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Specialty December Holidays!

Whether they are considered unique or just silly, they should be celebrated just the same as any holiday!

Here’s your “Special December Holidays” —

  • 1st – Basketball Day – Go Raptors Go!!
  • 2nd – National Mutt Day – Dogs who are just as unique as these “holidays”
  • 5th – Bartender Appreciation Day/International Ninja Day – Great Combo!
  • 7th – National Cotton Candy Day – Check out our website for Teleflora’s Cotton Candy Arrangement – BF6374

    Season's Greetings Ornament Bouquet - BF2081

    Season’s Greetings Ornament Bouquet – BF2081

  • 8th – Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day – It is Back to the Future Year
  • 10th – Dewey Decimal System Day – You under 30’s are wondering what this is…..We will never tell!!
  • 12th – Gingerbread House Day – Spend some quality time with the kids and get creative
  • 12th – Poinsettia Day – We have Top Premium Quality Poinsettias Available dressed up for the holidays!

    Red Poinsettia - BF6080

    Red Poinsettia – BF6080

  • 16th – National Chocolate covered anything day – OOOHHH this could get interesting!!!
  • 18th – National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day – Make grandma proud and where that sweater she knit u with pride!!
  • 20th – National Sangria Day – Oh we all need a little sangria this time of year!
  • 21st – Short girl Appreciation Day – This one is intended to be celebrated for all us vertically challenged women out there!
  • 24th – Egg Nog Day – Spiced rum, cinnamon stick…Mmmmmmm
  • 25th Xmas – Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noel!
  • 26th – Candy Cane Day – Our Candied Christmas Bouquet BF2038 is a perfect addition for the festivities

    Candy Cane Christmas - BF6053

    Candy Cane Christmas – BF6053

  • 28th & 29th – National Chocolate Day – So big it needs 2 days!
poinsettia Christmas plant gift basket

Poinsettias – The Belle of the Christmas Ball

poinsettia red Christmas plant

Order your Poinsettias here!

Trimming your home with vibrant colours of red and green stirs up the brightest and best feelings of Christmas, of the holiday season, of rituals and of traditions passed through the generations. And when it comes to holiday red, what could make more of a statement of grace than the unequaled beauty of a poinsettia?

Want to make a bold holiday impression? Arrange multiple poinsettias together to create a burst of bright Christmas reds and greens. Showcase your poinsettias as a focal point on a table or in a window – at home or at the office. Wherever a poinsettia is, an unbridled and joyful message is sent: Christmas is coming!

poinsettia Christmas plant gift basket

Fruit and Poinsettia Basket

Early in the holiday season choose a few Poinsettias as vibrant messengers of the oncoming holidays. Get creative in their placement and let their unequaled brilliance stir feelings of goodwill and cheer. As the holiday season moves merrily along the red flowers of your poinsettias will keep the party going, raising spirits and adding a festive touch.

Don’t fear that the poinsettia may be harmful to your animals or children. It’s not! It’s definitely not a poisonous plant. University researchers have tested it, and the The American Medical Association has confirmed it. It’s a bit of an urban myth, really!

poinsettia christmas season arrangement

Christmas Planter Basket Medium with Red Poinsettia

To get as much joy as possible out of your poinsettia, please use the following tips for its care. First of all protect it from the cold! So have it wrapped well when you buy it in cold weather. Place it in a cool, sunny location away from drafts. Water whenever the soil feels dry, but never let the pot sit in water. Always pour off excess water from its saucer.

Make yourself a promise this holiday season: Welcome poinsettias into your home and ring the bell joyfully loud: Christmas is here! Christmas is here!

Novembers Unique Holidays

It’s that time again! Time to celebrate all of Novembers holidays…even the unusual ones!

1st – All Saints Day– is the day we celebrate all the saints of the church.

4th – National Candy Day– Send your sweetie a candy basket specially made by the professionals at Brant Florist

5th – National Men make dinner Day– NO BBQ ALLOWED

7th – Book Lovers Day and Sadie Hawkins Day– I love books and I love the “celebration” of women going after what/who they want 🙂
Women can send their secret message with flowers, plants, balloons or a gift basket.

10th – Sesame Street Day– Does anybody know how to get there yet?

11th – Remembrance Day– Remembering today all that died in the line of duty Poppies in Flanders Field

13th – World Kindness Day- This should really be every day! Great way would be to send flowers.

16th – Have a Party with your Teddy Bear Day– If you are all alone…

18th – Married to a Scorpio Support Day– This is hilarious!!!!

20th – National Peanut Butter Fudge Day– Yummy!

21st – National Adoption Day– Great Day to celebrate! Share the love!

25th – Tie One on Day– It’s cold, grey… Why not?

26th – American Thanksgiving– Football, Turkey Dinner…what more do you need?

27th – Black Friday– On your mark… get your credit cards ready…and SHOP!

30th – Stay Home Because Your Well Day– I won’t tell 😉

November is pretty grey…why not brighten it up with a bouquet!

Made fresh everyday!

Brighten Your Day Flowers in Vase - BF4189

Brighten Your Day Flowers in Vase – BF4189

October Special Holidays

October is one of the most popular months. Whether it’s for the beautiful leaves changing colour, Thanksgiving, Halloween or the best sports month of the year, it is definitely a fan favourite!

Thanksgiving Contemporary

Contemporary Thanksgiving table

Halloween House

Halloween House

Here are all the other special holidays that you may not be aware of:

2nd – World Smile– Teleflora happens to make the perfect container for such an occasion. Send a Smile Face mug to someone who deserves it.
5th – World Teacher Day & Do Something Nice Day– Why not do something nice and send your favourite Teacher some flowers J
12th – Happy Thanksgiving! It’s Turkey Day (in Canada, eh!) Why not show how much you appreciate your turkey cooker and bring them a beautiful centrepiece for their table. They already have enough to worry about.

Bounty Of Beauty Centerpiece Teleflora - BF4012

Bounty Of Beauty Centerpiece Teleflora – BF4012

16th – Bosses Day– Show your boss how much you appreciate them with a little arrangement for their desk

Autumn Ablaze Centerpiece Teleflora - BF4009

Autumn Ablaze Centerpiece Teleflora – BF4009

17th – Sweetest Day– This day is to celebrate the person who you think is as sweet as pie. This holiday has been celebrated since 1922 with the giving of sweets, flowers and gifts.
22nd – National Nut Day– Tell someone you are “nuts” about them with our Nutty Gourmet Basket.
24th – National Bologna Day! No comment needed just Awesomeness!
25th – Mother-In-Law Day– Send your Mom-in-law a beautiful bouquet to say thank you for giving life to your mate and how much she is loved! Brownie Points for sure 😉
28th – Plush Animal Lover’s Day– Everyone needs a plush to hug!
30th – Mischief Night– Now all of you trouble makers out there- BEHAVE YOURSELVES! Safe pranks and tricks only.
31st – Halloween– Have a Spook-tacular Day/Evening!!!

We all know life is busy but be sure to stop and look around at all the beauty Mother Nature has to offer.