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Summer Wedding Flower and Bouquet Ideas

Wedding flowers play an important part in both the planning and execution of your wedding. One of the biggest decisions a bride will have to make involves the design of beautiful and elegant arrangements of flowers for the dress, corsages, boutonnieres, and any centerpieces desired for the wedding itself.

The FTD Bridesmaid's Garden Centerpiece

The FTD Bridesmaid’s Garden Centerpiece

As a result of the changing times, weddings are no longer following strict conventions, with individual and unique designs becoming more and more popular. This is great because it leaves you and your family free to perfect your wedding with the aid of professional florists, ultimately resulting in fresh and unique ideas to suit your personal style.

Flowers in season in the summer come in many varieties, so you have plenty to choose from. Consider a bouquet of daisies to match the white of your wedding dress, or the peaceful beauty of dahlias or geraniums. The rose is one of the most popular flowers available, and it tends to be in season in the summer. A bouquet of roses is a perfect choice, or you could use them to decorate the church or reception.

When considering which flowers to use for your wedding, or if you’re not sure which are in season, consult a florist. They will be happy to help make your special day worthy of every page of the photo album.

Need inspiration? Explore our Pinterest Wedding Flowers board, where you can create your own unique set of ideas and colors.

Brant Florist Wedding Flowers now On-line!

Photo of Calla Lily Promise Nosegay Bouquet

Calla Lily Promise Nosegay Bouquet

At Brant Florist, we’re ringing our bells as we introduce our entire wedding flowers selection on-line! For 51 years brides and grooms have come to us for beautiful wedding flower designs, personal attention to detail and peace of mind wedding day service. Now, with our wedding flowers selection on-line, you can browse, get inspired and even purchase wedding flowers from the comfort of your own home!

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Photo of Flower Girl's Dream Basket

Flower Girl's Dream Basket

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Photo of Delicacy Centerpiece

Delicacy Centerpiece







Certainly, we encourage you to also visit us at the shop for a personal wedding consultation. Rest assured, whether you order in-person or on-line you will always receive the freshest, most beautiful wedding flowers delivered with white glove service, guaranteed. Brant Florist welcomes custom requests when you know your wedding flowers must be as unique as you own personal style and wedding day theme. If wedding bells are about to ring in your future, contact Brant Florist today!