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It’s the Sweetest Day! – Saturday Oct. 19th

Here is a day that gives you an opportunity to recognize someone who is “sweet”. Whether it’s through a kind thoughtful word, deed or small gift, remind them that they’re appreciated and not forgotten.

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
~Mark Twain

Legend has it that Sweetest Day was established around 1922 by Herbert Birch Kingston, a Cleveland, Ohio, candy company employee who wanted to bring happiness to the lives of those who often were forgotten. Him and others gave out candy and small gifts to orphans, sick people and others to let them know that someone cared.

A little recognition goes a long way.

These days the Sweetest Day is usually celebrated with loved ones and friends by giving them candy, flowers and small gifts. However, you are encouraged to follow the intent of the original holiday and find ways to recognize those in need.

Here are few popular ways to commemorate the Sweetest Day.

– Send them candy and a bouquet of fresh flowers
– Write them a note
– Treat them to a nice meal
– Help them tackle their to do list
– Show some affection
– Tell them something that will warm their heart

What are you planning to do for your “sweety” this year?

Mothering Sunday Flowers: Sunday, March 10th

Mother's Day Teacup and Saucer Arrangement

In the UK and Ireland, Mothering Sunday is always on the fourth Sunday of Lent- Sunday, March 10th in 2013. And while Mothering Sunday is sometimes referred to as Mother’s Day, it is not celebrated on the same day as the North American Mother’s Day occasion, which falls in May..

Historically, the UK’s Mothering Sunday was the day when children who had left home to work as domestic servants or apprentices were given the day off to visit their mothers and family. While churchgoers in England would usually worship at their neighborhood parish or ‘daughter’ church, during Lent, parishioners would attend the ‘mother’ or main church of the area. It was this tradition of families reuniting at the ‘mother’ church that came to be known as Mothering Sunday. As working children walked along laneways to reach the main church, they would pick flowers to give to their mums once reunited.

Today, flowers are still a beloved way to express sentiments of admiration and appreciation for mums on Mothering Sunday. Professional florists are busy fulfilling orders for beautiful Mother’s Day flower baskets, arrangements and hand-tied flowers. Along with flowers, some families select chocolates or even wine to be delivered with the flower order to treat Mum to an “extra special” gift. Mother’s Day flower options range from lovely spring mixed flower bouquets to roses, daisies and tulips. Remember to choose flower colors based on Mum’s preferences.

No matter that Mum lives thousands of miles away, look to a professional local florist affiliated with a network of worldwide florists making ordering flowers for UK or ordering flowers for Ireland Mothering Sunday flowers delivery easy and worry-free!

Give Flowers and Make an Impression!

Six, Nine or Twelve Sun Flowers Gift Wrapped

Six, Nine or Twelve sunflowers gift wrapped with greens and bow.

My daughter loves being outdoors. While I’m making dinner she will often sneak into her Daddy’s home office and skilfully convince my husband to take her to the park or for a ‘short’ walk around the block. He’ll usually stops whatever he is doing to oblige her. Sometimes I get a little annoyed that dinner has to wait for them long enough to get cold but I know that these little impromptu outdoor adventures fill them both with so much joy. What’s also sweet is that upon their return, my daughter always bursts into to the house with a happy grin and an announcement that she has a gift for me.

Hand Tied Gift Wrap With Roses No Vase

Euro Style Bouquet With Roses.

With great excitement she demands that I close my eyes and then she shoves a handful of dandelions, hand picked flowers or leaves under my nose. Of course even though it happens time and time again, I’m always blown away by her thoughtfulness and I give her an enormous hug and kiss.

I feel good receiving my daughter’s sweet gift of flowers and I of course think that we’ve got the sweetest kid on the block. As it turns out, I’m not gloating. There is actual research to support the notion that flower givers make the best impression!!

FTD Precious Heart

The Precious Heart Bouquet by FTD is a blushing display of loving kindness.

A Rutgers University study sought out to determine how people perceive others based on the types of gifts they give. Guess what? Flower-givers rose to the top! The research revealed that the floral gift-giver is regarded as caring, trustworthy, loving, successful and valuing achievement and beauty in life. Flower- givers were also considered to be more likeable, friendly and emotionally intelligent.

We all know that receiving flowers makes us feel happy. And when I see the look of my daughter’s face, I also know that she feels pretty darn awesome giving me her flower gift! We adults could learn a little something from my daughter as well as from the files of scientific research…next time you need a gift for a special someone to celebrate an occasion or for no occasion at all, give fresh flowers. Research proves that flower-givers make a great impression! In fact, giving flowers makes everyone feel great!