Fresh Floral Crosses and Hearts

Our Traditional Funeral Tributes are professionally designed by Brant Florist, and will send one last message of how much you care for the departed, and rest assured that they will be delivered on time and in perfect condition! Keep your mind at ease and order Traditional Funeral Tributes online. Let everyone know how special the departed was to you by including with a casket your Traditional Funeral Tribute.

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Photo of Eternal Rest Standing Heart - S28-4501

Eternal Rest Standing Heart
From $269.00 Save $40.35 $228.65 USD

Photo of The Hearts Eternal Easel - S10-4457

The Hearts Eternal Easel
$350.00 Save $52.50 $297.50 USD

Photo of Living Cross Easel - S10-4459

Living Cross Easel
From $250.00 Save $37.50 $212.50 USD

Photo of The Angel's Cross Easel  - S47-4556

The Angel's Cross Easel
From $295.00 Save $44.25 $250.75 USD

Photo of Majestic Heart - T225-1

Majestic Heart
From $297.00 Save $44.55 $252.45 USD

Photo of The Floral Cross on Easel Wire Stand - S12-4464

The Floral Cross on Easel Wire Stand
From $299.00 Save $44.85 $254.15 USD

Photo of Our Hearts Speak to You The Red Cross - S50-4568
Limited Del

Our Hearts Speak to You The Red Cross
$300.00 Save $45.00 $255.00 USD

Photo of Classic Cross - Orange and Green - 500149

Classic Cross - Orange and Green
From $300.00 Save $45.00 $255.00 USD

Photo of Divine Light - T232-2

Divine Light
$327.00 Save $49.05 $277.95 USD

Photo of Rose Garden Heart - T238-2

Rose Garden Heart
$327.00 Save $49.05 $277.95 USD

Photo of Blessed Heart - T225-2

Blessed Heart
From $347.00 Save $52.05 $294.95 USD

Photo of The Elegant Remembrance Standing Heart - S2-4439

The Elegant Remembrance Standing Heart
$379.00 Save $56.85 $322.15 USD

Photo of Heaven's Green Comfort - T247-1

Heaven's Green Comfort
From $397.00 Save $59.55 $337.45 USD

Photo of The Glowing Ray Standing Heart - S39-4528

The Glowing Ray Standing Heart
$450.00 Save $67.50 $382.50 USD

Photo of Glory Be Flag Tribute  - S50-4565

Glory Be Flag Tribute
$500.00 Save $75.00 $425.00 USD

 Products may not be exactly as shown. However, full value is always provided!

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When it comes to looking for Traditional Funeral Tribute Brant Florist is your funeral florist! We have a beautiful and large selection of Traditional Funeral Tributes that will enhance the peaceful aura of the ceremony while at the same time sending a message of love and remembrance! Order Traditional Funeral Tribute online and take advantage of same-day delivery guarantees anywhere in US and Canada that will keep your mind at ease.

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