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Wedding Tables “No Fly Zone”

Wedding season is among us! Having flowers in the centre of each table at your wedding reception can add romance, colour, beauty and can even be a conversation piece.

There is a special rule that you should follow when thinking about wedding centrepieces. It’s called “The No Fly Zone” or rather that’s what I call it. 🙂 That’s the area- approximately 12-18 inches up from the table. You should try to avoid having the fullest part of your centrepieces in this area.

Wedding Table Flowers

Wedding Table Flowers

If you are planning on having full floral centrepieces it’s best to have them either in a low container or in a taller vase or container. That way when the guests are seated they will be able to see the other people at the table and enjoy the celebratory atmosphere throughout the room that you have created.

How To Save Money While Selecting The Best Flowers For Your Wedding Day

Since ages, weddings connect our souls to a fairyland which blooms with exotic smelling flowers, and no doubt about it. Most of the weddings in addition to the glitz and glamour and majestic servings are abundant with the prettiest and colourful flowers lying on the wedding land from which we can’t take our eyes off. But if you are worrying about your bank balance which you think would become lighter than a lilac, then halt, there is good news for you people that you can still have your dream wedding by cutting tiny bit of cost on the wedding flowers. Just cast a glance through some of the suggestions.

Wedding flowers

Be Tiny & Tweeny: Flowers that are huge make the audience stop at their feet for an admiring glance; they are a beauty which enraptures our eyes every time we cross them. But one disadvantage of those flowers is they are way down expensive. To minimize the scale according to your budget, ask your florist to give you the smaller ones. Their exactness will gave the same graceful look just like those huge flowers tend to give. This option is worth a try and will give you immense satisfaction.

Choosing from the varieties of roses, carnations, narcissus, autumn leaves, pumpkin and many more you can take the carnation flowers if you are fond of them and mix those with others to create a plentiful lush green effect. It will be your re-incarnation of a tasteful wedding.

Wedding flower

Fruitful Weddings: Fruits are added options in the organization of weddings. The smell of raspberries mixing with a blood red cherry is enough to make your head swirl in intoxication. Of course there can be no replica of flowers but you can add your favourite fruits inside it to enhance the effect of the decoration. If you have been to a winery or the domestic countryside weddings you would have had this experience of this fruitful ambiance. The options you can consider for this fruity hunt are kiwano melon, pineapples, lychee, jackfruit, green grapes, oranges etc to create a kaleidoscopic look at the front of the entrance.

Peacock Wedding Flowers

Ambience’s In All Directions: Create a multi effect with the amount of flowers that you have got, if you are thinking of placing them as a welcoming effect at the hall, then think vice versa for the reception timings also, this would enhance your limitation in the wedding budget and the guests will enjoy the fragrant atmosphere. For handling this task you simply need to ask your co- coordinator or whoever is helping at the event to decorate the tables the corners of the hall, the guest-book or any other thing which requires embellishment.

Flowers In Weddingland: We have considered ample of options for limiting the budget area in the usage of wedding flowers. However, you need to choose wisely and add flowers to the lush green romantic settings. The perfect atmosphere where along with the bride and groom the audience will feel like wandering in the wonderland. Where flowers are gently nodding their heads in welcome. Children would feel as if they want to be their friends. Inhaling their exquisite smell will lull you to those mystic feelings. Flowers are one god gifted element; make sure you unwrap them with delicacy and grace.

About The Author: Anna Shinnai is a wedding professional. She has organized numerous weddings in the city, and is famous for her renowned style of wedding designs. Here she is giving some points to limit the budget on the wedding flowers.

Spring Weddings

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and Spring time seems to bring on the wedding bells. This time of year is about renewal, but it’s also, traditionally, one of the most popular wedding seasons. The months of April, May and June are the most-chosen wedding dates if the year, with each being bigger than the last, and the “June Bride” idea creating the pinnacle.

Often, the newlyweds-to-be focus heavily on the bridal bouquet and the table arrangements. This leaves out the other arrangements that are likely to populate the wedding as well, including the groom’s boutonniere and bridesmaid’s corsages. Quite often, as a florist, we base these other arrangements on the bridal bouquet. Recently, though, things were reversed.

Pink Rose Splendor Bouquet

Pink Rose Splendor Bouquet

A couple, planning a wedding in May, approached us with their plans, asking for a wedding arrangement bid. Talking with them, it became obvious that most of the focus was not on the tables or the bride, but on the groom’s colour choices. The wedding was largely traditional in terms of who would wear what, where things would be placed, and so forth. What was different was that the groom’s family was extremely traditional in terms of the colours associated with their surname, which the bride would be taking, and thus all arrangements should reflect those three basic colours.

This turned out to make the bidding process far easier, since arrangement proposals were far easier to narrow down and thus create within a budget. It also meant creativity was needed in big measure, as it’s difficult to create arrangements which cannot include any green (part of the colour requirements).

Whatever a wedding requires, it should be unique in some way. That’s how we try to approach it. Even “cookie-cutter” weddings should have something uniquely about the participants. In this case, that was easy, and it provides an interesting idea for re-focus when considering wedding style.

Until next time,

Ken Bolt