The Hydrangea

The Stunning Hydrangea 

You’ve seen this beautiful plant, the Hydrangea, everywhere. In gardens and in flower arrangements and we are sure you love them just as much as we do. The season for this plant is coming to a close but that doesn’t mean we can’t admire it and start planning for spring. But where is this plant even from? 

Where Is The Hydrangea From?

The Hydrangea plant is native to southern and eastern Asia and the most common colour it comes in is white, but it does come in many more. Hydrangeas are a popular ornamental plant and grown for their large flower heads. They are considered “show stoppers,” by many and with good reason. They are beautiful and have a wonderful fragrance. When is the best time to plant this gorgeous plant?

Best Time To Plant 

The Hydrangea is considered a perennial and it’s flowering begins in spring and will often last throughout the summer and fall. At Brant Florist we categorize it as a season plant. With that being said, the best time to plant them would be spring. You can find a lot of tips about planting Hydrangeas online and all of them are very helpful. It’s good to know what you’re doing so that you can have the best results. And then knowing how to care for your Hydrangea is very important.  

How To Care For The Hydrangea

They tend to do best soil containing a lot of organic material and require good drainage. This is a plant that doesn’t do well if it’s waterlogged. So if you plan on watering it, gardeners say to wait 3 days and then water your plant. You also want to avoid putting it in direct sunlight. Hydrangeas tend to do best in the morning sun, partial shade is ideal. It’s also a good idea to prune your plant, the head of the flower tends to get very heavy and they can topple over. So what colour is your favourite? If you want to plan on planting it you might want to think about what colour you would like. And they come in some very beautiful colours. 

Beautiful Colours

  1. White 
  2. Blue
  3. Pink 
  4. Light Purple
  5. Dark Purple 

The colour often depends on the type of Hydrangea you’ve chosen, there are quite a few to choose from. 

Different Types Of Hydrangeas 

There are 7 different types and all of them are stunning, bringing style to any room they are in. Here are the different types you can have in your home or garden. 

  1. French Hydrangea – The traditional 
  2. Mophead – Large round blooms 
  3. Lacecap – Large flower surrounded smaller buds
  4. Endless Summer – Big head, can withstand winter 
  5. Peegee – Technically the Grandflora cultivar 
  6. Blue Hydrangea – Are only blue due to the soil, you might purchase a blue Hydrangea and then the following year it could be another colour. 
  7. Pink Hydrangea – They range from hot pink to almost blushing pink. 

We have a lot of flowers to choose from at Brant Florist. And even if they are out of season right now you can still order from a large variety of plants and flowers.

Brant Florist Has Lots Of Flowers 

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit about this stunning plant and maybe you have some ideas for your spring garden. For now you can order from a wide selection of flowers on our website. Or you can come by and visit us, we would love to see you. We’re located in the heart of downtown Burlington Ontario.