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Photo of Fiesta Gerbera Vase Included  - TFWEB3

Fiesta Gerbera Vase Included
  From $49.97 USD

Photo of Be Happy Smile Mug - Re-usable Keepsake - T43-1

Be Happy Smile Mug - Re-usable Keepsake
From $59.97 Save $6.00 $53.97 USD

Photo of White Garden Mixed Planter - TF139-2

White Garden Mixed Planter
From $69.97 Save $7.00 $62.97 USD

Photo of Love and Laughter - T50-3

Love and Laughter
From $69.97 Save $7.00 $62.97 USD

Photo of Country Beauty M 300 - T18M300

Country Beauty M 300
From $69.97 Save $7.00 $62.97 USD

Photo of Peace and Joy - Color Choice  - T408-2

Peace and Joy - Color Choice
From $79.97 Save $8.00 $71.97 USD

Photo of Brighten Your Day Vase - TF107-1

Brighten Your Day Vase
From $89.97 Save $9.00 $80.97 USD

Photo of Joyful Jubilee - T14-1

Joyful Jubilee
From $89.97 Save $9.00 $80.97 USD

Photo of Beautiful in Blue  - T209-3

Beautiful in Blue
From $89.97 Save $9.00 $80.97 USD

Photo of Blue Horizons in  Vase - T12Z113

Blue Horizons in Vase
From $99.97 Save $10.00 $89.97 USD

Photo of Lucky in Love - T526-1A

Lucky in Love
From $110.00 Save $11.00 $99.00 USD

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 Customer Testimonial

Ken: I received a nice gift from Dan and Bob L. yesterday; a beautiful flower arrangement in a blue Ford pickup truck – from Brant Florist. The flowers were so beautiful – one of the nicest arrangements I’ve ever seen – I took them home so I could enjoy them there (instead of leaving them in my office where I wouldn’t see them as much). I’m sure you had a lot to do with picking out the arrangement and the Ford truck was a very nice touch. Thanks. Keith Hoey

— Keith Hoey

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