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Pining for Christmas

Having a pine scented candle just isn’t the same as having real winter greens in your home to provide you with the nostalgic scents of the holidays. With the majority of families that have artificial trees and use artificial sprays they are sadly missing out on one of the best features of having that real pine aroma wafting throughout their home.

Christmas Bright - BF1135

Christmas Bright – BF1135

All it takes is a fresh arrangement made with a mixture of pine and cedar & your choice of flowers and colours, made by one of our highly talented designers, to bring that holiday cheer and fragrance we all love. Whether it is a table centrepiece or an arrangement to sit on your side table it is sure to bring the beauty & aroma that will light up the faces of all your guests.

There are so many different styles, containers, shapes and sizes to choose from. From traditional to contemporary, whatever your décor, we can create something that is suitable with the winter greens to complete the final touches of your design. If you have a special container or vase (even last year’s container) that you would like to use as a centrepiece-bring it in and our creative team will work with you to create a beautiful arrangement.

Christmas Delight - BF1137

Christmas Delight – BF1137

Add some fragrant pine and cedar to your holiday décor this year and bring some festive aromatherapy to all your holiday parties!

Christmas Flowers and Plants – Inspiring Us From Past to Present

Many traditional Christmas flowers and plants originated in pagan celebrations that long preceded our modern Christmas:
Photo of Christmas Flowers, Plants and Gifts

  • Some claim that the use of candles to decorate trees can be traced to the Roman celebrations of Saturnalia. Decorating with evergreen trees and boughs was later believed to evoke thoughts of spring, good cheer and hope.
  • The use of mistletoe dates back to the Celtic Druids who saw the plant as a symbol of peace and joy: Enemies who met under mistletoe in a forest would lay down their arms and embrace, a custom that has led to our modern habit of kissing under the mistletoe.
  • In the Middle Ages, the “masculine” holly, its green branches accented by bright red berries, and the “feminine” ivy, were used together to ward off evil spirits and to symbolize eternal life.

More modern traditions have brought us the poinsettia. Once seen as a sign of purity by the ancient Aztecs in Mexico, it is now the most popular of the Christmas flowers. A Mexican legend describes the evolution of poinsettias from Aztec symbols to Christmas flowers: A poor boy who had no money for a gift to offer Christ on Christmas Eve picked some weeds by the roadside and when he got to the church, they blossomed into the beautiful red of the poinsettia flower, causing many to claim they had witnessed a Christmas miracle.

So, if you feel inspired and wish to deck out your home or office this Christmas season, it has never been easier! Just visit Brant Florist‘s online store, view and select from our exquisite variety of Christmas Day floral decorations and easily place your online order for a prompt worldwide delivery.