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September “Special” Holidays

Well, it’s the beginning of another month. So here are the silly holidays that you can mark on your calendar.

Be Late for Something Day

Sept. 5 – Be late for something day– Probably not the best idea to make that thing work. Just a suggestion.

Sept. 6 – Fight Procrastination Day– You can do it…and on time!!!

Teddy Day

Sept. 9 – Teddy Bear Day- Awww. Send a loved one a teddy bear today with flowers and a note saying how much you care.

Grandparents Day

Sept. 13 – Grandparents– Go visit your Granny and Gramps and bring them a floral bouquet to brighten up their place

Teleflora's Grand Sunshine Bouquet - BF4275

Teleflora’s Grand Sunshine Bouquet – BF4275sepho

Sept. 16 – Step Family Day– I’m pretty sure Cinderella wouldn’t be celebrating this day

Sept. 19 – International Talk like a pirate Day– Seriously!!!! This is the coolest day! Aargh, me matey!

Wife Appreciation Day

Sept. 20 – National Wife’s Day- We all know how much they do…a little appreciation goes a long way! Hint Hint

Sept. 21 – World Gratitude- For all you business owners out there…Send thank you notes to your customers and include a gift certificate!

Ask a stupid question day or Good Neighbour day

Sept. 28 – Ask a stupid question day or Good Neighbour day– Today is the day to show your appreciation for the neighbour that has collected your mail or paper while you were gone, lent you power tools or was there when you needed them to take you to the hospital because of those power tools And it’s not a stupid question to ask how the power tools work!

Hope you had a great summer and the fun continues into the Fall!

Wedding Anniversary: A Time to Celebrate with Flowers

Flowers always spread breathtaking bloom when you send it to your spouse. But do you know there is certain tradition of giving flower bouquets in each anniversary. Yes, there is, we have provided here the ideal flowers to be gifted on the perfect anniversary for your knowledge. You can choose as per the 1st or 50th wedding anniversary and send romantic desirable bouquet to your heartiest ones. Let’s look at the meaningful Anniversary Flowers here.

Carnation: 1st Anniversary: Carnation perfectly fit in 1st anniversary celebration for expressing your sentiments for joy, loyalty and commitment. Choice is yours, you can choose pink, yellow, red or multicolor bouquet of this send it to your spouse to blossom your relationship.

Lily Of The Valley: 2nd Anniversary: Lily is one of the exquisite fragrant white bulbous flowers to make second anniversary more pleasant and memorable. It executes the devotion and purity for your spouse which is must in your relationship.

Sunflower: 3rd Anniversary: Sunflower is a sign of brightness and delightedness. It beholds strength, fidelity, warmth, freshness with sturdy stalks for building a strong bond to celebrate the third anniversary.

Hydrangea: 4th Anniversary: This is symbolized for look beautiful in bride’s hand. You can appreciate her pretty look better by handling these beautiful blue shaded Hydrangea flower in her hands. This bouquet is truly unique and ideal choice for celebrating 4th anniversary.

Daisy: 5th Anniversary: Daisy flowers are the soul of attraction for everyone and if it is on 5th anniversary surely going to air freshness and color to your relationship. Manifold colors like pink, red and orange, but surely pink will suit more to your bighearted one’s hand.

Daffodil: 10th Anniversary: Daffodil represents the simplicity but elegancy. Its bright yellow color gives a simple but stunning display when it comes in the form of bouquet. It’s never too late when you are going to express your emotions.

Rose: 15th Anniversary: Undoubtedly rose is the sign of love, no worries you are following first anniversary or 50th, rose will always add more and more love and beauty into your relationship. You can call and make rose bouquets delivery to your heartiest doorsteps by us.

Aster: 20th Anniversary: Aster adds the wisdom and good fortune while celebrating 20th anniversary to make relationship lifelong. Multicolor white purple and light blue flower bouquet represents a majestic look to adore the beauty of your spouse hands.

Iris: 25th Anniversary: Iris is renowned as a sign of royalty and faithfulness. No wonder that without faith no relationship could be stay longer. Give them whom you trust to make trust on you forever on this gorgeous celebration of 25th anniversary

Lily: 30th Anniversary
Lily comes across in myriad shapes, sizes and colors. The most important thing is that no wonder what color is it looks beautiful when get gather to represent the harmony in relationship on 30th anniversary.
Gladiolus: 40th Anniversary
Fantabulous Gladiolus flowers have slender and long shape of vibrant light pink color. In your 40th anniversary you can call all your wonderful memories spent together with this awesome flower bouquet.
Yellow roses and violets: 50th Anniversary
Make your wonderful 50th anniversary more joyful by inviting yellow and violet roses mixes the feelings of both commitment and love. Both violet and roses mixture just not look beautiful but also execute the “made for each other” feeling.
You can also send anniversary flowers to USA to send your inner heart love and care via this. Wedding anniversary is never the subject of matter of age, it is always been the subject of calling love, love and love. So place your order now to create the flowery environment to your partner premises.

A Definitive Guide to Preserve Fresh Flowers for Longer Period

Undoubtedly, it’s a true fact that flowers are mute messengers and our greatest silent friends that make the environment lively and full of fragrance. Other than that, there is nothing as stunning and mesmerizing as the fresh bunch of flowers placed in a vase or an attractive bouquet. Each and every flower has its own significance and as a result having a fresh bunch of flowers as a gift from our loved ones makes our day.
As a result, when you receive these flowers from someone special, you try your best to preserve them for a longer period and long to feel the same freshness for a significant amount of time. So, in order to preserve them for a longer time, below are presented some of the best tips by flower delivery London shop.
Let us have a look over those tips:
Tip #1: When you plan to purchase the flowers from a florist shop and put them into a vase, just make sure that:

  • The flowers are being well-packaged with the individual water containers, or
  • The flower stems are being wrapped with the damp paper towels, or
  • You could plan ahead and have a bucket of water with you

This will retain the freshness of flowers for a longer time and as soon as you return home you can arrange it attractively.
Tip #2: When shopping for different flowers, especially roses, you can gently squeeze the rose where the petals meet at the top of the stem. If it is firm, then you can go ahead for its purchase. On the contrary, if it is soft as well as squishy, then you should not buy them as they would be old and can wilt down faster. Majority of the florists opt to keep flowers in refrigerated areas or in a bucket of water while preserving them for longer periods.
Tip #3: Eliminate any kind of greenery from the bottom of the stems that is going to be submerged in the water. This removal of lower leaves will help in keeping the water clearer. Other than that, one can have a look at the stems. At some of the instances, you will also find dried or burnt out stems that need trimming. You could cut-off 1-2” of stems in a bowl of water or running water at 45° angle. This will help in preventing the extra air from going into the stems.
Tip #4: Make use of a sharp knife to get a clean cut on the stems. For thicker stems, you can opt using sharp garden shears. If you are cutting the stems in the absence of water, then just make sure that you get them in water as soon as possible after it is being cut. This is necessary so as to keep them fresh for longer time.
Tip #5: Next thing to do is to use a clean vase for placing the flowers. The vase must be clean and has been washed in hot, soapy water and must be rinsed well. This will remove almost all the microorganisms from the vase while keeping the flowers healthy. Also, fill clean water in the vase in order to thrive the flowers better way.
Thus, these were some of the most important tips that will help in preserving fresh-cut flowers for a longer time. Also, you need to keep in mind that as these flowers are being separated from its roots, they will not get enough nutrients to grow. So, make sure that you feed these flowers with appropriate nutrients to keep them fresh for longer time.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

With its striking, large deep green leaves and the contrasting white blooms, this plant will accent any home or office beautifully. The flowers are sometimes called flags and usually appear once or twice a year.

Simply Elegant Spathiphyllum - Large

Simply Elegant Spathiphyllum – Large (BF6030)

One bonus of owning a Peace Lily is that it cleans the air. All plants take in carbon dioxide and give up oxygen. Exactly the opposite of humans and animals which helps keep the atmosphere balanced.

And it is very easy to take care of, for all you non green thumbs out there. It does not like direct sunlight, though filtered light through a sheer curtain is fine. A west or east window is usually also acceptable. But this plant also tolerates low light with a fair degree of success. More light encourages blooming. Fertilize sparingly.

We recommend that when you receive your Peace Lily……….let it go somewhat dry between watering. When the leaves droop a bit, give it a drink as soon as possible and it will come back. (warning; do not let plant really wilt or it will not come back with the next watering.) Like most house plants, this one does not like over watering or under watering.

Try to remember how many days after watering the plant looked a bit droopy, then water one day before that. It should be approximately 1 week. This will keep your plant happy & healthy with a perfect watering schedule. Water more often in hot and dry locations.

Much of the water you add to a plant simply evaporates. The plant only use part of that water. Plant leaves (and humans) are made up of mostly water.

The Peace Lily, even though called a lily, is not in the lily family and therefore is only mildly toxic to humans and dogs- which is good news for you pet owners!

The Peace Lily is perfect for all occasions from birthdays to funerals, sympathies, offices or new home owners. It is a low maintenance plant with high class elegance.