Card Message Etiquette

Sometimes less is more, as the saying goes.

The usual cards that we attach to your floral order are a little bigger than a business card. In saying this, although it is very sweet to profess your undying love for your sweetheart, it’s best to stick to the important points of what you would like to get across.

Large Greeting Card
Large Greeting Card

Even more so can be sympathy messages when words fail you. Short and simple is best. A Thinking of You card is almost always appropriate.

Many times we receive card messages that are more similar to what we like to call a “novel” rather than a “message”. This can be very difficult to fit all those words on a small card and sometimes the printing would be so small you would need a magnifying glass in order to read it.

Most standard cards today are typed by the flower order software. Much neater and easier to read.

There is the option to purchase a large full size card if your message is a longer and we will hand write your message for you. You may even prefer a large hand written card. Also, what some people have done is email/fax or drop a card/message off which we can include with the delivery. These options are subject to availability.

Whatever way you decide to get your message across, short & sweet is always best!