How to tell if your soil is too acidic

Hydrangeas are natural pH indicator - Blooms are bloom in acidic soil, and pink in alkaline soil.

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and today I thought I’d share a cool fact about the Hydrangea – it’s smart. If your garden soil is too acidic the Hydrangea flowers are vibrant blue, and if the soil is too alkali then the blooms are a vibrant pink!

If you have a hydrangea in your garden take a moment and look out the window – in an instant you’ll know if your soil is more acidic or more alkali.

By the way, you can change the colour of your flowers by adding aluminum sulphate or lime. Add aluminum sulphate to make your flowers blue, and and lime to make them pink!

Here’s a website about changing the colour of your hydrangeas.

Apart from changing colours, can you think of any other smart flower features?

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Ken Bolt