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6 Ways to Use Roses other than in a Bouquet or Vase

Roses have always been the symbol of beauty and love, since ancient times. Usually roses go along mostly with the bouquet or vase, but they are other ways too to lavish your special one with roses.


Here are some romantic and exotic ways to use roses:

  • Rose Oil: Apart from its beauty, roses have been used for medicinal purpose, especially in aromatherapy. There is no greater romantic feeling than giving a rose oil massage to your partner. You can add a little amount of vitamin E oil or her favourite scentless body lotion. Many cosmetic and beauty products contain rose oil, but they are quite expensive to buy. Therefore, you can buy rose flowers from outside or online from Roses Only and can make rose oil at home. Homemade rose oil can be used in various ways and for many gifts.


  • Rose Water: Like rose oil, even rose water has health advantages. You can use it as a facial toner to bring relief to your dry and tired skin. You can sprinkle on your sheets and curtains to add the sensual rose essence to your home. Also, you can use it in your food items like cake, pastries and cookies. You can even make excellent tea by adding a little honey or sugar to your rose water. But, be careful as the homemade rose water lasts only several weeks, so make sure you use it before it loose its scent.


  • Rose Petal Potpourri: When your rose bouquets begins to droop, do not throw them away, but its petal can also be used after they finished blooming. You can make potpourri from these petals at home. Hang these roses upside down in a cool dry place to allow its petals to dry before they curl up. Once they are dry, take out these petals and put them in a glass jar and add a few drops of homemade rose oil. Stir the ingredients, seal the jar and shake the jar every couple of days for 8-10 days. Your potpourri is ready and you can place them in bowls or sachets to spread wonderful rose smell wherever you like.


  • As a presentation element in the food: If you are planning for a romantic candle light dinner, then strew some rose petals on your dinner table to make your dinner time more intense and romantic. You can also use rose petal as a topping in fruit salads or cupcakes. Use the best quality roses from Roses Only as to make sure it does not affect your health. You can use roses for making several food items like biscuits, chocolates, jam, ice cream and many more.
  • Rose Cocktails: After a wonderful dinner, spice up your night by giving a rosy touch to your cocktails. You can simply add a few rose petals or a few drops of rose water in a glass of a beer to add a light taste of rose to your drink.
  • Rose Petal Bath: What is more pleasurable and romantic than helping her have a soothe bath after a tough day? Spread some rose petal and let them float in the hot bath tub. Use different colour roses and a few drops of rose oil or rose water, put on some soft romantic music, light some candles and give her a relaxing and exotic bath that she will never forget.


Red Roses – Deep Meaning, Ancient Roots

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist it’s almost universally understood that red roses mean love and romance. They are the traditional Valentine’s Day gift between lovers and will pack every florists shop from February 1 until after the holiday.

The meanings and symbolism behind red roses, however, are deep-rooted and ancient. For centuries of human history, the red petals of the rose have sparked relationships and spoken passion and desire.

Red itself is a profound colour of emotion. In the West, it is a colour that signifies both danger and love – two things that aren’t always separate. Both the Greeks and the Romans gave special significance to the red rose particularly, tying it in with their goddesses of love. During banquets commemorating goddesses like Aphrodite and Venus, red roses would festoon the temples and the petals of flowers would cover the floors. Rose petals would also be put into the drinks and were thought to be aphrodisiacs for the occasion of lovers.

During Roman times, it became common for peasants to raise roses to give as tribute to their rulers, especially the emperor. Later, roses were often used to pay debts to sovereigns due to their association with wealth and power. The common hobby garden of roses didn’t leave the rich’s purview until the 19th century.

Rose petals

Rose petals

The tradition of giving flowers as gifts between friends and lovers, however, didn’t really come about until the Middle Ages, when lovers began to give them as tokens of affection. A Swedish King popularized the idea of sending flowers when he used them to send messages in the 1700s, copying from the Persian use of flowers as messenger’s tools to keep the enemy from understanding the true message. For the Swede, obviously, the reasons were less tactical.

Today, the mixture of the Swedish tradition, the Roman and Greek meanings, and the modern proclivity for things of beauty have all come together. The ultimate expression of these is through the gift of red roses for Valentine’s Day (or any other day) to tell a lover your feelings towards them.

In fact, roses have gone beyond this with colours tilting the rainbow and signifying all types of meaning to those who send and receive them. There are over 100 species of rose and the name itself comes from the Latin ‘rosa.’

Whatever your occasion or whatever the reason, giving a single or a full bouquet of roses is the best way to signify meaning and devotion to your chosen one.

Until next time,

Ken Bolt

Rose Hip Tea

Rose Hip Tea

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and if you’ve never had tea made from rose hips, you really should try it. Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world and, unbeknownst to most modern people, are also a great source of tasty treats. One of my favourites of those is rose hip tea.

Rose Hip Tea

Rose Hip Tea

Some of the best varieties for getting relatively sizeable hips from for tea making are Ethyl Rose, Lyda Rose, and Crimson Floorshow. There are several others too, of course, but these three have two things I like: they’re beautiful rose flowers in their own right and their hips often don’t match their blossom colours.

Ethyl Rose, for example, often blooms in white, pink, yellow and other colours, but the hips are nearly always bright, crimson red. They’re about the size of grapes too, making them a great tea source.

Lyda Rose is similar in that the blooms are usually white (the most fragrant) or pink-tipped. Other colours are possible too, of course, but the hips are nearly always a setting-sun orange hue. They’re lovely and they grow upright and nearly perfectly spherical. It’s easy to thin the plant, harvesting hips, while leaving plenty for decorative buds and blossoms later. In fact, it’s recommended if you’re a rose tender.

Crimson floorshow is also lovely for those same reasons. The blooms themselves give the plant its name, with these relatively small roses opening up in a bright purple-red display of crimson. The hips, however, are tightly-bunched little round knobs of bright orange with pinkish-green petals coming out one end. Very lovely and quite tasty.

Most who enjoy rose hip tea have tried Sweet Briar, of course, one of the oldest rose varieties. These are also bright red hips and the Ethyl Rose is a close variant of these long-standing favourites.


Until next time,
Ken Bolt

How Many Roses to Send for Valentine’s Day?

Thoughts of You Roses in Vase - BF6542

Thoughts of You Roses in Vase – BF6542

In the earlier post you’ve learned about the meaning of color in Valentine’s Day roses, and perhaps you’ve made your selection of the perfect Valentine’s Day roses that you’ll dazzle them with.
But like most of us you’re probably unsure about the number of roses to give them. You’ve probably heard people say that each number of roses has a meaning behind it to convey a message.

Valentine’s is in 14 days so we decided to do research on the topic and come up with a list explaining what each number of roses conveys:

1 – love at first sight
2 – mutual love and affection
3 – I love you
6 – I miss you
7 – I’m crazy about you
9 – we’ll be together forever
10 – your love is perfection
11 – you are my treasure
12 – please me mine
13 – friends forever
15 – forgive me, I’m sorry
20 – sincere feelings
21 – dedicated to you
24 – I’m yours
25 – congratulations!
26 – you complete me
33 – I love you with great affection
36 – head over heels in love
38 – every moment with you is treasure
40 – my love is genuine
50 – unconditional love
99 – I will love you forever
100 – you are my true love
101 – you are my one and only love
108 – mariage proposal
365 – I love you every day

Now that you know about the significance in number of roses given, you can put together a well crafted, perfect expression of your love. Talk to your favorite florist about your specific order needs and creative ideas in mind.
That extra touch can come from your own designed Valentine’s Day bouquet or arrangement of flowers, and they will absolutely love the artful you! Pick the right number.

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