A resolution cheerleader? Be one!

More gym. Less sugar. More walking. Less Netflix. More smiles. Less stress. All your favourite people are making resolutions at this time of the year. Sheer willpower will get them through the next week but after that? They’ll need a little boost to stay the path. How can you help? By being a beacon of positivity and by arriving with flowers in hand.

Flowers? Absolutely!

No matter which of our beautiful blooms you choose, flowers are all calorie free, guilt free and best of all, they’re proven to lower stress and create feelings of happiness and pleasure wherever they are displayed.
Visit Brant Florist and let us arm you with a beautiful bouquet of flowers guaranteed to make your resolution-maker feel celebrated for the small steps they’ve taken with encouragement to persevere.  

What blooms do you choose to say “I’m your biggest cheerleader?” There are so many choices of flowers in our beautiful coolers at this time of the year that half the fun is picking.

Here is a timely choice:

Want to follow some age old traditions for giving flowers? In Victorian times, certain flowers had specific meanings because people used symbols and gestures to communicate more than words. Happily, one of the most  gorgeous blooms in our cooler right now is the hydrangea and it also happens to symbolize perserverance. A beautiful vase filled with timeless hydrangeas (or any flower you choose) along with a heartfelt note celebrating perseverance will buoy spirits and bolster willpower.  

Have a little fun with it:

Click here if you want to add a bear-hug to your flowers, and you’ll win for being the best resolution cheerleader in town!