Spring Weddings

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and Spring time seems to bring on the wedding bells. This time of year is about renewal, but it’s also, traditionally, one of the most popular wedding seasons. The months of April, May and June are the most-chosen wedding dates if the year, with each being bigger than the last, and the “June Bride” idea creating the pinnacle.

Often, the newlyweds-to-be focus heavily on the bridal bouquet and the table arrangements. This leaves out the other arrangements that are likely to populate the wedding as well, including the groom’s boutonniere and bridesmaid’s corsages. Quite often, as a florist, we base these other arrangements on the bridal bouquet. Recently, though, things were reversed.

Pink Rose Splendor Bouquet
Pink Rose Splendor Bouquet

A couple, planning a wedding in May, approached us with their plans, asking for a wedding arrangement bid. Talking with them, it became obvious that most of the focus was not on the tables or the bride, but on the groom’s colour choices. The wedding was largely traditional in terms of who would wear what, where things would be placed, and so forth. What was different was that the groom’s family was extremely traditional in terms of the colours associated with their surname, which the bride would be taking, and thus all arrangements should reflect those three basic colours.

This turned out to make the bidding process far easier, since arrangement proposals were far easier to narrow down and thus create within a budget. It also meant creativity was needed in big measure, as it’s difficult to create arrangements which cannot include any green (part of the colour requirements).

Whatever a wedding requires, it should be unique in some way. That’s how we try to approach it. Even “cookie-cutter” weddings should have something uniquely about the participants. In this case, that was easy, and it provides an interesting idea for re-focus when considering wedding style.

Until next time,

Ken Bolt