Is it Ostara or Easter?

Here at Brant Florist, it gets busy around the store this time of year. Why? Well it’s getting close to Ostara … better known as Easter.

No matter how you recognize this time – be it through religious attendance
and ceremony or through gifts of chocolate eggs, flowers and fluffy toys …
it’s special.

As a florist, it’s the beginning of a burst of colour and brightness we’ve
not seen for many months. For me, Easter flowers are a simple reminder that
things are starting anew.

And of course with Spring officially started on March 20th (in the Northern
Hemisphere), what could be better than that for timing!

Speaking of timing, we’re running some Ostara … uh … Easter specials

For the first time ever (because we recently upgraded our website) you can
now save more with our new range discount module.

If you’d like to see the specials available for Easter, click this link:

Either way you decide: Ostara or Easter, it’s a wonderful time and with the
snow melting, the days growing longer and the warm winds blowing from the
south, I’m looking forward to breaking out the shorts!

We’re nothing if not enthusiastic in Canada – eh?

Until next time,

Ken Bolt