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6 ways to incorporate your favorite colours on your wedding day

There are many ways to incorporate your favorite colours on your wedding day. If you have a favorite colour you can make it a main theme, or combine it with gold or silver. In general, warmer colours combine better with gold while cooler colours combine better with silver. If you have more than one colour you want to incorporate, you can easily combine them, too. For example, matching the bride’s and the groom’s favorite colour can be really cute and effective.

Flower arrangements

Floral arrangements

No wedding can miss on the various flower arrangements all over the wedding or reception hall. As everyone knows, you can get various flowers in almost every colour there is, so visit a florist to find the kind of flowers that will match your ideas perfectly. Once you choose your perfect flowers, you can use them as centerpieces for the table, to decorate the chairs or benches, or to create a lovely bride’s bouquet.

Wedding décor

Table arrangements
This is probably the aspect of the wedding where you have the most room to incorporate your favorite colours. The simplest way to do so is by choosing the tablecloths in the desired shade. Also, you can add chair bows. If there’s more than one colour you want to incorporate, it would look great to combine table cloths and chair bows in one colour with flower pieces in the other. What’s more, you can also use balloons or even Christmas lights to decorate the walls and complete the colour scheme.

Colourful cutlery

This idea is really interesting and fun, especially since not many couples bother to find cutlery and plates in their favorite colours and they usually end up being metallic or white. But putting some effort into finding the plates in one and cutlery in the other colour can add that extra touch to the whole wedding. For example, if your favorite colour is red, you can place red plates in front of the guests and spice things up with gold cutlery.

Wedding invitations

Wedding invitations
Of course, if your whole wedding theme will be based on your favorite colour, you would want to announce this pretty clearly to the guests. Today, wedding invitations are truly an art form and there’s no way that you can’t find ones that match your taste. Also, you can custom-order some at Dream Day Invitations and therefore give clear instructions on what colours should be used in their making.

Wedding fashion accessory

If you want to make things even more colorful and interesting, you and your future spouse can add your favorite colours to your wedding outfits. While the wedding gown is usually white or champagne, the bride can wear lovely shoes in the specific colour while the groom can enrich his suit by wearing a flower or handkerchief of the chosen colour in the lapel.

Wedding cake

Wedding cakes
Everyone waits to see the wedding cake and comment on its beauty and intricate details before tasting it. This is also a great opportunity to add your favorite colours to the wedding. Using the wedding cake for this purpose is really easy since the details and the frosting can be of any colour you can possibly imagine. Even if you have a certain shape in mind, you can always place the order with instructed colour changes.

The colours you and your partner prefer might not be everyone’s cup of tea or they might not be in a traditional wedding spirit. Still, the important thing is to make these decisions yourselves, because this is your special day and no one should have the final word except the two of you.

Adorable flower girl’s flower details

The true mission that stands behind every flower girl’s task is rather simple: be your true adorable self. Regardless of how nervous she may be, any flower girl will fulfill this one simple task without a problem, merely by being there, surrounded by grownups and wearing a cute dress. The key is in the details, as always, and by making sure your little flower girl has just the right accessories will add that final magic touch that will transform her into little flower princess.


Adorned with flowers

Faux flowers are a huge hit and they look simply divine on little girls; so feel free to wrap your little girl in them. Even something as simple as faux flower collar will do the trick. The beauty of this garment is that it can be worn often and with many different outfits, so your little flower girl will have a pretty reminder of the great role she had at a wedding. What is more, you can combine it with a matching flower headband and make her look like a little fairy that stepped out of forest. These can come in many different hues and she can wear her own or bride’s favourite colour.


Flowery protection

If you are planning to have your wedding ceremony out in the open, you might want to consider giving your flower girl a simple rice paper parasol to protect her delicate skin from the UV rays. What is more, these parasols come in many different designs, especially if you pick matching posy-topped ones. These adorable flower girl dresses are all the rage in Australia, and Aussie mommies are always on the lookout for the sweetest and most adorable ones.

Sequins for little princess

If you are aiming to have a more nonchalant, boho air on your wedding ceremony, you might want to dress your little flower girl in a simple (but still adorable) tutu skirt that had just a dash of glitter on. In addition, you can add a pair of sequin flats to match, and watch as little girl widens her eyes in amazement when she sees her outfit, and in return your guests widen their smiles in delight when she walks down the aisle bravely holding her little flower basket.


Something new…

Swap the traditional ‘something old’ custom with a new one; ditch old flower petals and let your flower girl have fun with something as cute as heart-shaped confetti which she can toss from her little basket. Or simply give her a streamer wand to wave as she approaches the altar and on her way back. It might also be a good idea to give a matching wand (or similarly decorated one) to the ring bearer and have the two of them wave merrily as they walk in and out.

Remember, if your little flower helper is comfortable and relaxed, she will make the entire ceremony seem brighter and warmer. If possible, have two flower girls go hand-in-hand for it will make it easier for them to relax and boost their confidence. The most important thing is for everyone to enjoy this very special day, and happy flower girls are a sign of peaceful future ahead.