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5 Ways To Get The Perfect Flowers For Your Lady Love!

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul”. Indeed a true quote by Luther Burbank. Flowers are the most beautiful creation by god. They give pleasure to our senses and create a soothing environment around us. With their freshness and stimulating fragrance, they help to change our moods, emotions and uplift our satisfaction level. In addition, flowers also bring smiles on anyone’s face.

Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day Flowers

Much to the delight of men, women have always loved receiving the gift of flowers. When you give woman flowers as a present, her whole life will be lit for hours and she feel special and loved. There are many types of flowers, which represent different point in a relationship. For instance, red rose signifies Romantic Love while the yellow rose signifies friendship. Other includes Carnation which represents fascination and the Bamboo which represents Good Luck.

Romantic Flowers for your Lady

Romantic Flowers for your Lady

However, buying flowers for women can be overwhelming for those with little or no experience. We offer the following guide to choosing the appropriate floral bouquet so that it ensures your esteem in their eyes and letting them know how much you care. Whether the woman is your wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter or someone, knowing how to buy flowers for woman help you match the occasion with every floral arrangement you select.

1. Consider occasions like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day: Though you can give a card or go for a substantial gift, flowers have always been an appropriate gift. However, never made a mistake of buying flowers on a last minute when everyone else is buying them. You might get left with limited selection and the quality of flowers may also be diminished.

2. Know which colors helps to send the right message:

  • A red rose usually helps to send the message of love.
  • A single white rose is used by someone who wants to say apologize.
  • A yellow rose expresses happiness and love.
  • Purple signifies the love at first sight
  • Pink show gratitude and admiration

You can also give a mix color of bouquet if you aren’t sure what you want to say. The expression will remain subtle and the flowers also look bright and cheerful.

3. Find perfect reasons to send flowers on any occasion: If you want to thank your colleague for helping on a project, make sure you don’t send flowers that convey a romantic message. Instead you can send a bouquet of daisies to keep her cheerful and friendly. If you want to express your continued interest in woman after a successful first date, sending beautiful flowers will increase the possibilities of second date. Flowers always help to smooth things and say things that you might find awkward to put into words.

4. Decide where you buy: Today, many florists have websites online like Florists in Monterrey, which allow you to buy flowers from the convenience of your home. They have a wide variety of choices for any occasion; however, make sure the business is reputable before you place an order.

5. Personalize your flower gift: It is not necessary to wait for a perfect reason to give flowers; you can also create a special moment in your relationship by giving flowers at unexpected times. It shows that you are munificent and she is really special.

Author’s Bio: Ryan is an expert consultant on flowers and gifts. He started his career as a florist in Monterrey. He also does free lancing and blogging in various niches. He has written around 200 articles on different topics ranging from farming, real estate brokerage, small business, accounting, e-marketing, finance and more.

Pleasant Things I Enjoy About Fall

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and this time of year is fun in many ways. All four seasons are interesting to me, but fall has a special charm that many people seem to enjoy more than they do the other three seasons. There are three things I enjoy most about this time of year: planting things that I won’t see until Spring, collecting the colorful things that seem to be everywhere this time of year, and walking in the woods.

Beautiful Fall Walk

Beautiful Fall Walk

To be honest, I like walking in the woods no matter what the season is, but in the fall, it goes hand-in-hand with collecting colors and watching the flurry of last minute activity from the animals that are getting ready for the long, cold months ahead.

Planting bulbs is another activity I enjoy and it’s often shared with those I love. This year, we replaced several tulips on the property that had been absent this spring. Sometimes, the little guys just don’t make it through to the next year for whatever reason. It’s part of the life cycle. We also took the opportunity to prune roses, clear a few things, and cut back some trees. We’d considered planting another one, but went with a hydrangea instead, which we will prune and train to be tree-like.

Between our excursions so far and the grand kids appearing with their bags of finds, we have a lot of color in our house. Fall leaves are one of my favorite things and the children pressed dozens of them in books last year, which I’m still finding when I open the pages of long-forgotten tomes now. It’s a funny thing, as I recall digging out an old photo album a few years ago when our grandson was born and flipping through its pages to find an old oak leaf fluttering out from where one of the kids had placed it back who-knows-when. It fluttered like a forgotten memory, reminding me that this page in particular had struck someone as important at one time and they’d marked it with a yellow oak leaf. The photos themselves were of Thanksgiving with the family, a year or two before someone close had died.

These are the things that make fall great for me. What about you?

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How to Make Your Own Harvest Centrepiece

With Thanksgiving and similar harvest-themed festivities coming to many parts of the world this month, one of the best-selling and most popular requests we receive is for a harvest-themed centrepiece for the table. Often, of course, people want to purchase the flowers and attempt the bouquet themselves. In the spirit of holiday giving, let me explain how it’s done. You can thank me later. 🙂

First, the flowers. You’ll want anything with fall colours. Some flowers are traditional for this, including sunflowers, orange mums, bronze cremons, orange tulips, red hypericum, and so forth. Color is more important that species here, so go with dark green backdrops and muted pastels in red, gold, brown, orange, and so forth. Accents should be with very dark colors (dark, woody browns are a good choice) and frosty whites rather than bright colors. Leaves such as oak, eucalyptus, and similar are also popular accents, as are well-proportioned pine cones. Use your creativity.

Start with a good dish or vase to either complement the colors or of glass to show off the colors in the stems. Shape to be short and broad or tall and fluffy. You’ll need some fishing line or thin wire to tie some of this together. You can use foam, candles, and other items to create a base if your dish is wide. Whether tall or short, begin with a base of flora that comes from your background and light accent options. Your leaves and eucalyptus, for example, are a good start here.

From there, continue building the base upwards and add accents to create splashes or groups of color. Your goal should be to create a semi-natural pattern of color mixes without going overboard with the accents or the base. Remember that just because you have something to add in doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be added. Build gradually rather than in chunks.

It’s rare that someone makes an ugly centerpiece if they’re starting with items that have the right color combinations. You’re not likely to make it look bad, so don’t be afraid to experiment and play around with the arrangement. Even professionals often step back and say “hmm.. maybe less of that” and make changes after they’ve completed their work.

Try your hand at it and let me know how it goes.

Until next time,
Ken Bolt