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Winter Garden and Yard Preparation

Preparing Your Garden and Yard For The Winter

Winter is just around the corner and will be here before we know it. And there’s a lot to think about during the fall months about how to prepare your yard and gardens for the changing season.

You’ll need to start preparing your garden and yard for the winer. There’s lots to consider when it comes to the types of plants you have and whether or not they can handle the cooler temperatures. 

Clear Leaves From Pathways and Pavement

Clearing away leaves and other debris is important to do before the frost. Without clearing it away the surface can become slippery and unsafe. It’s even worthwhile to get out that pressure washer and give all the surfaces a deep clean. 

Prune Those Perennials and Clip Lawn Edges

Maintaining boarders by cutting back herbaceous perennials and those that are close to the ground. Plus it’s now time to remove annuals. Clip lawn edges as well and clear stems from perennials. However don’t cut back deciduous grass, they can remain until February. 

Shrubs and Trees 

Now it’s time to prune street and shrubs by removing any dead branches and clearing them away from pathways. Doing a general tidying up of your front and backyard before the winter is so important for both safety and the health of your plants. 

Prepare Garden Structures 

Any sheds that need maintenance or fences should be attended to before the snow and frost. Making sure any rotting wood is replaces and repaired. As well as making sure there aren’t pets hiding out.

Protecting Your Plants 

There are some plants that need extra care and attention and some that just aren’t cut out to survive the winter months. You may need to bring in some potted plants so they can ride out the winter inside your warm home. And some trees and shrubs might need to be wrapped in horticultural fleece. Usually this is done around the trunk of trees. 

Ponds and Water Features 

In the fall we close our pools and we don’t have to really worry to much about them again. But it’s a different story when you have a pond or water feature. These aren’t closed and some ponds even have fish in them. 

To prevent ponds from clogging up with leaves try using netting to catch leaves and debris. And also keep an eye on the fish to make sure they’re ok during the winter. If you’re in a very cold climate and have harsher winters.

Fall and Winter Flower Collection

Just as the seasons change we also change up our flower collections at Brant Florist. When it comes to flowers we love when they reflect each season. You can order flowers online at anytime and you can check out our wide selection of flower arrangements or design your own