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Happy Father’s Day! Sunday June 21, 2015

Your first thought for Father’s Day is probably not calling your local flower shop and ordering something for dear ol’ Dad. But you would be surprised at the number of options there are for Father’s Day gifts.

For the Dad who loves to chill out on the recliner and catch the game, there is a fruit and gourmet basket. A mix of treats and snacks to enjoy while watching the game along with some fruit… to balance out calories 🙂

If your Dad is a car guy then the Teleflora ’65 Mustang, or the ’48 Ford Pickup container would be the way to go.

Living The Dream '65 Ford Mustang - BF4073

Living The Dream ’65 Ford Mustang – BF4073

Anchors Aweigh - BF6626

Anchors Aweigh – BF6626

King of the Grill - BF6631

King of the Grill – BF6631

These ceramic replicas of the originals are great for a collector’s piece or to throw your keys, wallet, phone, change, etc into. Teleflora also offers a ceramic sailboat container and a replica container of a Weber barbeque. These containers are filled with a beautiful floral arrangement upon delivery and when it is time for the flowers to go you can enjoy your keepsake container. It’s really the gift that keeps on giving! (Keepsake containers like those mentioned are not available in all locations.) Brant Florist does stock these specials for delivery in our local area from Oakville, through Burlington and Hamilton plus all surrounding communities.

A great way to finish off your order is to add a few Father’s Day balloons to remind Dad how great of a guy he really is! You could even tie them to the TV….. Just to be sure he sees them 🙂 You could also add a box of chocolates and a large full sized hand written card to your order.

Hope this gives you a few ideas on how to make Dad’s day special and memorable. Ordering is easy…You don’t even have to fight the crowds- Order Online or give us a call! Shock your Dad and prove to him that you can do things on time. In other words… Let us worry about delivery!

Happy Father’s Day!

5 Flowers to Color Your Mood

Specific colors can make you feel rejuvenated, relax and comfortable. Each color creates a different mood and causes an immediate effect on the human being. Colors are imagined to have personality. When we think of blue, we see at the sky, or ocean, similarly, there are other personalities of colors. When we look at read, we feel the love and passion. Thus, sometimes buying colorful flowers can make you feel good.

The flowers are the perfect way to bring bright colors and positive energy into life. The vibrant colors of the petal and the freshness of its appearance shower the room with positivity. Which ultimately affects your mood. The aroma of flowers uplifts your spirit. So here are a few flowers that will truly color your mood

1. Pink roses for love: The pastel pink and fresh color of pink roses are like a perfect color to get the mood if love. Keep it in the corner takes in your house or in your bedroom. It will bring the mood of love and romance. A perfect flower to choose for the couple’s bedroom. It will bring the mood of freshness and love. Keeps everything clean and at its place. However, there are different types of Pink roses Arrangement available online so you can choose any one of them to decorate your home.

2. Red Gladiolas For Motivation: This fresh, bright red flower is perfect to keep on your conference table or at the workspace to bring motivational spirit into everyone’s mad at work. Also, you can keep your home decorated with it specially the bedroom or drawing room. It shall add the perfect positive mood into your living. There are a variety of flower arrangements available so you can choose the right ones for you at your ease. Using the designer flower arrangement can add more sparks to it due to its unique quality.

3. Yellow Sunflowers For Happiness:Sunflowers are bright and catchy. Thus, for the mood of happiness this smiling flower is just the right kind of piece to keep it anywhere around you. Only one stem of sunflower in a vase on your table can be as effective as the bunch of flowers. Check out some dazzling yellow flowers, which will enhance your mood in a brighter way.

4. White Calla Lilies For Purification: Add the perfect silence, calmness, relaxation and peace to your home and mood with the beautiful White Calla Lilies. This flower can uplift your mood and purify your thought when touched you heart early in the morning. Keeping it around you will always make you feel energetic and happy.

So keep your mood always positive and energetic with these flowers around you. They are now easily available at the online store to buy and send it to loved ones!
5. Orange Marigolds For Inspiration: Inspire your loved ones or yourself by gifting Orange marigold flower bouquet. Send it on any occasion to loved ones and be a part of their inspirational mood. This you can not only present it to yourself and make up this special mood at home.

Wedding Bouquets

Pinterest can come in handy when trying to get your ideas across to your florist however, keep in mind, there are no prices on Pinterest. 🙂

The trend right now for bridal bouquets is large flowers- peonies, garden roses, even the dreaded-but beautiful-hydrangea. I’m going to give you the low down on these flowers so you are prepared when meeting with your florist.

Martha's Vineyard Bouquet - BF6209

Martha’s Vineyard Bouquet – BF6209

Beautiful local Peonies are only available May-June when they are in season. Imports are available outside of the local season but the same size and quality may not be there although still expensive.

Almost everyone is familiar with the rose and how it looks when it blooms. Its petals start wound up tight, and as the rose starts to bloom, with their unfolding or unravelling of petals, they turn into the classic beauty we all know and love. The garden rose looks very different when it opens up. It looks very similar to a peony with the outside petals opening up wide and the centre displaying all of its glorious petals. They are stunning but with their splendour comes a hefty price and also difficulty in getting them in stock. They are not widely available. Luckily nowadays with Mother Nature’s minions (a.k.a-the rose growers) they have come up with some outstanding standard roses that open up beautifully.

Passionate Embrace Bouquet - BF6211

Passionate Embrace Bouquet – BF6211

As for the hydrangea they are a whole other story. I have spoken about hydrangeas in one of my past blogs in great detail but this is why having them in your wedding bouquet is possibly a gamble. Hydrangeas need water… all the time. Your bouquet will be out of water for most of the day which means they will start to droop and if you have used the hydrangea to support any of the other flowers in your bouquet; they will in fact droop as well. It might hold up for the ceremony but by the time you take pictures or if you are planning to display your bouquet at the reception it will start to look like that one wedding guest slouched over in the chair from over indulging at the bar! There is a 50% chance that they will hold up….but I wouldn’t count on it on one of the most important days of your life.

Hope these tips help! There are so many floral options for wedding bouquets. Keep an open mind and put some trust in the florist! They are professionals who can work with you and your budget and might have a few tricks up their sleeve for you.

Happy Wedding!