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Summer Wedding Flower Trends for 2016

Wedding Centrepieces, wedding bouquets, wedding arrangements | Brant FloristWith springtime in full bloom, it is a happy reminder that wedding season is right around the corner. If you’re planning a summer wedding, you were likely eager for spring to arrive so you can choose the perfect flowers to compliment your colour scheme of your wedding.

Here are this year’s hottest wedding flower trends to help you choose your colours and/or flowers for your summer 2016 wedding.


Wedding Flowers | Brant Florist | Pastel Wedding Bouquet | Summer Wedding

Contact us for a specially designed pastel bouquet for your summer wedding!

Pastels are this seasons colour trend; pastel shades, “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity” were chosen by Pantone for the colour of the year for 2016. Whatever colour it is that you’re choosing for your wedding, finding flowers in a pastel shade of that colour will give an elegant and classic touch to your wedding.

Pastel shades of any colour go well with white (to go perfectly with that white wedding dress), light grey or any light shade of neutral to compliment your pastel colour. Consider these neutral shades for your vases or ribbons for your wedding flowers.

Simple and ClassySimple Classy White Roses Wedding Trend 2016 | Brant Florist | Wedding Flowers

Nothing says “classy wedding” like a simple flower arrangement with clean neutrals to compliment your classic white dress.

Think white on white with clear, white or silver vases for a simple and classy flower arrangement. White roses are the perfect option for this simple and stylish trend.

Fresh Cut and Wild

Wild Arrangement Wedding Trend 2016 | Brant Florist Wedding Flowers

Create a fresh and rustic look with your wedding centrepieces by add vines, sprigs, herbs and different sized and coloured blossoms for a more rustic look to your centrepieces and bouquets. This is a perfect option for an outdoor wedding.

Have fun with designing your own arrangement with all of your preferred colours and other “wild” elements to add to your centrepieces!


VarietyWedding Flower | Centrepiece |2016 Wedding Trends | Brant Florist Wedding Flowers

Mix it up at your wedding by making each wedding centrepiece different. Not all the tables, or your bridesmaid’s bouquets, need to look the same! This element of variety is very trendy this year. You can either stick with a similar colour and a different variety of flower type, or choose all different colours of flowers and use all of your favourite colours that you just couldn’t choose from this year.

Boutonnieres and corsages

Match your boutonnieres for your groomsmen to your bridesmaids’ flower bouquets or corsages.

If you’re going with the variSummer Wedding Trend Bridesmaids Flowers | Brant Florist Wedding Flowersety trend, make sure the flower in the groomsman’s boutonniere is the same colour flower as the bouquet of the bridesmaid’s that he is walking down the aisle! This keeps the variety as a fresh element and keeps a unified consistency to your wedding party.


Fresh and Local

A guaranteed trend this year is that of local and seasonal. By choosing wedding flowers that are in season where you are holding your wedding, you’re ensuring not only the freshest cut flowers, but also that they are from a local florist.

There is no better choice than supporting local businesses and displaying flower arrangements that were prepared only days before your big day.

Our website is organized and categorized by season and occasion for so many more ideas on summer wedding flower trends for 2016!

If you’re still deciding the trend of wedding flowers you’ll be going with this summer, give us a call at 877-545-5535 and our team of designers will be more than happy to assist you with choosing the perfect arrangements for your summer wedding.

Wedding Bouquets

Pinterest can come in handy when trying to get your ideas across to your florist however, keep in mind, there are no prices on Pinterest. 🙂

The trend right now for bridal bouquets is large flowers- peonies, garden roses, even the dreaded-but beautiful-hydrangea. I’m going to give you the low down on these flowers so you are prepared when meeting with your florist.

Martha's Vineyard Bouquet - BF6209

Martha’s Vineyard Bouquet – BF6209

Beautiful local Peonies are only available May-June when they are in season. Imports are available outside of the local season but the same size and quality may not be there although still expensive.

Almost everyone is familiar with the rose and how it looks when it blooms. Its petals start wound up tight, and as the rose starts to bloom, with their unfolding or unravelling of petals, they turn into the classic beauty we all know and love. The garden rose looks very different when it opens up. It looks very similar to a peony with the outside petals opening up wide and the centre displaying all of its glorious petals. They are stunning but with their splendour comes a hefty price and also difficulty in getting them in stock. They are not widely available. Luckily nowadays with Mother Nature’s minions (a.k.a-the rose growers) they have come up with some outstanding standard roses that open up beautifully.

Passionate Embrace Bouquet - BF6211

Passionate Embrace Bouquet – BF6211

As for the hydrangea they are a whole other story. I have spoken about hydrangeas in one of my past blogs in great detail but this is why having them in your wedding bouquet is possibly a gamble. Hydrangeas need water… all the time. Your bouquet will be out of water for most of the day which means they will start to droop and if you have used the hydrangea to support any of the other flowers in your bouquet; they will in fact droop as well. It might hold up for the ceremony but by the time you take pictures or if you are planning to display your bouquet at the reception it will start to look like that one wedding guest slouched over in the chair from over indulging at the bar! There is a 50% chance that they will hold up….but I wouldn’t count on it on one of the most important days of your life.

Hope these tips help! There are so many floral options for wedding bouquets. Keep an open mind and put some trust in the florist! They are professionals who can work with you and your budget and might have a few tricks up their sleeve for you.

Happy Wedding!

Get a Nice Impact for Your Special Day with Beautiful Blooms

No matter, whether it is your wedding or a grand event, beautiful flower arrangements play a crucial role in making the whole event, a memorable one for you and your special guests. To make your special occasion a memorable one, you need to be very particular about the type of flowers you choose and their arrangement. For this, you can also gather some impressive ideas pertaining to style, type of blooms and flower designs online or can even approach professional florist.
Women in wedding holding flowers
When spring is in bloom, the couples who are planning to get married in this season have many choices in flowers. At the time of selecting seasonal blooms for your bouquet and other floral arrangements, you need to keep in mind your requirement and budget. Flowers which bloom in spring season mainly include lilacs, daffodils, hyacinths, cherry blossoms, peonies, etc.
Woman holding a bridal bouquet
Where to buy spring blooms for your wedding reception?
There are several online stores which stock a beautiful array of lovely blooms, flower bouquets and baskets. You can browse such websites to get a fair idea about their collection. Further, you can find numerous discount coupons and voucher codes offered by several websites like Dealslands UK. Buyers can take benefit of these coupons to get huge savings on their online purchase of flowers.
Two women with bridal flowers
To save money on your wedding blooms, you can consider buying from reputed wholesale online stores. If in case, you are thinking to buy wedding reception blooms from these stores, then you should be ready to negotiate a deal with them.

The best thing about wedding flower arrangements is that it offers a person an opportunity to add a personal and customized touch to their reception site. Therefore, you should set the right tone and theme for your wedding reception venue by considering unique and lovely floral arrangements during the planning and decoration stage.
Couple kissing and a Bridal bouquet
Creative Floral Arrangements: It is no thumb rule that wedding reception blooms should be composed of only blooms. Several professional floral designers usually have colorful accents for flower arrangements. For instance; an artificial fruit coated with decorative ornaments which co-ordinates well with your colour palette.
Young women with flowers
Real Flowers or Artificial Flowers: It would be nice if you choose to opt for real flowers for decorating your wedding reception venue. If you are conscious about your budget then you can opt for artificial blooms. To make sure that decoration work is carried out in a nice way, you can take the help of a professional florist who can carry out the job in the most creative way.
Bride smelling flowers
Here are some wedding reception flower ideas which will help you to plan a nice and impressive wedding reception venue decoration:

  • Bridal bouquet — For bridal bouquet, you can either go for variety or uniformity in the flower bouquet. However, the right choice of bouquet depends on your preference and budget. It would be best if the bridal bouquet is small and handy as it would be easy to carry around for the bride.
  • Better photography — For better wedding photography, you can opt for pastel coloured blooms as it will help you to set against a darker backdrop. Exotic blooms are considered a must for the wedding day as anything lighter would just blend in and simply appear lifeless.

Thus, one cannot ignore the significance of beautiful flowers in enhancing the overall look of your wedding reception venue.

Brant Florist Wedding Flowers now On-line!

Photo of Calla Lily Promise Nosegay Bouquet

Calla Lily Promise Nosegay Bouquet

At Brant Florist, we’re ringing our bells as we introduce our entire wedding flowers selection on-line! For 51 years brides and grooms have come to us for beautiful wedding flower designs, personal attention to detail and peace of mind wedding day service. Now, with our wedding flowers selection on-line, you can browse, get inspired and even purchase wedding flowers from the comfort of your own home!

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Photo of Flower Girl's Dream Basket

Flower Girl's Dream Basket

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Photo of Delicacy Centerpiece

Delicacy Centerpiece







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