Taking Care of an Orchid can be a Little Tricky

There is always a fascination with the orchid plant. With so many different varieties their beauty and elegance is so diverse. All different shapes, sizes and even scents! Yes, scents. There is even one that smells like chocolate. Perfect substitution for the waist line!

Regal Orchids
Regal Orchids

Mother Nature really put in a lot of time and focus when creating the orchid. Their delicate petals and markings differ from one variety to the other and look as if the best artists in the world got together and hand painted each one.

Taking care of an orchid can be a little tricky. There is a fair share of you out there that are orchid whisperers and have no problem getting them to bloom and flourish in all their exotic glory. The rest of us however have had our struggles… to say the least.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant Lavender or White
Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant Lavender or White

With all the feedback and research we’ve received, this is what we recommend. When it comes to watering your orchid, there are 2 methods.

  1. A quarter cup of water once a week.
  2. Place 2 ice cubes-that’s right, you are not seeing things. 2 ice cubes on top of the roots/soil and just let them melt into the plant.

Also, the best way to remember to take care of your plants is to pick a day of the week to water. This way you know when Friday comes around you know it’s time to water. And you might as well do it around cocktail hour since you’re getting the ice cubes out anyway.

One last thing, when the all the blooms fall off of your orchid plant cut the stems off about 6 inches up from the leaves and KEEP WATERING THE PLANT. The blooms can come back with light, fertilizer and some TLC. As long as your leaves are green you are still in the game!

Enjoy & Good Luck!