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Wedding flowers are an important part of your special day and we want to make sure you get the best quality of flowers. At Brant Florist, we can help you design a stunning fresh flower bouquet for your bridal party. We also offer fresh flower baskets and garden crowns for your special day. We can create and deliver your wedding flowers anywhere in Canada and the Unites States.

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Photo of Style and Grace Bouquet - T181-1

Style and Grace Bouquet
$242.97 Save $36.45 $206.52 USD

Photo of Gardenia and Grace Bouquet - T187-1

Gardenia and Grace Bouquet
$699.97 Save $105.00 $594.97 USD

Photo of Blush Rose Bouquet - T186-1

Blush Rose Bouquet
$107.97 Save $16.20 $91.77 USD

Photo of Lady Grace Bouquet - T183-1

Lady Grace Bouquet
$177.97 Save $26.70 $151.27 USD

Photo of Lacy Rose Bouquet - T186-2

Lacy Rose Bouquet
$87.97 Save $8.80 $79.17 USD

Photo of Country Rose Bouquet - T194-4

Country Rose Bouquet
$162.97 Save $24.45 $138.52 USD

Photo of Lavender Heaven Bouquet - T194-6

Lavender Heaven Bouquet
$132.97 Save $19.95 $113.02 USD

Photo of Martha's Vineyard Bouquet - T194-5

Martha's Vineyard Bouquet
$137.97 Save $20.70 $117.27 USD

Photo of Pink Rose Splendor Bouquet - T190-1

Pink Rose Splendor Bouquet
$137.97 Save $20.70 $117.27 USD

Photo of Pink Rose Garden Bouquet - T191-2

Pink Rose Garden Bouquet
$199.97 Save $30.00 $169.97 USD

Photo of Rose Meadow Bouquet - T191-1

Rose Meadow Bouquet
$97.97 Save $9.80 $88.17 USD

Photo of Nantucket Dreams Bouquet - T182-1

Nantucket Dreams Bouquet
$107.97 Save $16.20 $91.77 USD

Photo of Sweet White Bouquet - T186-3

Sweet White Bouquet
From $97.00 Save $9.70 $87.30 USD

Photo of Love in Blue Bouquet - T182-3

Love in Blue Bouquet
$197.00 Save $29.55 $167.45 USD

Photo of Pink Sorbet Bouquet - T194-1

Pink Sorbet Bouquet
From $150.00 Save $22.50 $127.50 USD

Photo of Flower Girl's Dream Basket - T193-6

Flower Girl's Dream Basket
  From $42.97 USD

Photo of Little Crown of Wishes - T193-1

Little Crown of Wishes
$100.00 Save $15.00 $85.00 USD

Photo of Best of the Garden Bouquet - T199-3

Best of the Garden Bouquet
$142.97 Save $21.45 $121.52 USD

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Thank You so much, I never did this online before, you made it easy. Important part you were so efficient, received a phone call shortly afterwards, thanking me for the flowers, you help me make a friend happy.

— Mary C.

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