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Types of Flowers

I wondered if you knew flowers have always been a part of nearly every culture in the world?

Some types of flowers, like the lotus, bear significance in religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. Other types of flowers are revered by many a poet and scholar. Indeed, there is a flower type that serves as a reflection of a person or a group’s goals and aspirations.


A flower is a lovely product of a plant. It is serves both an aesthetic and practical purpose. Besides making a plant look attractive, the flower also plays an important role in the plants ability to reproduce.

Different types of flowers reproduce in many different ways. Some types of flowers reproduce from bulbs while others grow from cuttings. Still, others grow from seeds. There are types of flowers that are perennials. Hence, they do not have to replanted every year. There are also annual types of flowers, or those that bloom once every year. There are even types of flowers that are edible. The variety is endless.

When you give flowers to your loved ones on special occasions like a birthday or wedding or even on ordinary days that you felt were special because of how you felt for that person, the flowers aren’t just pretty things of different shades and colour. They have meanings, too, depending on the types of flowers.

Each flower has a corresponding language, whether expressing romantic feelings, jealousy, gratitude, admiration, or celebration a momentous occasion.

Below are a few types of flowers and what they mean:

Morning Joy Orchids

Morning Joy Orchids

Alstroemeria – friendship
Amaryllis – splendid beauty
Anemone – anticipation
Anthurium – hospitality
Aster – patience
Birds of Paradise – joyfulness
Bouvardia, Double – enthusiasm
Blue Violet – faithfulness
Carnation – pride and beauty
Chrysanthemum – cheerfulness in old age; fidelity
Delphinium – heavenly
Freesia – innocence
Gladiolus – strength of character
Great Yellow Daffodil – chivalry
Heather – admiration
Holly – Am I forgotten?
Hyacinth – constancy
Hydrangea – heartfelt

Star Gazer Lily

Star Gazer Lily

Indian Jasmine – attachment
Ivy – marriage
Iris – I have a message for you; My compliments
Larkspur – levity
Lilac – youthful innocence
Lily – majesty
Orchid – a belle
Pansy – thoughts
Peony – bashful
Pink Carnation – woman-s love
Pink Rose – indecision
Purple Lilac – first emotions of love
Queen Anne-s Lace – sanctuary
Ranunculus – radiant

Daisy Days with Vase

Daisy Days with Vase

Red Rose – love
Red Tulip – declaration of love
Snapdragon – desire
Statice – remembrance
Stock – lasting beauty
Sunflower – pure thoughts
Sweet Pea – delicate pleasure
White Daisy – innocence
White Rose – I am worthy of you
Yellow Rose – Friendship
Yellow Iris – passion
Zinnia – thoughts of absent friends

This list of types of flowers is incomplete, of course. To include all flower types from all over the world would be next to impossible. Some species of flowers have yet to bear a name even. But the list above should give you some idea on what flowers to give in order to tell that special someone your real thoughts.

Until next time,

Ken Bolt

Flower Garden Ideas

I remember someone once said to me, ‘a house no matter how small becomes lovely if it has a flower garden.’

On the other hand, a house regardless of how big — if it is without flora — seems bare and dry. That’s so true! Plants and flowers add character independent of the size of the home, they somehow unleash a calming sense to whomever looks on.

If you have a flower garden and you want to make it more lovely then you can draw inspiration from the web. There’s plenty of ideas online.

Of course, nothing helps your planning like some hands-on experience … so when you’re out next time, pay close attention to what other folks have. If you like the look of something, make a mental note.

TIP I don’t recommend taking photos with your smart phone – UNLESS you’ve asked the owners permission. I know I’d be unhappy if someone was leaning over my garden wall taking pictures of my front yard!

The real trick with flower gardens is to start your garden with just enough plants to get going, and over time add more until you have a stunning array of colour and beauty.

Of course … if you’re a little impatient and don’t want to wait for the garden to grow, might I suggest a nice big bright bouquet for your table while you wait 🙂

Until next time,

Ken Bolt

We got all the Flowers to Make Someone Smile

Good Morning Everyone, we got some very exciting news to share..

Teleflora's Make Someone Smile® Week, July 21 - 27, 2013

“Teleflora, the world’s leading flower delivery service, offering only hand-arranged, hand-delivered floral arrangements, announced [earlier this month] its plans for Make Someone Smile® Week, the floral industry’s leading benevolent program running from Sunday, July 21 through Saturday, July 27. Teleflora member florists and community volunteers will be out in their neighborhoods in droves delivering Be Happy® Bouquets to those in need of smiles – such as hospital patients, senior citizens living in nursing homes and assisted living homes, and recipients of Meals-on-Wheels programs.”

You don’t have to be a florist to participate in this benevolent event! You too can bring a little sunshine into someone’s life, just visit your favorite florist and send some “happy flowers” to someone who you think needs them 🙂

Teleflora's Be Happy Smile Mug Bouquet

Teleflora’s Be Happy Smile Mug Bouquet

For the skeptics, we’ve found an interesting article that support the notion that flowers actually do induce real positive emotions in people. Why wouldn’t they.

Being a Teleflora affiliated florist, we carry many of their floral designs. You can browse through our online store in search of Teleflora’s sunny, cheerful, happy flower arrangements and bouquets – guaranteed to bring out smiles in anyone. Imagine the moment when someone you care about, receives a Be Happy Bouquet, professionally arranged and delivered by a local florist. It will make them so happy.Their smile will in turn make other’s smile… contagious!

Remember, when times get hard, it’s memories like these that we all reflect on and cherish, helping us get through the day. It’s a pleasant feeling knowing that someone out there thinks and cares about you.

Summer Wedding Flower and Bouquet Ideas

Wedding flowers play an important part in both the planning and execution of your wedding. One of the biggest decisions a bride will have to make involves the design of beautiful and elegant arrangements of flowers for the dress, corsages, boutonnieres, and any centerpieces desired for the wedding itself.

The FTD Bridesmaid's Garden Centerpiece

The FTD Bridesmaid’s Garden Centerpiece

As a result of the changing times, weddings are no longer following strict conventions, with individual and unique designs becoming more and more popular. This is great because it leaves you and your family free to perfect your wedding with the aid of professional florists, ultimately resulting in fresh and unique ideas to suit your personal style.

Flowers in season in the summer come in many varieties, so you have plenty to choose from. Consider a bouquet of daisies to match the white of your wedding dress, or the peaceful beauty of dahlias or geraniums. The rose is one of the most popular flowers available, and it tends to be in season in the summer. A bouquet of roses is a perfect choice, or you could use them to decorate the church or reception.

When considering which flowers to use for your wedding, or if you’re not sure which are in season, consult a florist. They will be happy to help make your special day worthy of every page of the photo album.

Need inspiration? Explore our Pinterest Wedding Flowers board, where you can create your own unique set of ideas and colors.