In Canada, we have greenhouses that supply the need for retailers. But have you ever wanted to know what country is the largest producer? Or how the Canadian greenhouse industry works? 

The Floral Industry 

The floral industry is one of the largest industry in the world. Providing jobs and resources for many communities. Floriculture began in the late 19th century in the United Kingdom. Flowers were grown on a large scale on vast estates. And today the floral industry is a dynamic, global and fast-growing industry.

The Netherlands remains the centre of the production for the European floral market. As well as a major international supplier to other countries. The flower market in Aalsmeer is the largest in the world. For example, Dutch growers produced over 8 billion blooms is 1995. 

Greenhouses in Canada 

In Canada we have a very large community of greenhouse growers. The organization that many belong to is called, Flower Canada Growers. They have a directory of greenhouses that are dotted all across the country. Making it easy for florist to buy their flowers.

Flowers bring us all a sense of joy and love and they make us feel special. They can change the atmosphere of our homes, whether thats on the outside in a garden or inside. It’s truly amazing how flowers can change our lives. 

Send Some Flowers! 

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