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Novembers Unique Holidays

It’s that time again! Time to celebrate all of Novembers holidays…even the unusual ones!

1st – All Saints Day– is the day we celebrate all the saints of the church.

4th – National Candy Day– Send your sweetie a candy basket specially made by the professionals at Brant Florist

5th – National Men make dinner Day– NO BBQ ALLOWED

7th – Book Lovers Day and Sadie Hawkins Day– I love books and I love the “celebration” of women going after what/who they want 🙂
Women can send their secret message with flowers, plants, balloons or a gift basket.

10th – Sesame Street Day– Does anybody know how to get there yet?

11th – Remembrance Day– Remembering today all that died in the line of duty Poppies in Flanders Field

13th – World Kindness Day- This should really be every day! Great way would be to send flowers.

16th – Have a Party with your Teddy Bear Day– If you are all alone…

18th – Married to a Scorpio Support Day– This is hilarious!!!!

20th – National Peanut Butter Fudge Day– Yummy!

21st – National Adoption Day– Great Day to celebrate! Share the love!

25th – Tie One on Day– It’s cold, grey… Why not?

26th – American Thanksgiving– Football, Turkey Dinner…what more do you need?

27th – Black Friday– On your mark… get your credit cards ready…and SHOP!

30th – Stay Home Because Your Well Day– I won’t tell 😉

November is pretty grey…why not brighten it up with a bouquet!

Made fresh everyday!

Brighten Your Day Flowers in Vase - BF4189

Brighten Your Day Flowers in Vase – BF4189

The Bromeliad Plant

There are over 3000 species of the Bromeliad Plant, from the pineapple plant to succulent plants and even Spanish Moss.

Bromeliad Plant in Wicker - 2067

Bromeliad Plant in Wicker – 2067

The Bromeliad is mostly found in South America with the most varieties found in Brazil. Because of its ability to flourish in dry to desert like climates, to the rainforest and even in mountainous regions, they grow from South America all the way to northern Virginia.

The Bromeliad only flowers once. But don’t despair…. Once your plant has grown all its leaves and is finished flowering it will start producing “babies”- called plantlets, offsets or pups. The Mother plant will survive a couple generations then she will die off. The little plant babies grow out at the base of the plant and will feed off the Mother until it has grown its own roots and can then be replanted to thrive on its own. Kind of like your kids….but these pups aren’t allowed to come back and live with their Mother after college! 🙂


Very popular house plant in Hawaii, seen at City Mill, Hawaii Kai

At first, they said the Bromeliad was only suitable for greenhouses but because of its ease at adapting to home conditions it is becoming more popular. It’s best to grow your Bromeliad in well draining soil but the Bromeliad can also be grown mounted on boards and logs. When it comes to watering your plant it is recommended that you water the soil weekly in the growing season and less water in the winter months, as this is the rest period for the plant. If your plant is mounted it will require watering more often and throughout the year. It is not necessary to water the central cup in regular household climate. This is only necessary in a desert-like environment.

If you are trying to get your Bromeliad to flower, here is a tip that might work. Place your Bromeliad and an apple in a plastic bag together for 10 days. The apple will produce ethylene gas while decomposing which is said to help with the blooming process. Be sure there is no water in the central cup before attempting this.

Weather is getting chillier….

Pick up a Bromeliad today, to help keep the winter blues away.

Marigold (October Flower of the Month)

The vibrant rich oranges, yellows, reds and burgundies of Marigolds are the perfect coloured flower for October.



The Marigold has many uses including quite a few for medicinal purposes. It assists in the treatment of skin irritations and the sap of the stem has been used to remove warts, corns & calluses.

Because of the bright coloured hue of the flowers it is not surprising that they extract the pigment from the flower to use as a dye. Potted marigolds are edible and are also often used for a garnish on dishes.

The Marigold does have a strong scent that helps keep the insects from swarming around them. When watering your Marigolds they prefer to be watered from the bottom as opposed to watering overhead as the bloom of some varieties might rot.

Another helpful tip to remember is that you will get more flowers to bloom if you do not use fertilizer.

The pumpkin coloured flower is a perfect representation for the Fall and October.

Send a beautiful bouquet of seasonal fall flowers and bring the color of fall indoor!

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where everyone gathers around the dining room table for a feast fit for a king! If you are hosting this year don’t forget about a centrepiece for your table. There are a number of different designs for centrepieces that bring warmth and colour to the table adding to the ambience of the holiday.

Warm Fall Wishes Pumpkin by Teleflora - BF6639

Warm Fall Wishes Pumpkin by Teleflora – BF6639

One option would be to have a large centrepiece in the middle of the table. These can range from centrepieces with pillar candles, taper candles or even votives surrounded by the beautiful warmth of an arrangement in fall colours & flowers.

Another option to bring some colour and flare to your table is to place smaller arrangements in fall colours and flowers down the centre of the table with some candles, small pumpkins, twigs…etc in between the arrangements. This will allow every guest to share in the beauty of your decor.

Fall Harvest Cornucopia by FTD - BF2191

Fall Harvest Cornucopia by FTD – BF2191

If you are not hosting and are a guest, a nice fall cut bouquet is nice if you think your host has a vase handy. If not, a fall arrangement in a container is a very good option or a fall plant is a nice hostess gift. This way all they have to do is find the perfect place for it.

Let Brant Florist work magic and create a beautiful arrangement for this special holiday!