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Different Bridal Flowers and their Meaning

Weddings have a special meaning and are celebrated to present the unification of two people in love. Following are the type of flowers that one may get at the online florists at affordable rates. One can also opt for bridal Flowers for delivery and the same will be delivered right at the doorstep in a jiffy.

1. Apple Blossom: Apple blossom bouquets are available with all the services that undertake authentic wedding flower arrangements and are used to add a meaning to the entire occasion. These flowers signify the delights and pleasures of every heart. This adds a positive verve and has the ability to uplift the mood as well.

2. Camelia: Camelia stands for love and the vision of these flowers in the form of bouquets or any other arrangement might just change the look of every occasion. These are soft and are sure to spellbind the couples together for the rest of the life.

3. Carnation: This flower symbolizes the kind love that is blossoming in the heart of the couple. Marriages are blessed by including the flower arrangement of carnations and elevate the realm of the entire occasion.

4. Daisy: Daisies hold a special meaning and are perfect to lock all the happy moments together. These flowers can be arranged in a peculiar way and will deploy the perfect message of love between the couples.

5. Flowering Almond: These flowers are the perfect way of symbolizing the wedding and are added to celebrate the theme of a traditional wedding. It signifies living a rich life and adds an elegance to the entire occasion as well. They come in subtle pink color and are known to grow in vivid branches. This adds as a blessing to keep growing in life, which is needed for all the newlyweds.

6. Lemon Blossom: Lemon blossoms come in a variety of subtle colors and signify the bittersweet moments in the person’s marriage. They are sweet and have a tangy smell, which is perfect for the occasion like wedding.

7. Lily: Lilies are known for their purity and the wedding, which has the perfect display of these flowers are known to add a sense of purity to it entirely. These flowers are only available with the leading florists and one can send flowers online by relying on the right florists.

8. Tulip: Tulips come in vivid colors and the yellow ones are known for prosperity as well as cheerfulness. The white and purple colored ones signify forgiveness and royalty respectively. The scarlet colored tulip is used to symbolize the perfect love and when wedding is the occasion, what is better than adding a tulip centerpiece?

9. Veronica: Veronica symbolizes fidelity and these flowers are the perfect when one is hosting a purple themed wedding. The meaning of using these flowers is that the couple is willing to stay loyal to each other.

10.Rose (red): The deep red colored roses stand for two things. Whilst the beauty of the bride is symbolized perfectly, these roses stand for the beauty of love as well.

Easter Lily

Guess who’s coming to town… No not Santa-We love you Santa but I was talking about the Easter Bunny! Easter is just around the corner so bring on the chocolate, family gatherings and the beautiful Easter Lily.

The story of how the Easter Lily got over to North America is pretty cool. A gentleman by the name of Louis Houghton brought a suitcase full of Easter Lily bulbs with him from Japan (who were the top dog in the Easter Lily bulb export business) in 1919 after World War I. He gave the bulbs to friends and family who were horticulture enthusiasts. After Pearl Harbour the Japanese bulb market wasn’t able to continue and that’s when the west coast saw an opportunity and jumped on it. Since then Oregon and the west coast are now the NEW top dogs in Easter Lily bulb growers.

Easter Lily Plant

Easter Lily Plant

Caring for your Easter Lily is pretty simple.

  1. It likes bright Light but not direct sunlight
  2. Keep away from heat sources-fireplaces, appliances… etc.
  3. Be sure to remove the yellow stamen out of the centre of the lily as it will turn to powder and stain your clothes, tablecloths… etc.
  4. Lastly and most importantly… DO NOT LET YOUR LILY SIT IN WATER

Remove the foil sleeve when watering and let the plant drain any excess water out. Then you can put the sleeve back on.

The meaning behind the Easter Lily is joy, hope & life. So why not buy someone an Easter Lily and spread some joy in their life and hope it will put a smile on their face.

Happy Easter!

When you see Tulips, you know Spring is almost here!

Spring is almost here! Mother Nature may be playing some tricks on us but spring will come and along with it will be all those beautiful spring flowers.

The tulip is probably the first flower everyone thinks of when spring is upon us. In the shop the customers are always excited to see them. It means the warmer weather is on its way!

Mixed Tulips With Cube Vase

Mixed Tulips With Cube Vase

So you’ve purchased your bunch of tulips or, someone was nice enough to send you some, and you look at them and say “now what do I do with them”.

Here are a few tips to keep your tulips and any other bulb spring flower lasting as long as possible.

  1. Choose a clean vase that is tall enough to support at least 3/4 up the stem so the tulips are supported. Otherwise the tulips will flop over the side and no one likes floppy tulips!
  2. As the days go by your tulips will actually grow taller so you might need to give them a cut if they start to look uneven. Also your tulips are attracted to the light and will grow towards it.
  3. Tulips are like a lot of us at cocktail hour… Whatever you’re drinking- Make sure the glass is clean, cool in temperature and filled to the top 🙂

The warmer weather, sunshine on your face and blooming flowers are on their way! Pick yourself up a bunch of tulips in the celebration of spring!

As Robin Williams said “Spring is nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The most common plant associated with St. Patrick’s Day is the four leaf clover. There is a different meaning for every leaf of the four leaf clover: the first leaf is for faith, the second for hope, the third for love and the fourth for luck. The legend says that your luck increases if you accidentally find the four leaf clover. Spring is coming… we hope 🙂 so get out there & start looking! I mean “accidentally”, of course!

Four-leaf clover

Four-leaf clover

When writing this blog I was certain that I found the perfect flower/plant to talk about when it comes to St. Patty’s Day. It’s called the Bells of Ireland.

Lucky Day

Lucky Day

But after looking into it, they don’t even come from Ireland; they originate in Turkey or Syria! When it comes to the meanings of flowers they do represent luck though. The Bells of Ireland are a tall green flower that looks like it has little green bells that run the length of it with little tiny white flowers-and prickers, so be careful! This flower is a beautiful addition to any floral arrangement. And it also has a clean fresh scent to it.

Top of the Morning in Vase

Top of the Morning in Vase

Lastly, there is the shamrock plant. This plant has green triangular leaves with little tiny white flowers. It is a fairly easy plant to grow. It likes moist soil, cool air and bright light. The Shamrock also goes through a dormant period in which it’ll “sleep” for about 3 months. I think we could all use a “dormant” period every now and then. Once green shoots start coming up that means it’s time to wake up and enjoy the sunshine!

Here’s an Irish Cheer to get you excited for March 17th! Happy St Patrick’s Day!

May you have all the happiness and luck that life can hold,
And at the end of all your rainbows, may you find a pot of gold!