When Should You Choose Unscented Flowers?

Along with the delicate nature and visual beauty, the floral scent of flowers is one reason why we are in this “sweet” business. However, we absolutely appreciate arrangements of non-fragrant flowers every once in awhile. There are several reasons why you also might be looking for flowers without a strong smell. The recipient might suffer …

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The Lovely Lily

There are all different kinds of lilies in the world with a variety of shapes and colours. The one thing that all lilies have in common is the stamen. When the flower blooms these are the powdery brown/rust coloured little bits that will make a mess and even stain your fingers and linens so always …

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Scent With Love

There is a great misconception when it comes to lilies. All lilies do not have a scent!!! The smaller lilies with lots of different colours are Asiatic Lilies. They do not have a scent. Only the larger lilies are scented-The Casa Blanca, Oriental/Stargazer varieties. Casa Blanca Lily is a large white lily with petals that …

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