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One of the best reasons to send flowers is no reason at all

It’s a wonderful feeling to give or receive flowers from Brant Florist in Burlington, but possibly never more so than when there’s no special occasion to celebrate.

Are you in the habit of sending flowers only on a birthday or Mother’s Day? Flowers are always appreciated, especially when they’re completely unexpected.

Loving Thoughts Vase by FTD - BF2027

Loving Thoughts Vase by FTD – BF2027

Send flowers not because of a specific date on the calendar, like Mothers Day, but simply because you can! Not only will it make your loved one’s day, but you’ll feel great doing so. There are 365 days in a year, and the recipient of your gift will love flowers on any one of those 365 days.

A home or office space is immediately brightened with a bouquet of colourful flowers, and it’s a constant reminder that someone cared enough to send them — just because.

If you want to send Mother’s day flowers that are especially long-lasting, an elegant orchid plant is a perfect choice.

Butterfly Sunrise in Mug - BF4027

Butterfly Sunrise in Mug – BF4027

If you’re in search of fragrant flowers, stargazer lilies smell beautiful and look stunning.

The experts at Brant Florist can create a gorgeous gift with premium seasonal flowers. Ask for the Confetti Floral Gift to take advantage of the season’s most beautiful blooms. You can even add chocolates or a stuffed animal to your floral gift.

Family owned and operated, Brant Florist is a designated FTD Master Florist and has been serving customers for more than 50 years with the freshest and most beautiful flowers. They offer same-day delivery locally and throughout North America, and next-day international delivery.

To place an order, call 905-639-7001 or 877-545-5535. You can also order online at www.brantflorist.com

Mother’s Day – Not Just For Your Mom!

We’re reminding you nice and early so there’s no way you can forget, Mother’s Day is on May 8th!

It only comes once a year, although once may not be often enough to show your mother figure in your life your appreciation for all that she does.

Mother’s Day is not just a day to celebrate your mother either! It is a day to show appreciation and respect for all of the incredible mothers in your life. Be sure to check the list twice before you leave anyone out:Brant Florist | Orchid |Mother's Day

  • Wife or Partner
  • Grandmothers
  • Mother in-law
  • Mothers-to-be
  • First Time Mothers
  • Sisters
  • Friends
  • Stepmoms


No need to be stumped for a perfect gesture; Mother’s Day falls at the perfect time for fresh spring flowers so Mom can have a beautiful and aromatic bouquet delivered right to her door to make
her day even more special.

Purple, yellow and pink flowers are very popular colours for the springtime, and they are a wonderful reflection of Mom’s hard work and lovely spirit.

Brant Florist | Mothers Day | Flowers

Show her you love and appreciate all that she does with one of our Mother’s Day arrangements or plants. Don’t forget to write her the perfect card to accompany her beautiful addition to her home!

View more of our Mother’s Day arrangements and bouquets perfect for whichever Mom you’re celebrating this year.

We recommend that you order your Mother’s Day flowers two to three weeks before the date to ensure the best quality flowers and guarantee prompt delivery for Sunday May 8th.


Mother’s Day

Well, in the floral industry this time of year is what we call “go time”! This is one of the busiest times of year for us. Everyone out there has or knows a special woman or women in their life that deserves to be celebrated on Mother’s Day.

Teleflora's Roses And Butterflies Bouquet

Teleflora’s Roses And Butterflies Bouquet

One thing we recommend doing is to make sure that you place your order with the florist early. This will help ensure that your order will get completed and delivered in time. If you wait till the last minute flower shops will run out of product and your Mother will not be very happy with you if you have to send her a pizza instead. Trust me, she will prefer flowers.

Another tip to make sure Mom gets her floral arrangement is to have them delivered early. Mother’s Day is on Sunday May 10th. We always suggest that you have your arrangement delivered during the week of Mother’s Day. Mom is busy! She has a lot on her plate. The few extra days gives the flower shop and mom a “delivery cushion”. If you wait till Saturday or Sunday for delivery and she is not home because…MOMS ARE BUSY… then she won’t receive them and she will think you forgot and now you are in deep trouble! Deep Trouble! So plan to get them delivered a few days early which will give Mom the whole weekend to relax, enjoy her flowers and do whatever she pleases. For once 🙂

Teleflora's Simply Adored Bouquet

Teleflora’s Simply Adored Bouquet

Also, if you are not sure what Mom likes or wants, leave it up to the professionals! We love to use our creativity! There is always something new coming in to the shop, whether it is flowers, plants, vases, balloons or treats. Let us work our magic and knock Mom’s socks off with a beautiful bouquet or arrangement!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day all started in 1905 when a woman named Anna Jarvis’ mother had passed away. Because her Mother was such an amazing woman she made it her mission with petitions and campaigns to honour all mother’s on their own special day. The first Mother’s Day was celebrated in 1910 in Anna’s hometown state of West Virginia. It didn’t take long for the other states to follow suit. In 1914 Woodrow Wilson (the American President at the time) made it official that the second Sunday in May was to honour our mothers and became Mother’s Day.

BF4027 Field of Butterflies

BF4027 Field of Butterflies

The majority of countries around the world do celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May however there is a handful that celebrate on other days of the year, such as in March. Mother’s Day flowers are most popular.

Most importantly is that we do celebrate Mom! And not just Moms! Don’t forget about Grandmas, Aunts, Wives, Sisters and anyone else you can think of that had an impact on your life, raising you, taking care of you, pinching your cheeks and planting a kiss on you- embarrassing you in front of everyone. Those are the ladies that deserve our attention and our appreciation.

Here is the perfect- around the world- Mother’s Day for all you Mothers out there.
1. In Belgium they start the morning off with delivering croissants and pastries to mom in bed. Yes, Please.
2. In Indonesia they give all the mothers the day off of all domestic chores- Yahoo!
3. In Malta you can expect to be taken out to a fancy restaurant for lunch.
4. Then in Mexico it was tradition to have mothers go into a store and pick out a gift for themselves. Hello Tiffany’s!
5. Finally, in pretty much every country out there, the most popular, is the gift of flowers given to all mothers.

Have a great Mother’s Day!