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Funeral Flowers

Well, it’s a part of life that most of us find uncomfortable to talk about. So let’s make this as painless as possible and talk about flowers.

Beautiful Spirit Arrangement - BF5841

Beautiful Spirit Arrangement – BF5841

First you could send flowers to the funeral home or to the family’s home. If you are sending to the funeral home the best style of arrangement is to have it made one sided. This means most of the flowers in the arrangement will be on the one side that faces out making your arrangement look as showy as possible. Any colours and flowers are suitable when sending to the funeral home. If you are sending from a company to keep it conservative or traditional. We often recommend sending an arrangement in all white flowers. This is a very classy and elegant look for a funeral piece. Another option for the funeral home is sending plants or a planter basket (which is a mix of green and flowering plants). This is an option for the family as they might have a number of fresh flower arrangements. Still, plants will never make the show or have the impact that fresh flowers will have on everyone there.

Beautiful Dreams - BF6257

Beautiful Dreams – BF6257

When sending to the home it may be best to send an arrangement that is more of a centrepiece, which means there will be flowers on all sides of the arrangement to make it suitable for a dining room or coffee table. Any colours and flowers are suitable for the home. Ordering a fruit and gourmet basket to send to the family home is also a thoughtful gift.

Gourmet Basket - BF6034

Gourmet Basket – BF6034

Whatever or wherever you decide to send your gift know that your kind gesture will definitely be appreciated. It is your message that really counts although the fewer words the better. And flowers do make your message much more meaningful and always remembered.

The Pain of Loss Is To Be Embraced

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and everyone has reason to grieve at one time or another. It’s part of life. Usually it’s a loved one; perhaps a father, mother, child, pet, friend, or sibling. Other times it’s a trusted colleague, a beloved leader, or a celebrity you’ve found connection with. Grief is a powerful emotion that is as human as love, hate, fear, and any other. We all experience it.

As a florist, arrangements for those who are grieving someone’s death are often the most touching, personal, and powerful flower arrangements that we make. Of all the occasions we create flower arrangements for, grief is the one we are most likely to impact the most.

Weeping Lilies Arrangement

Weeping Lilies Arrangement

I once had a widow appear in my shop just days after her husband’s funeral, for which we’d done the arrangements. She’d come in to settle the bill and spoke to me a sentence that I will never forget. “When I saw the flowers around Howard, I knew that they contained his spirit and that through their beauty, he was watching and grieving his loss as we were grieving ours.”

Once in a while, even though you do not know the person for whom you’re working and skillfully arranging flowers, you will be the instrument that touches them in a way that changes hearts forever. It’s a responsibility, even a burden, but it’s one of the most rewarding things we can do. Everyone touches others in a special way.

Until next time,

Ken Bolt

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