Untold meaning of flowers at the moment of being Man and Lady

Have you decorated or brought flowers to the wedding? Well then the absence of flowers at a wedding or decoration makes it incomplete. Flowers are the symbol of romance, commitment and beauty, a best gift that could be done in the form of creative and beautiful bouquets. Confused with what flowers to begin? Stop! Don’t abruptly pick the flowers without knowing their meanings as the hosts of beautiful blooms are out there. Every spray in a wedding bouquet has its own extraordinary significance dating back to the Victorian era, when the flowers were used to convey secret messages of undying love between courting couples.

Wedding Flowers
Wedding Flowers

Opting perfect bloom for perfect combination would not only add interest, colour and beauty to your bouquet but would also show a significance which would be truly personal.

It has always been a conventional choice to show romance for weddings whose meaning vary depending on the colour, even though you stick to only a single flower.

  • White rose means “Innocence”
  • Pink rose means “Perfect Happiness”
  • Red rose means “Romantic Love”
  • Tea rose means “A memory that lasts forever”
  • Rosebuds signifies “Beauty and Youth”
  • Yellow rose means “Joy and Friendship”

Lily of the Valley:
It is white bell shaped flowers that convey “Return of Happiness”. In addition to this it adds poignancy to the couple who have overcome difficulties or for second marriage. Moreover it also includes other meanings, i.e. Purity and Sweetness. In a wedding bouquet it is often combined with other flowers because it adds fresh scent and dark green foliage with its classic touch. Traditionally white lily is best known but you could also add a rare pink version to your arrangement.

Wedding Table Centerpieces
Wedding Table Centerpieces

These exotic wedding flowers signify “Love and Beauty” and it is often chosen to add excitement to bride’s bouquets. Even though they are associated with the tropics, they are found all over the world. Many of the varieties are grown most of the time in the hothouses. It has been often considered as a popular choice for wedding because it comes with host of colours including pink and white.

It is an appropriate choice for a table centrepiece, a wedding bouquet or an arrangement of reception because these impressive flowers symbolize “Generosity” and “Sincerity”. They are available in wide varieties of colours, including magenta, deep wine red, evergreen and as well as bicolour varieties.

This brightly coloured member of the sunflower family symbolizes “Innocence”. It could be an add-on to your wedding flowers because this popular cut flower comes in a range of colours including orange, pinks, yellow and white. Thus, the reception or ceremony would be impressed with the addition of these stunning and cheap flowers.

Generally it is combined with other flowers to give a sense of joyful enthusiasm, informality and also to add frothy effect and light; furthermore it also goes with any colour scheme. In America, the young girls going at a wedding decorate their hat with this flower while this might not be custom followed in the UK where there it is still a popular arrangement of flowers at ceremonies. This popular flower symbolizes “Fertility”.

Finally, by creating a beautiful floral arrangement for a wedding reception or ceremony a visual impact with enduring meaning over the years would be created.

Author Bio:
Ryan Holman, a blogger and a florist who sells cheap and beautiful flowers over London is keen to share the meaning of different flowers to make the moment of his readers enduring all over the years.