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poinsettia Christmas plant gift basket

Poinsettias – The Belle of the Christmas Ball

poinsettia red Christmas plant

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Trimming your home with vibrant colours of red and green stirs up the brightest and best feelings of Christmas, of the holiday season, of rituals and of traditions passed through the generations. And when it comes to holiday red, what could make more of a statement of grace than the unequaled beauty of a poinsettia?

Want to make a bold holiday impression? Arrange multiple poinsettias together to create a burst of bright Christmas reds and greens. Showcase your poinsettias as a focal point on a table or in a window – at home or at the office. Wherever a poinsettia is, an unbridled and joyful message is sent: Christmas is coming!

poinsettia Christmas plant gift basket

Fruit and Poinsettia Basket

Early in the holiday season choose a few Poinsettias as vibrant messengers of the oncoming holidays. Get creative in their placement and let their unequaled brilliance stir feelings of goodwill and cheer. As the holiday season moves merrily along the red flowers of your poinsettias will keep the party going, raising spirits and adding a festive touch.

Don’t fear that the poinsettia may be harmful to your animals or children. It’s not! It’s definitely not a poisonous plant. University researchers have tested it, and the The American Medical Association has confirmed it. It’s a bit of an urban myth, really!

poinsettia christmas season arrangement

Christmas Planter Basket Medium with Red Poinsettia

To get as much joy as possible out of your poinsettia, please use the following tips for its care. First of all protect it from the cold! So have it wrapped well when you buy it in cold weather. Place it in a cool, sunny location away from drafts. Water whenever the soil feels dry, but never let the pot sit in water. Always pour off excess water from its saucer.

Make yourself a promise this holiday season: Welcome poinsettias into your home and ring the bell joyfully loud: Christmas is here! Christmas is here!

Everyone should have a Poinsettia for the Christmas season

Still, to this day, the word poinsettia has to be one of the top mispronounced words of the English language. It is one of the oldest Christmas traditions – that everyone should have a poinsettia for the Christmas season. The perfect hostess gift, for a neighbour, great for the in-laws or to fill up that annoying space in your living room you just can’t quite seem to find anything to suit it! Whatever the reasoning or intention is for your poinsettia, the one tradition that won’t fail to impress. The crimson red poinsettia are the most popular, hands down! The beautiful red leaves- ya, I said leaves. The flower of the poinsettia is actually the little yellow buds in the centre of the leaves. Along with the red poinsettia there are other colours as well- pinks, whites, jingle bells ( a red poinsettia with white flecks) and our favourite, the one we like to call Ketchup Chips, Why? Because that’s exactly what it looks like. It’s a white poinsettia that looks like it has been dusted with red powder. Simply Delicious!

Red Poinsettia

Red Poinsettia

The poinsettia is also an excellent business gift sent by many companies every year. We deliver their Seasons Greetings message to places all over North America and even some to Europe.

Deliver poinsettia gifts early in December so the recipients can enjoy leading up to the big day complementing other home or office decorations and of course the traditional Christmas tree.

We see hundreds of poinsettias come through the shop every year and we still ooh & ahh at the magnificent colours.

The trick to keeping your poinsettia happy and healthy throughout the season- or till Easter, like my mother, because “Why throw out a perfectly healthy plant?”- is to ignore it. That’s right you overwatering divas! Let your poinsettia get dry. Pick up your poinsettia, if it’s light, give it a drink. If not leave it for a couple days and try it again. For watering count 1,2,3,4,5- approximately half a cup of water every third or fourth day, depending on it’s location and the temperature of your house. That’s right people- ignorance is bliss- if you’re a poinsettia, that is! And it’s ok if a couple leaves fall off. Just clean them up and enjoy Mother Natures festive wonder.

I hope this information I’ve provided you helps you out this holiday season. Whether you are gift giving, showing thanks or simply need to get on your in-laws good side. Pick up a poinsettia today and spread some holiday cheer!

All the best for a happy, healthy holiday season from Brant Florist!

What Color Are Your Christmas Flowers?

‘Tis the season to deck the halls! What colors have you chosen to make your home holiday ready? For some, it’s the traditional hues of red and green that makes Christmas feel right. Others will seek a more modern vibe through unconventional colors. Love pink? Embrace it and pair hot pink with silver or gold or both! It’s your Christmas and you need to feel good about the colors that surround you during the holidays.  And that goes for your Christmas flowers too.

Fresh flowers make us feel good and they look beautiful, so go ahead and add them in as part of your holiday displays. Christmas flowers come in all kinds of colors and forms from festive table top centerpieces, to fanciful Christmas arrangements to elegant bouquets! With floral designs ranging from traditional to modern, simply choose your style and colors and let an expert florist help you effortlessly incorporate Christmas flowers into your holiday decorating.

Snowy Night Bouquet by Teleflora

Snowy Night Bouquet by Teleflora

If red and green is your thing, nothing says Happy Holidays like red poinsettias! Place a table runner on the dinning table, side board or counter and group three red poinsettias together for huge impact.  The showy poinsettia blooms along with their large green leaves and sturdy stems add a great dose of red and green into your home. Want red to be the predominant color? Use long stemmed red roses in a tall vase for a classic yet elegant look. If you love red and white together, consider the Snowy Night Bouquet by Teleflora with red and white roses in a cube vase. Simple and stylish floral designs are soothing to come home to during the hustle and bustle of the season.

Christmas Garland

Christmas Garland

Love green? Use lots of greenery on the mantle paired with gold or silver ornaments in shiny or matte. Ask your florist for pale green flowers or if you dare, try some spunky lime ones. If blue is your go to color year round, (everything from jewel toned peacock blue to baby blue to sky blue), use it for your holiday displays too. You can mix blue with white, silver or gold or both metallics. White flowers can be incorporated into the blue theme by placing them in a blue vase or wrapping a clear glass vase with coordinating blue ribbon.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant Lavender or White

Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant Lavender or White

Pink adds a pop of color to your holiday displays and a grouping of pink orchids next to a snowy white bowl of silver and gold metallic ornaments can look current and fresh. However, if all this talk of color is too much of a commitment for you, try classic winter white hued flowers.  White will always look just right in your home.

Just remember that there are no rules about the colors to use when decorating for Christmas. Just follow your heart and decorate with whatever colors lift your spirits. For a cohesive and consistent look, simply carry your color theme throughout your decorating and onto the tree. Don’t forget, a florist can help bring clarity to your holiday color vision with fabulous Christmas flowers.