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Brant Florist Wedding Flowers now On-line!

Photo of Calla Lily Promise Nosegay Bouquet

Calla Lily Promise Nosegay Bouquet

At Brant Florist, we’re ringing our bells as we introduce our entire wedding flowers selection on-line! For 51 years brides and grooms have come to us for beautiful wedding flower designs, personal attention to detail and peace of mind wedding day service. Now, with our wedding flowers selection on-line, you can browse, get inspired and even purchase wedding flowers from the comfort of your own home!

Take a moment to browse for our large selection of FTD and Teleflora wedding flower designs. You’ll find our wedding flower offerings conveniently categorized and easy to shop:


– Wedding Flowers and Bridal Bouquets

– Boutonnieres-Corsages-Hair Flowers,

Photo of Flower Girl's Dream Basket

Flower Girl's Dream Basket

– Table Centerpieces

– Church and Hall Flowers

– Wedding Cake Flowers

Photo of Delicacy Centerpiece

Delicacy Centerpiece







Certainly, we encourage you to also visit us at the shop for a personal wedding consultation. Rest assured, whether you order in-person or on-line you will always receive the freshest, most beautiful wedding flowers delivered with white glove service, guaranteed. Brant Florist welcomes custom requests when you know your wedding flowers must be as unique as you own personal style and wedding day theme. If wedding bells are about to ring in your future, contact Brant Florist today!

Summertime Flowers…Fabulous Outdoors and Indoors!

Photo of Sunshine Planter Plants Flower

Sunshine Planter Plants Flower Accent Color Choice

There’s no mistaking it, summertime brings an array of spectacular flowers and foliage that other seasons just can’t deliver on. Peek into your garden or that of a neighbor’s and you‘re likely to find the likes of allium, astilbe and gorgeous hosta plants! Take in the beauty of soft lambs ear, mint, dahlias, gladiolus and snapdragons too! And these are only a handful of the beautiful summer flowers and plants that may be gracing your garden during the summer months! With your outdoor spaces looking so good why not make a statement indoors too with fresh cut summer flowers?

It’s easy to transport the beauty of summer blooms indoors when you can clip a few stems from your own garden but not everyone is so lucky! If you fall into the latter category Brant Florist has you covered this summer. Simply call or visit the shop and we’ll quickly help you get your fix of summer flowers for your home. Pick up a bouquet of our summer fresh flowers and plunk them into your own vase when you get home. Taa-daa, you have a little bit of summer sunshine indoors.

Photo of Garden Parade in Vase

Garden Parade in Vase by Teleflora

If you’re thinking only a custom flower arrangement will do to compliment the spread you’ll prepare for a summer barbecue party we’ll be happy to design an arrangement that says, “Easy breezy summertime fun!” Or perhaps you have dear friends or relatives celebrating a summer birthday, engagement or milestone anniversary? Nothing says congratulations like an unexpected arrangement of beautiful flowers delivered right to their doorstep! One thing is for sure, summertime is the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of flowers indoors. Whether the flowers are for your own home or as a gift for someone special this summer we’re her to help you!