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Love + romance = flowers

In business for more than 50 years, Brant Florist in Burlington has helped many generations to show their love with flowers.

While Valentine’s Day and wedding anniversaries are obvious times to send a beautiful bouquet, it’s even more romantic to send flowers spontaneously when there’s no special occasion.

Cherished Love Bouquet by Teleflora - BF4208

Cherished Love Bouquet by Teleflora – BF4208

Sending Valentine’s Day flowers not only reminds the recipient that they’re special to you but also displays your romantic spirit to all those who see the bouquet.

While red roses have always symbolized true love and romance, there are many other beautiful blooms that can express your message just as eloquently.

When you order flowers from Brant Florist, rather than simply picking up a bouquet at the grocery store checkout, you’re assured long-lasting flowers of the highest quality. They take pride in the presentation and can expertly arrange your flowers in an elegant vase, accompanied by sweet chocolates.

Whether you want to go over the top with 100 red roses or are in the first stages of your relationship and are looking for something more subtle, Brant Florist can deliver the message you want to send.

My True Love Vase with Long Stemmed Roses - BF4043

My True Love Vase with Long Stemmed Roses – BF4043

Putting your feelings into words can be difficult, but fresh, vibrant flowers definitely get the point across in a beautiful way.

There’s no denying that receiving flowers makes people happy. You can sign up for Brant Florist’s email reminder service, by inputting significant dates to keep the romance alive.

For more information or to place an order, visit our website or call 905-639-7001 or 877-545-5535.

Daily and rush deliveries are available. They offer same-day delivery locally and throughout North America, and next-day international delivery.

Go colourful with flowers in 50 Shades in a Bouquet!

Love is in the air….Valentine’s Day is coming up, ladies & gentlemen! The funny thing about Valentine’s Day is that there are so many different opinions or feelings about this particular “holiday”.
There are the naysayers who think it’s all a bunch of hooey- Made up by women so they can get a little extra attention and gifts from their men.

Unforgettable 50 Rose Hand Tied

Unforgettable 50 Rose Hand Tied

Then there are the “middle class. They just follow the tradition to keep themselves out of the dog house.
Lastly there are the diehards. Those hopeless romantics that can’t wait for the day! They have been writing poems, sending out Valentine’s Day cards to everyone they know and have been wearing pink & red for weeks!

Which ever category you fall under, picture yourself with a bouquet of beautiful red roses.
If you are the naysayer- You have just won yourself some MAJOR bonus points and if you give them with a teddy bear- You, my friend, are definitely in the good books for a while.
If you are the middle class- a dozen roses will solidify how you feel and show you care. A box of chocolates will take you that extra mile.
If you are the hopelessly romantic- Let’s be honest- A dozen red roses is not going to do it for you. You are buying the shop out of roses, a bunch of teddy bears varying in size, rose petals scattered throughout the house, balloons, poems & of course chocolate… Lots & Lots of Chocolate!

One Pound Of Delicious Chocolates

One Pound Of Delicious Chocolates

This day only rolls around once a year so if there is a special someone in your life-make them feel special. You will reap the benefits.
If you’ve been crushing on a certain someone for some time- STOP TEXTING & EMAILING them and bring them some roses, a balloon and chocolates. Your gesture will stand out amongst others- Hands Down!
And forget about 50 Shades of Grey…
Go colourful with flowers in 50 Shades in a Bouquet!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Spread Some Love! XOXO

Great Valentine’s Day Flower Ordering Tips

The FTD Expressions of Love Bouquet

Represents all the love and passion in your heart

Valentine’s Day will be here in a flash. Mark Thursday February 14thon your calendar and take advantage of these Valentine’s flower ordering tips:

  1. Order Valentine’s Day flowers early.  Waiting until February 14th to order flowers may sink hearts.  Although we try, florists can’t always accommodate last minute orders. Good hearted but last minute cupids may be out of luck. Sometimes florists run out of flowers and can’t accommodate unplanned delivery requests. Place your order early for Feb. 14 delivery.
  2. Roses and more! Although roses traditionally symbolize love and are a favorite for sweethearts on Valentine’s Day, be sure to select flowers that your sweetie enjoys. Other beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers include: tulips, lilies, gerbera daisies, orchids, callas, hydrangeas and carnations!
  3. The FTD Color Your Day With Happiness Bouquet

    Pleasing pastel flowers, Keepsake container

    Valentine flower colors. Red is the most popular valentine color but your sweetheart may march to her own drum. Be sure to select flowers in the color that she prefers. Other popular Valentine Day color options include: pastel shades like soft yellows, peaches and warm pinks, purples, oranges, hot pinks, creamy whites and ivory, rich yellow tones and even 2013’s color of the year, emerald green!
  4. Spring for an extra special add-on. Valentine’s flowers will pack even greater wow appeal with a little something extra. We’re thinking a cute plush teddy, a fun-loving balloon or some decadent chocolates to share.    
  5. Have Valentine’s flowers delivered to work. Surprise your sweetheart by having Valentine’s flowers delivered to the workplace.  Lots of co-workers will comment on your thoughtfulness and you’ll get brownie points at home!

Premium Roses

Roses send your words in the finest way

Valentine’s Day flowers for everyone. Hands down, flowers make the perfect gift for sweethearts but non-sweeties deserve flowers too! Send sentiments of appreciation to grandparents, daughters, sons, dear friends or thoughtful neighbors with flowers. A lovely Valentine’s bouquet of gerbera daisies, tulips or even a flowering plant is the perfect way to say, “I’m thinking of you on Valentine’s Day!”

For the Love of Valentine’s Day…tips for sending Valentine’s Day Flowers!

Photo of Premium Roses Boxed

Classic Boxed Long Stemmed Red Roses are a Valentine's Day Classic

Although it may only feel like yesterday that Christmas decorations were packed away and New Year’s resolutions were made, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! This year cupid will cast his arrow on Tuesday, February 14th, so mark the date and plan ahead. If there’s a chance that you’re one of those good intentioned souls that procrastinates, then simply place your Valentine’s Day flower orders early and breathe easy. Consider these timely cupid approved tips on sending and selecting perfect Valentine’s Day flowers.

For great flower choices, inspiration and outstanding service, speak with a real florist. Whether you order Valentine’s Day flowers at Brant Florist or visit us personally at our shop on Brant Street, rest assured that when you plan ahead, your hand designed Valentine’s Day flowers will be hand delivered same-day for orders in Canada and the USA and next day for international orders.

Valentine’s Day is a florist’s busiest day. We do our best to anticipate order volumes but occasionally last minute orders cannot be filled. A florist can run out of fresh flowers and unfortunately, time. To avoid disappointment visit, call-in or order your Valentine’s flowers on-line several days in advance of February 14th . And although Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, there is no reason why you couldn’t surprise your sweetheart with a delivery of beautiful, fresh flowers early. Send a stunning Valentine’s Day bouquet to her work on the Friday before Valentine’s Day with a note attached promising a romantic weekend and watch what happens when she arrives home!

Photo of Spirited Orchid Bouquet by FTD

Spirited Orchid Bouquet makes for a lovely and unexpected Valentine's Day Gift

Just in case you think Valentine’s Day flowers are reserved for sweethearts only, we are here to tell you that they are not. While typically men will send Valentine’s flowers as a romantic gift, many women will send a cheery Valentine’s bouquet or arrangement to Mom, a sibling, grandparent or good friend to show that they care! How unexpected and lovely! And, don’t forget the men in your life. Real men do like flowers and a handsome potted orchid may be ideal.

If you are wondering what type of flowers to send, think outside the box. The choices are endless. Men will typically order classic long-stemmed red roses for their sweetheart but there are no rules that say you have to send red roses or even roses at all! Know the likes of your recipient and select a floral gift that fits her/his likes and personality. Mom may be over the moon with a sweet bouquet of multi-colored Valentine’s tulips and your honey may love roses but vibrant orange ones may be the color that makes her heart skip a beat!

In addition to flowers, add-ons of chocolate, an adorable stuffed bear and even a fun balloon with a message can make a thoughtful bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers all the more impactful. Be sure to talk to a professional florist to assist you with your Valentine’s Day floral gift needs. Whether a traditional dozen of long stemmed red roses are just right or perhaps you have a custom request in mind, a real florist will be able to personally assist with all of your requests.