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Summer Cottage Flowers

Interior Cottage Flower Inspiration

Every season has us looking forward to the unique flowers and plants that it brings. This mid-summer heat wave, has us longing for a cottage to relax and cool off at. This week, we are looking at lake house and cottage interiors and their use of flowers. (Of course, we’re using Pinterest for our inspiration).


Carnations_any_colour_Brant_FloristCarnations come in virtually every colour and are an inexpensive way to add colour to a more neutral room.

Our Inspiration:


These flowers can add elegance to any room, while accenting and complimenting the rustic nature of a cottage or lake house. The perfect addition to any room.

White Lilies


White lilies are the perfect summer flower with their light floral scent and classy white and green arrangement.

Our Inspiration:

Even with an all-white room, white lilies are right at home, complimenting the rustic browns in the floor and walls.


White_Orchid_Brant_FloristOrchids are simple and beautiful. They also come in many different colours, and you can add them to any room in the cottage.

Our inspiration:


Whether it’s the bathroom, bedroom, living room or sunroom, there’s no place that orchids can’t go. And they’re small enough to fit in tight places!

If you’re heading to a cottage or lake house this weekend, don’t go empty handed! Whether for your own summer home or for your host, you cannot go wrong with fresh flowers to compliment that feeling of being at the cottage.

If you’re not going to make it to a cottage this summer, bring the cottage to your home! You can view these flower inspiration ideas and so many more on our Pinterest page and on our summer flowers page.

Order online, email us or give us a call at 905-639-7001 to pick up fresh cottage-inspired flowers this summer.

Summer Flowers | Brant Florist

Brant Florist shares their secrets on how they get fresh flowers into your flower arrangements

By looking at an arrangement of fresh flowers, you might not think about all that those flowers went through and all of the people that were involved to get them to your door. Each and every flower has a story, as do the people who care for them. This is why we are giving Brant Florist customers and readers a special sneak peek behind the scenes to get fresh flowers from all over the world into your unique flower arrangement.

Early-morning flower deliveries 

Brant Florist receives their first shipment of the day each weekday bright and early about 6:45am. The team is always at the shop to receive the trucks to ensure that the flowers are cared for immediately.

The Willow Creek Floral truck delivers the fresh flowers first thing in the morning every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Brant Florist shop

The Willow Creek Floral truck delivers the fresh flowers first thing in the morning every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Brant Florist shop

We work only with the best flower suppliers


Tim Bolt helping to unload the Willow Creek truck

Over the years, Brant Florist has worked with various partners locally and internationally. We have now created long-standing relationships with the best growers, greenhouses, importers and wholesalers in the world.

This includes Willow Creek Floral, owned by Robert VanNoort,  servicing flower shops from Niagara and throughout the GTA. Robert grows both fresh flowers and plants in his Niagara area greenhouses.  Crops include different varieties of lilies, alstromeria and other seasonal flowers.

Caring for the flowers

Once Robert VanNoort delivers the order, Tim Bolt, co-owner of Brant Florist, unpacks, cuts and places the orders in water. The Bolt family are on hand to ensure that this is done quickly after the flowers have arrived to
maintain their freshness and lengthen the life in your bouquet.


Removing the leaves from the stems helps to improve the vase life of flowers because leaves will foul the water. It also reduces the natural ethylene gas given off which causes flowers to age quicker.


There are some flowers, such as lilies, that can take up to one week just to open up. We don’t want these types of flowers to show up for someone’s wedding or event unopened. To avoid this we like to be prepared.









Tim explains that the flowers will open for about two to three days in the shop store front on display, and then will be moved to the refrigerators to help slow down the opening process. This is what florists refer to as stasis mode.

“Since we are managing perishable products, careful planning and attention needs to be paid to ensure the best quality of freshness for the deliveries of bouquets for our customers”, says Tim.

Designing beautiful bouquets

Once the shipment of flowers has been trimmed and placed in either the fridge to slow down the aging process, or out front to quicken it up, the designers come into the shop to check out the delivery of fresh flowers they get to work with.

Florist Deisgners

Brant florist floral designers creating beautiful flower arrangements!

The designers set out to create the arrangements for the orders that come in for the day, again, being very careful to use flowers within their “sweet spot” so that the recipient can enjoy their flower arrangement for as long as possible.


One of our one of a kind crafted flower bouquets ready for delivery!

Once the designers have arranged the flowers into a beautiful bouquet, they are ready to be delivered. The number of deliveries per day vary depending on the time of year. On average, Brant Florist does about 30 to 50 flower deliveries per day.

Only quality service

The Brant Florist Team works extra hard to time the deliveries perfectly so they arrive right when you need them. “We take pride in our customer service efforts,” explains Ken Bolt, who has managed the family business for over 50 years and has now proudly passed on to his two sons.

Give us a call at 905-639-7001 or send an email to to place an order for your very own fresh flowers!

Use Fresh Flowers to Celebrate a Brand New Baby

If you or someone you know is expecting a brand new baby into this world, you may be feeling overwhelmed. If you are looking for a gift for new parents, consider fresh flowers to welcome home the new bundle of joy. There is nothing like fresh flowers to celebrate life’s important moments.

flower themed baby shower ideasDecorating for a Baby Shower

Baby showers are all about new beginnings, and the welcoming to new life. Fresh flowers are the perfect way to celebrate in all that is new and joyful!

If you’re hosting a baby shower for an expecting Mom this year, you’re probably scouring Pinterest for baby shower inspiration. Search no more – we’ve put together a flower-centric baby shower Pinterest board for you to throw the perfect flower-themed baby shower. A theme that’s simple, elegant, and sure to win over any Mom-to-be at her shower.

Whether the mom-to-be knows the gender of their baby or not, you can pick the perfect colour scheme with seasonal fresh flowers. Select from our range of blues, pinks, or gender neutral selections, Or turn to the our other elegant flowers in yellows, oranges, greens and white.

Gender neutral baby shower flowers | Brant Florist

Whichever colour you choose as your main theme, these flowers will act as a great accent in the centrepieces, in decorating the food or dessert table and for a beautiful backdrop with which to take pictures.

Useful tip: don’t forget to place a small, fresh bouquet matching your colour scheme on the counter of the bathrooms your guests will be using!

It's a girl baby shower flowers | Brant Florist For a “It’s A Girl” themed shower, try soft pink roses, white lilies, alstroemeria and mums for an elegant pink touch around the room.

For “It’s A Boy” themed shower, have a look at adding lavender roses, blue iris and lavender daisies in a blue glass vase.Flowers for a new baby boy in a boat | Brant Florist

When hosting a baby shower, it’s in good taste to send the guest of honour home with a gift. Have a flower arrangement made up ahead of time that will perfectly match your colour and theme and send it home with Mom-to-be as a keepsake and reminder of the shower. Include a card with a personal message so she can remember the beautiful baby shower you had for her. 
Sending a Gift to the New Parents

It's a boy baby shower flowers | Brant FloristOnce the new bundle of joy is home, sending a flower arrangement to the house is the perfect way to say “Congratulations” to the parents, and “Welcome to the World” to the baby! You can add a sentiment card to let them know you’re thinking of them… It’s a classy gesture that never goes out of style!

Don’t forget the helium balloon with a welcome message for the new baby, whether it’s a girl or a boy!

Order online, call us at 877-545-5535 or send us an email to place an order to properly welcome home the new baby in your life!