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A funny dinner story

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and the holidays are a great time of year for some sort of family gathering. Take Christmas for instance, in our home it’s a time for children – of all ages!

It’s always a time when there are children running and yelling, adults trying to quiet them down to no avail, and old folks smirking at the memories of doing the same for those adults not too long ago.

One year, I don’t recall which exactly, we all came together as usual and were gathering in our living room sipping hot beverages and talking as people arrived, took of coats and hats, and generally made the walk around the room to say hello and give hugs. On this occasion one of the children, who was perhaps three or four, took it upon himself to be very manly about his introductions – shaking hands, formally calling us by Mr or Mrs, and so forth. It was quite amusing.

A few hours into the night, the meal served and eaten, and all of us still sitting at the table too content to stand up and leave the room just yet, the little guy stood on his chair and used his spoon to tink his plastic cup to get our attention. I guess he’d seen this in a movie and thought it was the way you got attention at a gathering such as this. He announced:

“Ladies and gentlemen, family and friends. Today I want to announce a happy occasion to all of you.” His exact words weren’t so well-elucidated, of course, but this was the gist. His announcement?

“I can now use the grownup’s potty. Mommy is quite proud!”

He said it deadpan, with a completely straight face, as if it were, in fact, an exceedingly important announcement. His mother gasped and stared, not sure what to do. I was having trouble processing this myself. Then a huge guffaw erupted and his father, standing and running to hug his son, let out a woop of laughter. That put the rest of us into the carpet too.

To this day, years later, we still bring up that story and laugh about it. I wanted to share it with you all.

Merry Christmas or if you prefer, Happy Holidays 🙂

Until next time,

Ken Bolt

Merry Christmas

The Bald Librarians

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and many years ago I went out of town to discuss some floral arrangements with a long-time client who was hosting a big gathering and wanted living decorations for it. Since this person is also a friend, I wanted to go personally and when I do, I never miss a chance to visit the local library since I’m a big fan of ‘real’ books.

So, meeting accomplished and pleasantries exchanged, I headed for the hallowed halls of dusty books. As soon as I walked in the door, I noticed the middle aged woman behind the counter was shaved clean – not a hair on her head.

I didn’t want to stare, so I continued through, knowing my destination, and stopped before climbing the stairs to see another librarian, pushing a car and much younger than the first, going by. Also with a completely bald pate.

At the top of the stairs, I walked onto the floor to see another librarian, this one easily nearing retirement age and also with a shiny bald head. Another, this one perhaps my age and a man, walked to the counter to quietly converse and was also bald as a baby’s bottom.

Unable to curb my curiosity, I went to the counter and asked them what was going on. They both smiled and told me that a daycare and preschool group comes to the library every Thursday afternoon for story time. One of the children, a little girl, had been diagnosed with cancer and had just come back after surgery and beginning chemotherapy. Her long, curly dark hair had all fallen out. Her teacher had called the library to tell them that the girl was coming back and they wanted to read her favourite story during Thursday story time.

All of the library staff, from janitor to administrator, had gone out in turn that morning to have their heads shaved for that little girl.

Hands in the sky

Unlike flowers, humanity does not fade or wither with time. Despite its age and the weather it endures, humanity always remains in bloom.

Until next time,
Ken Bolt

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Amazon saves you money … but not on flowers?

Checkout our NEW Christmas flowers!

Checkout our NEW Christmas flowers!

Hi, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and in our industry we have this “problem” and it’s getting a bit out of hand.

You see, people think that ordering flowers from a flower shop means they’ll get the flowers from that shop. And in most cases the person ordering also thinks they’ll get precisely what they see in the “professionally photo-shopped picture!”

It leads to all sorts of challenges. Mostly unhappy recipients and unhappy clients 🙁

Which is why today I wanted to tell you why I love Amazon but don’t recommend them for everything.

It’s getting closer to the ‘silly season’ when people’s patience is tried and Moms and Dads everywhere try and get the perfect gift for their friends, family and of course their children.

And I must admit that I love shopping on Amazon for gifts. You can get things at a great price (usually) and you can even have the item gift wrapped with a card! How perfect is that?

Then someone mentioned you can also buy flowers there too … I groaned. Not because Amazon is doing anything wrong – far from it! But it’s about how the flowers are ordered and shipped.

Let me explain.

You see, if you order flowers from us for local delivery we personally pick and pack the flowers and take them to the person you selected.

If you order from us and the delivery is outside our local delivery zone, we call on our special network of select florists and once again personally arrange for the flowers to be picked and sent to the person you selected. Of course they’re not from our store, but they are from our approved associate store – and they’re still guaranteed!

But when you order from Amazon you are placing an order which gets brokered to whomever is handling that product and it gets shipped from there. No personal attention and multiple layers of processing.

Hey, it’s efficient enough and while I’ve read the reviews and people are happy enough with the results, the general feelings from those who took the time to comment is as follows: “too expensive” … “impersonal”

I love Amazon, I really do. In fact I’m a little jealous of Jeff Bezos for coming up with the idea before me. But all kidding aside, ordering flowers from a broker simply layers in costs you don’t need.

So if you want to send flowers to someone special this Christmas and holiday season, might I ask you use us. We guarantee you’ll be happy and you’ll be saving money too.

Checkout our updated Christmas flowers, plants and Poinsettia page for the latest offers and save.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Your friend,

Ken Bolt

Have a Very Merry Christmas from all of us at Brant Florist

How to embellish your Garden with Beautiful flower bulbs?

Flowering bulbs are one of the most wonderful ways to add splashes of tropical colors to your garden. A flower bulb is essentially a food storage locker for plants. Moreover, the bulb contains almost everything the plant requires to sprout and flower. Furthermore, flower bulbs can be classified into two categories:

Spring flowering bulbs: These flowers are winter hardy and need a frost and period of dormancy before they can bloom. These flowers can add a great beauty to your garden when few other plants are in flower during spring season. However, recognizing when and how to plant spring bulbs is indispensable for the finest displays. Some vital tips for planting spring bulbs are as follows:

Field of Beautiful Flowers Bulbs

Field of Beautiful Flowers Bulbs

  • Start planting spring flowering bulbs in between October and December, prior to the coldest winter weather sets in
  • Always choose healthy bulbs
  • Positioning bulbs at their proper depth helps ensure their longevity
  • Most of the bulbs should be planted at three times their depth. Moreover, check the planting directions that come with the bulbs
  • Water the bulbs after planting to stimulate the roots to grow
  • Always pick the right spot for planting these bulbs. Most bulbs do best in full sun and well-drained soil
  • If the bulb has a pointed end, keep that side facing up while planting them
  • Mix compost into your bulbs’ planting holes to ensure good blooming
  • For natural effect, either dig a large area and plant bulk flower bulbs at once or simply dig holes and plant them wherever they fall.
  • When the bulbs have completed blooming, cut down the flower stalks to ground level
  • Some spring flower bulbs are: dahlias, gladiola, begonias, caladium, tuberose cannas, elephant ears, oxalis, pineapple lilies, tigridia, etc.

Summer bulbs: These bulbs are not winter hardy and usually fall into the category of tender bulbs that cannot grow in areas experiencing frosts. These bulbs are perfect for patio containers and add color to mixed borders without taking up much space. Some important tips for planting summer bulbs are as follows:

Bouquet of Roses

Bouquet of Roses

  • Select dry bulbs when they’re as fresh as possible
  • Choose healthy and bigger bulbs as they’ll produce bigger blooms
  • Try to plant these bulbs soon after purchasing them
  • These bulbs must be planted in spring, when the soil is starting out to heat up
  • They are generally planted between March and June
  • The ideal soil temperature to plant summer bulbs is usually 13°C.
  • Summer bulbs generally need a warm and sunny position
  • Free-draining soil is significant as bulbs are capable to decomposing
  • Dig individual holes for each bulb or a trench for many bulbs
  • Plant bulbs in the holes without pushing down hard
  • Make sure the growing point is pointing upwards
  • Most of the summer bulbs are ideal for growing in terrace containers, particularly tender variety
  • Most summer bulbs are not hardy so require to be lifted before the first frost
  • Some summer flower bulbs are: gladioli, calla lilies, dahlias, tuberous begonias, crocosmias, etc.

Hence, one can beautify their garden by growing beautiful flower bulbs. All the above mentioned tips can be very helpful in choosing and planting the right flower bulbs at right time in right atmosphere.

Author’s Bio: Ryan is a blogger also having keen interest in gardening. In the above post, he is providing some useful tips for growing bulk flower bulbs to enhance the beauty of a garden.