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Card Signatures

For all you guys out there who send flowers to a secret admirer, hopeful girlfriend or your office crush, and choose not to sign the card, you know you drive the recipient mad, right?

Sending cards anonymously is not recommended.

You spend all this money on the girl and don’t sign the card, how are you supposed to get any credit for your nice gesture! You should be proud and confident of what you are sending and who you are sending it to.

Signed Card with Message

Signed Card with Message

Nine times out of ten the recipient will call the flower shop and ask who the sender is. This is where it gets a little tricky. Some shops don’t even allow orders to go out anonymously because sometimes they can cause some trouble.

Bottom line, gentlemen, whether it’s for love, a crush or to cheer someone up, sign your card and have pride in your actions! Don’t make the recipient squirm with uncertainty.

WARNING:  Unsigned messages and gifts are often considered to possibly be stalking and harassment.

Celebrate Summer Fling With Gift Ideas

Summer is the season of warmth, and to express love care and warmth for a person you can exchange gifts and also can give some pleasant surprises. Some people throw summer parties at their house to give their family members a surprise. Celebrating the summer and beating the heat with some wonderful gifts and a nice cool party will be a nice idea to relax and enjoy with friends and family. With friends and family, the party will be much more fun to enjoy it and you can have a gala time if the party is properly planned with drinks food and of course the decoration of the party is must.

Flower Arrangement: Decorating the party with some wonderful flowers or with some unique bouquets would be a good idea. You can get the variety of colorful flowers from the flower delivery online website. The fresh fragrance of the flowers will enhance the freshness of the party. However, in the online website you can see a variety of uncommon flowers which can be ordered and also can made bouquets as per your order. They will make the bouquet and will also decorate it wonderfully so that you can decorate them at the party venue.

Balloon Décor: Balloon can also be a cool idea to decorate with it. It will be something different to decorate the party with the balloon bouquets which can be made from the local balloon collector or can also be ordered online. If there are kids attending the party then decoration with balloons will be a very good idea as the kids love to play with balloons. The balloons are colorful and it will give the party a lively and a colorful look. You can also keep the balloons loose all over the ground.

Cake Collection: Cake will be the best thing for celebration in the party. The cake delivery online websites have a variety of wonderful delicious cakes which can be ordered for the party. There are a variety of flavors but the most preferred flavor for the party can be the pure chocolate one which is loved by everyone.

Therefore following the above steps one can easily throw a nice house party in the summer time to chill out and have fun with friends and family. It will be a nice break in the monotonous routine everyday life. Cheers!

Card Message Etiquette

Sometimes less is more, as the saying goes.

The usual cards that we attach to your floral order are a little bigger than a business card. In saying this, although it is very sweet to profess your undying love for your sweetheart, it’s best to stick to the important points of what you would like to get across.

Large Greeting Card

Large Greeting Card

Even more so can be sympathy messages when words fail you. Short and simple is best. A Thinking of You card is almost always appropriate.

Many times we receive card messages that are more similar to what we like to call a “novel” rather than a “message”. This can be very difficult to fit all those words on a small card and sometimes the printing would be so small you would need a magnifying glass in order to read it.

Most standard cards today are typed by the flower order software. Much neater and easier to read.

There is the option to purchase a large full size card if your message is a longer and we will hand write your message for you. You may even prefer a large hand written card. Also, what some people have done is email/fax or drop a card/message off which we can include with the delivery. These options are subject to availability.

Whatever way you decide to get your message across, short & sweet is always best!

Flower of the Month July

Not only is every month represented by birthstones but also flowers. For July, the flower is Larkspur. This flower has a very tall stem with blooms that run the length of it. There are a variety of colours Mother Nature has created which include pink, which means fickleness, white, which expresses a happy nature & purple represents new love.

Delphinium Larkspur

Delphinium Larkspur

Whether you have grown them in your garden or purchased them from the local flower shop the best way to showcase their beauty is to display them in a tall vase that is sturdy as these flowers are top heavy. To keep your vase from toppling over, at the bottom, you could place some river rock, stones, glass beads….anything that will weigh the vase down.

Brighten Your Day Flowers in Vase - BF4189

Brighten Your Day Flowers in Vase – BF4189

Also be sure to clean any greenery off the stems that will be in the water as this will cause bacteria in the water and your flowers will not appreciate that.

Have a great summer and bring some of the beautiful blooms from the outside, in!