Flower Arrangements

Summer Daydream Bouquet
Summer Daydream Bouquet

Today I wanted to teach you how to arrange your own flowers!

I think there’s nothing more beautiful than flowers in bloom arranged artfully in a delicate, crystal vase. And today I’m going to teach you some tricks to achieving the kinds of flower arrangements often featured on TV or in magazines.

Firstly, “THERE ARE NO RULES!” … but there are steps you can take in order to create your own beautiful flower arrangements you can be proud of.

Tip #1: Use Your Instincts

There’s an artist in every one of us. Some are just dormant and sleeping, waiting for you to come wake it up. What better time than now? And the great thing about flower arrangements is that it takes so little from you to make them look beautiful. After all, flowers are things of beauty on their own.

Instead, trust your instincts. Let your eyes be your guide. Just pay attention and you will instantly know which flower arrangements are more pleasing to the eyes.

Tip #2: Cluster Small Flowers in Groups

It’s far from the rule of thumb, but you can never go wrong if you do this. Have you noticed how small flowers tend to disappear when placed in large flower arrangements? With all these large and more assertive blooms around them, the small flowers get overwhelmed. Moreover, they are also harder to grab and re-position.

By grouping smaller flowers together, it would be easier for you handle them and give your flower arrangements a more distinctive impression. You can do this by putting them close to each other or bundling them together with the use of a ribbon, rubber bands, floral wire, or floral tape.

Tip #3: On Single Blooms

Sunny Siesta
Sunny Siesta

Another common arrangement that people often resort to is a lone rose in a bud vase. While single bloom types of flower arrangements are always elegant, experiment with this method and add your own style. You can, for instance, make several single bloom flower arrangements positioned in several parts of the house – from small blooms inside wine glasses or tea cups to large blooms in bowls. That way, the lone rose in a bud vase can look even more distinctive in a room full of different flower arrangements.

Tip #4: Use the Right Container

If you must follow one rule, this is it: use containers that match the type of flower arrangements. The good news is that most flower arrangements are unique. So match them up with unique containers as well.

You do not have to arrange your flowers in a typical vase. If you feel your blooms look prettier in a different container, then do so. You can even use bottles, smaller vases, tea cups, wine glasses – the works. And the overall effect would be a refreshing look to your flower arrangements.

See … you can do it 🙂

Until next time,

Ken Bolt

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