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Christmas Wreath’s Decorating Charm

Classic Holiday Wreath

Classic Holiday Wreath (fresh & hand-made)

Nothing heralds the celebration of Christmas like a fresh, hand-made wreath hanging on doors or in rooms for all to see and enjoy. Their qualities are unlike any other decoration. Unfortunately for some, a fresh wreath’s charm is hard to come buy – and they settle for something sitting on a shelf – or worse, a plastic imitation!

You shouldn’t have to compromise on the festive quality of your home this Christmas, which is why Brant Florist doesn’t compromise when hand-crafting your holiday decorations.

Made with real and fresh materials like the fir from a living tree, you and your family can look forward to elegant merriment as soon as you order one of our many wreaths online. Decorated with pine cones, flowers, ribbons and other festive items, the fresh Christmas wreath can also be used as a table top centerpiece.

In a season of gathering and joy, only wreaths hand-made with over 50 years of floral experience can satisfy the discerning shopping needs of a holiday maker like yourself – never compromise with mass-produced products, especially when a wreath’s purpose is to express the holiday cheer of your home.

Constructed to suit all tastes and budgets, a wreath’s message also makes for a wonderful Christmas gifts to friends, family and neighbours. Order your Christmas wreath online and send the perfect message of good tidings to someone you care about.

Selecting a Festive Colour Palette – Christmas Decorating

Holiday Wishes Bouquet by FTD

Holiday Wishes Bouquet by FTD

When decorating for Christmas, people are often inspired by Christmas flowers. Since many design professionals recommend that you choose a colour scheme before starting your holiday decorating, you can look to Christmas flowers, an important part seasonal décor, when selecting a festive colour palette. Start with your flowers and then carry the theme to other design elements.

  • Red and green – These are the standard colours of Christmas flowers and plants and, therefore, of Christmas decorating. The two colours contrast beautifully, as the continuing popularity of holly and poinsettias demonstrates. Green is also the colour of the fir and cedar boughs that are used in many homes. To add red to your evergreen sprigs, consider ribbon, bows, candles and even cranberries!
  • Red and white – Every child loves a candy cane, that enduring red and white symbol of Christmas. With all of the choices in Christmas flowers, it is easy to create floral arrangements using these two colours. Poinsettias are available in red and white. Or, go beyond traditional Christmas flowers: think carnations and chrysanthemums in striking shades of red and white, or white lilies or freesia accented by ribbon or candles. And paperwhites make a lovely and fragrant addition to holiday décor.
  • Monochromatic – Pick one colour and use various shades for decorating. Christmas flowers and plants come in so many colours that they can be easily incorporated into a monochromatic colour scheme. Try a palette of greens, from sage to spruce, or a dramatic winter white motif.
Ornament Bouquet by Teleflora

Ornament Bouquet by Teleflora

Accent your Christmas flowers in a way that suits your décor. Add metallic elements for a modern look – gold offers a stunning complement to red or winter white, and silver offers a beautiful accompaniment to green. Use natural materials for traditional decorating – arrange pine cones and evergreen sprigs on a tray or plate, or create nosegays of twigs, leaves or flowers. With your colour palette, your imagination and a few Christmas flowers, the possibilities for festive decorations are limitless!

With Brant Florist‘s online delivery of a bouquet or flower basket gift, decorating for Christmas day has never been easier!