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Pros & Cons Of 7 Top-Most Wedding Flowers

Have you seen any wedding occasion without flowers? Of course not, because wedding without flowers is not possible. I mean, it looks totally apathetic. And at peak season flowers rate are too much high. Thus, bride and groom both start focusing on wedding flowers since the day the wedding date is fixed. However, flower selection can take too much time, effort and money. Thus, to make a budget and sticking to it, is necessary.

There are so many articles on favourite flowers but very few consider topic like pros and cos of wedding flowers. This article is a small way to let you know about flowers usefulness as well as their drawbacks from which you can figure out which one is the best for you and order from Vouchershops – an easy way to get fresh flowers with multiple discounts and offers. Saturate yourself by knowing your favourite flowers pros and cons.  

  1. Calla Lilies:  Generally, these flowers are known for their elegance and different colors like yellow, white and orange. Calla lilies are the best for weddings because their trumpet like appearance looks as if they are heralding the whole union. They can be used alone to create enchanting bridal party bouquets or centerpieces but they also work well while arranging with other flowers.

Pros : you won’t require any other flower to make a calla lily bouquet stand out as this can be the perfect stand alone flower.

Cons : these flowers are completely unforgiving if handled wrongly.

  1. Daisies: Daisies are always an excellent choice because they add simplicity to the bouquet and are available in multiple colors. They simply represent innocence and purity. They can be used for centerpieces as well as bouquets.

Pros : daisies are affordable and versatile. Plus, they can be used for both formal and informal events.

Cons : they work well with wires from inside the stem but don’t hold up well when wire wrapped.

  1. Hyacinths: These flowers are small in size and fragrant flowers. They are available in several colors such as purple, blue, white, yellow and pink. Their scent can be used to calm the nerves. Their small flowers can also be used to create flower tiaras and short stems can be used to make them perfect for low arrangements. They can be used as a cake flower or centerpiece too. Moreover, they can make a great hand tied bouquets.

Pros : they work well with all spring blooms such as hydrangeas.

Cons : they are spring flowers so to find them off-season may be budget breaking and difficult.

  1. Lily of the valley: These flowers live in the heart of flower lovers due to their natural perfume and delicate appearance. However, they are rarely used as a stand alone flower.

Pros : the addition of these small flowers to a bouquet creates a huge impact with their woody appeal and fresh fragrance.

Cons : flimsy stems can make them awkward to work with.

  1. Orchid: This is a tropical flower which brings an exotic yet elegant look to your bouquets. They are available in numerous range of colours and with so many varieties to select from. Orchids can be mixed with soft flowers like lilies and roses which can add interest to a bouquet or flower arrangements.

Pros : orchids add sophistication and elegance to any flower arrangement.

Cons : these flower category is temperamental, so they follow the temperature and handle instructions when making your own orchid arrangements is awe-inspiring.

At last, wedding is a big day in any bride or groom’s life and no one wants to ruin their special day by choosing unattractive flower combination. The best option is, to consult the best local florist and ask him to help you. Happy Wedding !

5 New Flowers You Shouldn’t Miss This Season

Peonies, garden roses, and dahlias get a lot of time in the spotlight and while we adore those popular blooms just as much as the next girl, some of the lesser-known wedding flowers are definitely worth talking about.

Peonies, marigolds, garden roses, zinnias and dahlias got a lot of spotlight in the garden, now it’s a perfect time to talk about few new flowers that are worth talking about. No matter whether you are amateur or a specialist to growing flowers, you can easily grow these beautiful flowers and explore its beauty. They are –

  • Ptilotus : I know it’s pretty tough to call out the name, but don’t worry you can ask for the flower with it’s another known name and i.e. lamb’s tail. The beautiful feathery flowers will surely remind you of celosia flowers, and it’s quite obvious as they are members of Amaranthaceae family. This flower is a tender perennial in zones 9-11, however almost all gardeners grow it from seed. The silvery foliage is evidence to the drought tolerance of this xeriscape favorite, so it’s a request that overwaters your plants. Just like other plants that grow in desserts, the lamb’s tail even require sun and loose soil.
  • Nemophila : Another name in the list of is Nemophila. There are various varieties of like “Baby Blue Eyes”, “Total Eclipse”, “Five Spot” and many more. The Baby Blue Eyes variety is the showiest that carries the masses of blue early summer blossoms with white centers. However, don’t forget the trendy black flowers known as Total Eclipse. Then next comes Five Spot which is another essential and cute quirky nemiphila favorite – it is a white flower with purple splotch.
    The three well-known varieties discussed create excellent ground covers particularly in areas with moist soil.
  • Viscaria : In the event when you cut these elegant attractive flowers for the vase you will easily identify why this 12-inch plant is named as catchfly as the sap is quite sticky. The actual blue essence of this five-petaled annual can’t be beaten, but the pink, white, red, and lavender types are lovely as well. But what when the temperatures rise? Will the fade? No the hardy annual won’t fade. You can plant the flower in full sun and water at the time when the soil dries out.
  • Clarkia : The clarkia flowers are even known by the name ‘mountain garland’ or ‘farewell-to-spring’. These most beautiful native wild cup-shaped flowers have petals that are reminiscent of crepe paper. It proves the garland name as they look lovely when the flower spikes are easy to fashion into crowns. Plus they start to bloom in the late spring, so they are named as ‘farewell-to-spring’. The flours are usually seen in the combination of these colors – red, magenta, hot pink and lavender. Vivid, intense, and undeniably beautiful, these wildflowers are one of the showiest in the meadows!
  • Rhodochiton : Vertical flowers are the unique flowers every Gardner would love to see in his garden and the purple bell is one such flower. Not just like the annual vines, that outgrow trellis before summer, purple bell vine has pretty slow growing, and it can be pruned to keep up a tidy shape. They usually take more than a month to grow from a seed. Hence, the ideal option is to go with transplants if you live in cold climate. You can site the bell with little sunny spot and keep it moist throughout the growth.

Such amazing flowers, right? I know you loved them as much as I adored them. Use these beautiful flowers at various places, it can be wedding too.

12 Most Lovely Flowers And Their Medicinal Uses

Flowers are a wonderful gift of nature. They are found in diverse colors, sizes, appearances and fragrances. One can easily get to know what sort of flower it is just with its good heady scent and alluring looks. A lot of people even love smelling flowers. Not only this, these flowers are brought into use to honor someone on any special occasion and play an extremely nice role in making a person glad. Be it an herbal flower or a Tulsi or a Neem one, each flower plays a different role at its end. A bouquet of flowers is enough to bring a smile on a person’s face. Today in this Digital age, many online flower shop have emerged who not only provide excellent service, but also help you choose the right flower for a right occasion.

12 Most Lovely Flowers and their uses in Medicin

Angelica Herb: This intriguingly effective medicinal herb originates from the very same Angelica flower. It has widely incomparable medicinal used like curing cough and common cold, digestive troubles and is consumed by children and adults as a reinforcementstimulant. It has a very influential fragrance. It is commonly found in use for garnish purpose in cake decoration. It is a flower substantially fortified by nature with fragrance and medicinal properties.

Angelica Herb

Blood Root: The Blood root flower has a direct relationship to the respiratory system of our body. It is milky white in color and is chronically treating skin related issues along with warts and rashes successfully in humans. To get the best results it is recommended to amalgamate other harmless compounds in Blood root and a resultant paste is to be applied on the affected area. When blood cleansing is a problem, Blood Root is the solution.

Blood Root

Butterfly Weed: Another advantageous flower in the list that eases the respiratory issues in a human body is the rich and fragrant Butterfly weed. You could find this flower in instinctive Indian Cookeries. The flower also exhibits pain relieving properties along with cleaning internal wounds. Their amazingly effective antiseptic property helps reduce swelling and also heals external wounds thoroughly.

Butterfly Weed

California Poppy: A miraculous herbal flower that fights Insomnia and anxiety related issues in humans is no other than California poppy. A survey has confirmed zero percentage of opium in the plant and has declared it naturally herbal. The herb is strongly recommended to patients suffering from elongated depression and untreated fatigue. For small children bearing bladder problems, this medicinal herb is mind-blowing effects.

California Poppy

Carnation: The end result what you get after separating the base of the flower is the Carnation petals. Carnation petals are suitably considered best in the making of steaming hot tea with heartwarming advantages to treat patients with stress and agitation problems. It’s far reaching healing property and the swelling reduction operation doesn’t talk but roars.


Corn Flower: Corn flowers are blue colored flowers, one of the best in its class for providing relief to various medical patients. Used as a laxative supplement, Corn flower is safe to consume in its organic state. Researchers have told that a paste made up of Corn flower tenders irritating eyes and helps vanishing acne in ensuring patients. Some people even use Corn flower as a mouth cleanser.

Corn Flowers

Jasmine: Jasmine is one of those flowers that embrace a unique smell which is outlandish as well as refreshing. This widely loved flower has fans across the borders that not only make their tea delicious with Jasmine, but also benefit from the flower in various digestive and ulcer related issues. It is highly recommended to sip the resultant tea before going to bed to get triumphant results in anxiety and Insomnia.


Honeysuckle: A honeysuckle flower mends sore throats and it is biologically safe to consume it in its raw state. A gargle twice a day could gradually lessen your throat problems. Inflammation and skin related issues could be taken care of by applying a paste of Honeysuckle, rich with herbal qualities. Include it in your lifestyle and observe positive changes encircling your life.


Lotus: The Lotus is a flower whose versatile benefits are widespread across nations. Be it east or west, its miraculously healing property has never gone in vain. Cholera, Fever and Diarrhea are some diseases where involving a lotus flower could definitely give you intended results. Its very presence adds to the felicity of the surrounding atmosphere. Lotus is considered a divine flower whose myriad narrations have been brought down from the ages.


Plum Flowers: Plum flowers have been chronically managed to be in the good books of Chinese medicines to remove parasites and ulcers from a human body. Some even add that the Plum flowers help exhibit notable change in a person’s digestive health habits.

Plum Flowers

Rose: Rose, one of the best essences in the world is abundant in Vitamin C. Ever since its knowledge, the human race has persistently consumed its petals. The petals are believed to stimulate blood circulation in the body and also to reduce depression episodes. A rose tea could work as a mild laxative, refining the dull facial skin. Also rosewater is applied on the face for beautifying and cleansing purposes. You can gift this healthy bouquet of flowers online to your dear one one any occasion.


Sunflower: Last but not the least Sunflower is one of the loveliest and sweetest sounding flowers with medicinal usages. Women’s menstrual spasms are meritoriously treated by the sunflower. Even ulcers are treated in the most convenient way possible. Practice gargling twice a day and your throat dryness will disappear in days. Even sunflower seeds are impeccable when it comes to contributing medicinal uses.


Order flowers for a dear one and watch him go cheerful upon its reception. Every flower has its own significance. So to conclude, the above mentioned 12 flowers are excessively loved one for their scent as well as medicinal properties. Try to include their usage in your life schedule and benefit from their coherent organic advantages and go flabbergasted witnessing a radical change in your health and lifestyle.

9 Ravishing Flowers Make Your Garden More Attractive

If a garden does not get properly arranged with the right flowers, then the beauty of the garden gets lost. This is the reason that the garden owners need to offer special focus on the choice of the flowers making their gardens different from the others and stand out from the lot. Presently, with the online flower delivery this has become quite easier as well.

1) Roses: Perhaps the best-known scene rose, ‘Thump Out’ bears masses of cherry-red blossoms over dull red foliage. It’s an ailment safe and blossoms throughout the entire season. With little Mischief don’t give its name a chance to swindle you, little mischief is an impeccable occupant for any sunny patio nursery. It produces masses of red blooms (that blur to hot pink as they age) throughout the entire season. Also, this assortment isn’t troubled one piece by sickness. Staggeringly illness safe and simple to develop, this extraordinary rose produces huge amounts of red blooms throughout the entire season. The blossoms are splendidly formed and its mounding propensity makes it a perfect ground spread for sunny spots.

2) Lavender: And on the off chance that you have a couple of lavender shrubberies developing in a helpful spot, you can even wrap your naturally washed tea towels and tablecloths over them, so they get a crisp, botanical aroma as they air in the sun. It’s something or other that individuals did years prior in house gardens.

Lavenders are anything but difficult to develop, however it’s the old story – they require developing the right conditions. Being locals of the Mediterranean district, they like very much depleted soil that is not very rich, and a warm, shielded, sunny spot that is not very drafty.

3) Fuchsia: The fuchsia blossom is a lovely, extraordinary bloom with striking two-tone hues. The fuchsia blossom is very strange with respect to its shape and the way that they are truly fragile. These wonderful blossoms are incredible pretty much anyplace in your greenhouse. Be that as it may, you will discover fuchsia developing best in hanging wicker bin on the yard. Continue perusing to learn administer to fuchsia plants.

4) Tulips: Tulips are probably the most well known spring blooms ever, and the third most mainstream blossoms worldwide next just to the Rose and Chrysanthemum. Tulips arrive in an unfathomable assortment of hues, tallness, and blossom shapes. A few Tulips are even fragrant. The word Tulip is thought to be a debasement of the Turkish word “tulbend” for turban.

5) Lilies: Lilies will bring excellence, shading and scent to your greenhouse for a long time; they just oblige you to plant them in the opportune place and accommodate their basic needs. Pick a very much depleted area within any event a large portion of a day of daylight. On the off chance that it’s excessively shady, the stems will extend and incline towards the sun; trumpet lilies are the most shade touchy. Lilies cherish full sun, the length of the globules are sufficiently profound to keep cool when temperatures take off. They additionally appreciate a mulch.

6) Jasmine: The Jasmine plant is a wellspring of fascinating aroma in hotter atmospheres. It is an essential aroma noted in fragrances and has home grown properties. The plants might be vines or hedges and some are evergreen. Most jasmine plants are found in tropical to sub-tropical atmospheres, in spite of the fact that a couple might flourish in calm zones.

7) Geraniums: Geraniums make famous sheet material plants in the greenery enclosure, but at the same time they’re ordinarily become inside or outside in hanging wicker container. Developing geranium plants is simply the length of you can give them what they require. Contingent upon where or how you develop geranium plants, their necessities will be to some degree diverse. Inside, geraniums require heaps of light to bloom yet will endure direct light conditions.

8) Hydrangea: While most hydrangeas do best in shade, assortments of Hydrangea paniculata incline toward sunny spots. Most determinations have extensive groups of white blooms in summer. The conspicuous sprouts blur to shades of pink or red before drying to beige. At numerous regions, they dry right on the plant in fall and stay looking great through a large portion of the winter. With the flower delivery UK options you can present these flowers to your loved ones as well.

9) Sunflowers: Sunflowers are maybe one of the most effortless blooms that you can develop in the greenery enclosure. They are so natural to develop that they are oftentimes used to acquaint exceptionally youthful plant specialists with the delights of cultivating. Numerous nursery workers affectionately planted the highly contrasting seeds of monster sunflowers and watching in amazement as they developed to tower into the sky.

In any case, since sunflowers are anything but difficult to develop does not imply that they ought to be rejected from the adult patio nursery. The assortment of sunflowers accessible to the home planter is completely astounding and, to sweeten the deal even further, sunflowers can draw in some nearby feathered creatures to your greenery enclosure.