Pink Rose Splendor Bouquet

Pink Rose Splendor Bouquet

A couple, planning a wedding in May, approached us with their plans, asking for a wedding arrangement bid. Talking with them, it became obvious that most of the focus was not on the tables or the bride, but on the groom’s colour choices. The wedding was largely traditional in terms of who would wear what, where things would be placed, and so forth. What was different was that the groom’s family was extremely traditional in terms of the colours associated with their surname, which the bride would be taking, and thus all arrangements should reflect those three basic colours.

This turned out to make the bidding process far easier, since arrangement proposals were far easier to narrow down and thus create within a budget. It also meant creativity was needed in big measure, as it’s difficult to create arrangements which cannot include any green (part of the colour requirements).

Whatever a wedding requires, it should be unique in some way. That’s how we try to approach it. Even “cookie-cutter” weddings should have something uniquely about the participants. In this case, that was easy, and it provides an interesting idea for re-focus when considering wedding style.

Until next time,

Ken Bolt