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Keeping Your Easter Flowers Fresher Longer

Best Wishes Flowers in Vase

Best Wishes Flowers in Vase

Everyone loves getting flowers for all types of events and occasions and Easter is no exception. Easter flower arrangements can be some of the most beautiful because of all of the bright brilliant spring colored flowers. Taking the time to care for your Easter flowers will ensure that they last longer than a mere weekend. Most people love beautiful flowers, but they are somewhat unsure how they will be able to extend the life of their lovely Easter flower arrangements. The following is information that will help with the preservation of beautiful Easter flower bouquets.

Preparation of Flowers upon Receipt

Upon obtaining flowers for Easter either directly from a florist or as a gift from a loved one, family or friend, it is very important to properly prepare flowers to assist in their longevity. Usually fresh cut Easter flower arrangements can last for a few days if they are properly maintained. One of the main tips for making sure that your flowers for Easter remain fresh and lively is to keep them adequately watered. For those that receive Easter bouquets that come with oasis foam, it is important to keep this form wet to ensure that the flowers are receiving adequate moisture. It is also possible to send Easter flowers in a vase. Those individuals that receive flowers in this manner should make sure that the stems are fully immersed in water upon receipt. It is even advised to trim the stems before immersing them in water so that the flowers are better able to obtain the moisture that is needed.

Sustaining Easter Flower Arrangements with Home Remedies

Carnations Vased with Greens

Carnations Vased with Greens

In addition to the traditional methods of sustaining the life of Easter flower arrangements by making sure the stems are adequately moist, there are other ways that people can keep their flowers for Easter fresher longer. Many of these methods are actually homemade tips that can be easily achieved with little to no effort. Placing crushed aspirin in the vase prior to adding the flowers will significantly help to extend the life of the flowers. Adding about ┬╝ teaspoon of bleach to about a liter of water will also keep flowers longer and will also prevent the growth of bacteria in the water. The addition of a copper penny to the vase water will produce acid which will prevent the growth of bacteria and increase the lifespan of Easter flower arrangements. Also, as wacky as it may seem, it is possible to send Easter flowers already in a vase and ensure their longevity by adding a clear lemon-lime soda to the vase water. Apparently, the sugar in the soda will make the flowers last longer. Overall, there a variety of things that people can do to extend the life of their Easter bouquets.

Drying Easter Flowers

For those individuals that really want to hold on to their flowers for Easter, there is always the option of drying the flowers. Drying flowers is not a complicated process. There are a number of people that do it for a variety of reasons. The drying of Easter flower arrangements involves taking the flowers and placing them in a location that will enable the moisture to be easily removed.  The drying process simply involves placing the flowers in a warm dry place for a couple of weeks until all the moisture in the flowers has been removed. Once the flowers for Easter are totally dried, they can be used in a variety of ways such as for arts and crafts and even for fragrant homemade potpourri.

Thus, if someone should send Easter flowers get the most use of them by properly caring for them via a number of preservation techniques, and then continue to enjoy them as dried flowers later on.

Is it Ostara or Easter?

Here at Brant Florist, it gets busy around the store this time of year. Why? Well it’s getting close to Ostara … better known as Easter.

No matter how you recognize this time – be it through religious attendance
and ceremony or through gifts of chocolate eggs, flowers and fluffy toys …
it’s special.

As a florist, it’s the beginning of a burst of colour and brightness we’ve
not seen for many months. For me, Easter flowers are a simple reminder that
things are starting anew.

And of course with Spring officially started on March 20th (in the Northern
Hemisphere), what could be better than that for timing!

Speaking of timing, we’re running some Ostara … uh … Easter specials

For the first time ever (because we recently upgraded our website) you can
now save more with our new range discount module.

If you’d like to see the specials available for Easter, click this link:

Either way you decide: Ostara or Easter, it’s a wonderful time and with the
snow melting, the days growing longer and the warm winds blowing from the
south, I’m looking forward to breaking out the shorts!

We’re nothing if not enthusiastic in Canada – eh?

Until next time,

Ken Bolt

The Importance of Easter Lilies

Lilies are some of the most beautiful flowers available as they have a graceful simplicity that simply cannot go unnoticed. While most people know that lilies are available from florists for all types of occasions, some may not be aware that white Easter lilies are very popular amongst those that celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Christ. Many people receive an Easter lily from their place of worship on Easter Sunday. This lily has significant meaning for those that practice Christianity and believe in the resurrection of Christ. On Easter Sunday lilies are passed out to recognize the rebirth of Christ.

Taking Care of an Easter Lily

Lilies are very beautiful flowers that are characterized by their elegant long green stems and beautiful bell shaped flowers. They are grown throughout the North America, and they come in different sizes. Depending on the type of white Easter lilies received, they can be 18, 24 and even up to three feet tall! The flowers of a lily are full and beautiful and usually reach up to six to eight inches long. An Easter lily is also marked by its fragrant aroma. When people receive white Easter lilies, it is a very important that they take the proper steps to ensure their health. For those that choose to place the lilies in a vase, it is better to cut the end of the stems of the lily so that it is able to gather water and plant food efficiently. Those that seek to plant an Easter lily in a pot should be prepared to place it in a pot with moist soil in indirect sunlight. As long as the lily is properly care for on a consistent basis, white Easter lilies can grow and thrive tremendously.

The Connection between Easter and Lilies

White Lily in a Vase

Celebrate Easter with the White Lily

There is a religious meaning connected to the purchase of white Easter lilies for Easter Sunday. These flowers do have multiple meanings, but in relation to Easter, the meaning is one connected to religion. The Easter lily represents the resurrection of Christ three days after his crucifixion at the cross. In many cases, white Easter lilies are planted at the location where Christ is believed to have been crucified. In some denominations of the Christian faith such as the Catholics, the white Easter lilies were dedicated to the Virgin Mother, Christ’s mother, to show appreciation for the purity of Christ. During the Easter holiday many churches are decorated in lilies, and people give out the white Easter lilies as a way of sharing peace and divinity.

Using Lilies during the Easter Celebration

White Easter lilies can be found practically anywhere during the Easter holiday. Many local florists plan in advance for a large request of lilies similar to the way they respond on Valentine’s Day, although with much less volume. Online florists have helped many churches and religious organizations prepare for Easter by assisting them with orders for large quantities of white Easter lilies so that on Eastern day everyone is able to have a symbolic part of the death and rebirth of Christ. While many people may enjoy obtaining these beautiful flowers, not all everyone is aware as to how they should take care of an Easter lily in order to extend its health and longevity after being cut. These lilies are often given to other people as a gesture of good will and peace during the Easter holiday, or people can choose to keep the white Easter lilies for themselves and simply take care of them as long as possible in order to have a physical reminder of the rebirth of Christ.

Overall, an Easter lily has significant meaning on various levels, but the fact that a single white a lily is representative of a significant religious event is very important.

Using Spring Flowers to Brighten Up Your Environment

Spring flowers with Vase by Teleflora

What a Treat with Vase by Teleflora

There’s nothing better than having beautiful spring flowers to brighten up your environment. As you know, spring is right around the corner and that means beautiful blossoming spring flowers that you can use to give a little color to any room in your home or for your office. Whether you choose to have someone send spring flowers to you or you can simply purchase your own, just having flowers around really changes the atmosphere. There are assortments of beautiful spring flowers that can be used for everything from centerpieces to bridal bouquets. Take the time out to use nature’s beautiful spring flowers to liven up your personal space.

Spring Flowers Add to the Interior Design of a Space

One of the best uses for spring flowers is to accentuate the interior design of a space. There are numerous ways that you can make your personal space a bit more comfortable. If you’re getting tired of living and working in a bland space, why not take some time to jazz it up a little bit. While people usually do go through the process of renovating a room or office space with new paint and furniture, sometimes the little details count the most. Little things like scented candles and vases are highly recommended for creating a more lived in environment. You can make the vases even more special by using spring flowers to complete the look. An extra vase or two always comes in handy because you never know when someone’s going to send spring flowers to you, a family member or a coworker. In many ways, flowers are used as a means of adding to the interior design of a particular space. For example, there are some designers that use double vases in order to create symmetry. To further accentuate the vases, beautiful flowers are added to it. Also, restaurants often use a dainty vase placed in the middle of a table and spring flowers are added to create an elegant ambiance. Thus, you should think of ways that you can use spring flowers to make your environment more aesthetically pleasing.

Spring Flowers Improve the Air Quality of an Environment



When most people think of flowers, they may think of something that improves the look of an overall environment. However, it is important to remember that spring flowers also help to clean the air. As with any plants, flowers are great to have around because they help to recycle the air. Green plants and flowers emit oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. The reverse is true for humans as we breathe out carbon dioxide and take in oxygen. There is obviously a cyclic relationship between humans and plants because we both survive off of the very thing that the other emits. Given that plants and flowers give off oxygen, it would be a very good idea to have spring flowers around. These flowers and other green plants can naturally cleanse the air and make it easier to breathe. So when someone sends spring flowers to your office or home, just remember that your new bouquet of flowers is actually a natural air cleaner.

Brighten the Mood with Spring Flowers

You must admit that when someone sends spring flowers to you it can really make you feel special especially if it is done at work for everyone to see. There is just something about spring flowers that just makes them instant mood boosters. The bright colors can make even the most down person smile. There are assortments of flowers in colors such as orange, yellow, bright blue, bright purple and fuchsia that pop with intensity. If you ever want a pick me up, just go to a local florist and pick up a few brightly colored spring flowers. I am sure that you will see how effective they are in improving mood.

In all, the next time someone sends spring flowers to your home office thank them immensely. Beautiful spring flowers not only look beautiful in a vase; they also clean the air and brighten up your mood.