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Summer flowers are in season

Summer flowers

Summer flowers are now in season

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and I have an announcement to make … it’s very important so I’d ask that you stop everything and pay close attention.

Are you ready?

“Hooray, it’s Summer!”

I know, you probably think I’m being silly but honestly, summer is such a great season. Warmer weather, long warm nights, people out walking after work and the flowers …

Oh, the flowers. The scents and sights that fill our store. Once the last customer goes home and without the front door opening and closing every moment, the aroma of all the flowers builds to a heady high.

I often find myself working a little later than usual finishing up some emails and paperwork simply because the aroma is intoxicating 🙂

But I digress.

Here’s a list of early summer flowers on Wikipedia. Of course, not all of these flowers will be available in all stores but none the less this list gives you a great idea where to start.

Please enquire if you’d like us to make a custom summer bouquet arranged just for you – we can do it.

And remember, you can checkout all our newest Summer Flowers online.

Until next time …

Ken Bolt

How to tell if your soil is too acidic

Hydrangeas are natural pH indicator - Blooms are bloom in acidic soil, and pink in alkaline soil.

Hi there, it’s Ken Bolt from Brant Florist and today I thought I’d share a cool fact about the Hydrangea – it’s smart. If your garden soil is too acidic the Hydrangea flowers are vibrant blue, and if the soil is too alkali then the blooms are a vibrant pink!

If you have a hydrangea in your garden take a moment and look out the window – in an instant you’ll know if your soil is more acidic or more alkali.

By the way, you can change the colour of your flowers by adding aluminum sulphate or lime. Add aluminum sulphate to make your flowers blue, and and lime to make them pink!

Here’s a website about changing the colour of your hydrangeas.

Apart from changing colours, can you think of any other smart flower features?

Please share your comments below and have a great day,

Until next time,

Ken Bolt

Dads love Flowers too!

Teleflora's Splendid Orchids

Teleflora’s Splendid Orchids

With Father’s Day right around the corner, Sunday June 16th, many of us are looking for the perfect gift for Dad. It’s all about showing your Dad that you love and appreciate everything he’s done for you over the years, and there are many ways that you can express that. Like for example, letting dad sleep in that day, or making and serving him his favorite food, or giving him a nice card with a unique gift – like the long lasting green plant for his office. He’ll think of you every time he looks at it and smile. Plus you’ll be happy to know that the plant will purify the air in Dad’s office and help set a nice relaxing mood.

There is a growing trend to express love and gratitude for fathers with a bouquet of flowers. Really? Yes, Dads like flowers too! We are yet to meet a man that hates flowers. In fact, Roses are the official flower for Father’s Day. In many countries, people wear a rose on Father’s Day to express gratitude for their Dads. When it comes to the color of your Father’s Day flowers go with red, orange, or vibrant yellow. We have many cool Father’s Day gifts that are sure to make Dad smile, like the Father’s Day flower bouquets with keepsakes (Boat, Ford Truck, Fire Engine).

Take Me Out to the Ballgame Basket

Take Me Out to the Ballgame Basket

Another popular idea is to send Dad a gift basket filled with chocolates, fruits, nuts or a mix of stuff. If Dad has the taste for gourmet, then he’ll for sure love the gourmet gift basket. You can have it delivered to his place of work, and let the jealousy run high!

We get busy this time of the year with so many celebrations going on, so order now to avoid disappointments. Be sure to include a nice message on a card and let us know of any special requests that you may have.  We’d love to work with you to create a surprise Dad will never forget. Being affiliated with FTD, Telelfora and Interflora allows us to deliver your Father’s Day gift anywhere in the world, no matter where Dad is located.

So whatever your gift is this year for Dad be sure to put some thought into it… don’t just give him a necktie.

Teleflora's Anchors Aweigh Bouquet

Teleflora’s Anchors Aweigh Bouquet