Sunflowers for Fall

When we think of fall we often think of the sunflower. This flower is a tall annual perennial with some species growing to a height of 120 inches or more. They all have a wide flower head with bright yellow ray petals and yellow to maroon disc on the inside.

Bright and Cheery 

This bright a cheery flower blooms in mid summer and lasts right into the fall. Making it a great fall flower for any room or garden. Sunflowers are know to attracted many different types of insects, especially bees and monarch butterflies. This beautiful flower comes in 70 different species ranging from very tall to dwarfed.

Since there are so many we can’t talk about each one so we just chose 4, the American Giant Sunflower, Copper Queen Sunflower, Junior Sunflower and the Solar Power Sunflower.

American Giant Sunflower

The very classic looking sunflower since it reaches a height of 16 feet tall. This flower is supported by a strong and sturdy stalk and has large leaves that are topped with 10 inch golden yellow flowers. 

Copper Queen Sunflower 

The Halianthus or better known as the Copper Queen Sunflower grows 6-8 feet tall and has beautiful golden yellow petals with a hint of copper. This flower looks stunning in any garden and as all sunflower do, it does best in well well-drained soils. 

Junior Sunflower 

The smallest on our list today, the Junior Sunflower is just that, junior. Reaching a height of only 4 inches this plant is pollen free. Don’t let it’s height fool you, this is a flower with a long flowering period. 

Solar Power Sunflower 

Hilanthus annuus or as we call it the Solar Power Sunflower. This flower has a uniform height of 6-8 inches and flowers in about 60-75 days. This is a mighty plant and does well in rain and wind, petals that go from a deep maroon and have orange tips. 

What Flowers Will You Order?

Here at Brant Florist we have so many flowers and flower arrangements to choose from. Whether thats sunflowers or other flowers that you love. There’s something for everyone!