Flower Garden Ideas

I remember someone once said to me, ‘a house no matter how small becomes lovely if it has a flower garden.’

On the other hand, a house regardless of how big — if it is without flora — seems bare and dry. That’s so true! Plants and flowers add character independent of the size of the home, they somehow unleash a calming sense to whomever looks on.

If you have a flower garden and you want to make it more lovely then you can draw inspiration from the web. There’s plenty of ideas online.

Of course, nothing helps your planning like some hands-on experience … so when you’re out next time, pay close attention to what other folks have. If you like the look of something, make a mental note.

TIP I don’t recommend taking photos with your smart phone – UNLESS you’ve asked the owners permission. I know I’d be unhappy if someone was leaning over my garden wall taking pictures of my front yard!

The real trick with flower gardens is to start your garden with just enough plants to get going, and over time add more until you have a stunning array of colour and beauty.

Of course … if you’re a little impatient and don’t want to wait for the garden to grow, might I suggest a nice big bright bouquet for your table while you wait 🙂

Until next time,

Ken Bolt