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Get Well Soon Gifts & Flowers!

So, you need to send flowers to the hospital. This can be a little tricky sometimes. The more information you have, the better. Room numbers, any alternate first or last names and if you are sending flowers for maternity the mother is often listed under her maiden name. What we usually recommend sending is:

Brighten Your Day Flowers in Vase - BF4189

Brighten Your Day Flowers in Vase – BF4189

  • A smaller floral arrangement as opposed to a larger one as there is very limited space in a hospital room. One that can sit on the window ledge or not take up too much room on a side table
  • Longer lasting, hearty flowers (carnations, mums, alstromeria, orchids)- hospitals can be a little warm which will not fare well for delicate/more sensitive flowers (roses, hydrangea, iris)
  • Flowers with little or no scent. Good flowers to stay away from are lilies, freesia & mimosa as they may cause allergic reactions
Be Happy Smile Mug by Teleflora - BF6392

Be Happy Smile Mug by Teleflora – BF6392

If you are thinking about sending a gift to the home there are a few options:

  • Floral arrangement in a vase that holds lots of water
  • Fruit and gourmet basket- so they have something to nibble on
  • Balloons are always a cheerful choice

Whatever you do decide to send know that it will cheer the ailing & put a smile on their face which will help in the healing process!

The Healing Power of Plants

It’s no secret – plants have healing properties and have been used by the medicine men, shamans and other natural healers for thousans of years. Moder medicine often tries to replicate the amazing power of nature.

Consider these natural remedies next time you get sick:

Photo of Sage plant


Good for anything involving mouth and throat, from sore throat to bad breath.

White Zuta
This plant is best for healing lungs. But it also helps wtih fever, headache and congestion.

Putting Geranium in a hot bath cleans, protects, and heals exterior skin problems.

Red Clover
Best plant for cleaning kidneys, it also helps your cardiovascular system by increasing blood flow.

Photo of Milk Thistle plant

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle
Has protective effects on the liver and greatly improves its function.

Heals the respiratory system and is great for preventing and beating colds and the flu.

Lime Blossom
Helps put children to sleep, it’s a natural calming effect and greatly lowers stress.

Most of these plants can be usually bough in your local health food store or center.